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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The next day, Matt brought up his cash shop and checked out some of the crafting manuals, there was a lot of stuff in there it ranged from single weapon crafting recipes to full collections of everything in a bundle, that would be cheaper than buying everything one by one. There were many weapons and armor categories, he did have that golden hammer that he got so he probably should get some weapon crafting skills first, but wouldnt he need something to sharpen the blade, was that hammer enough 

Novice Crafting Bundle :8000 (5600)Lets the user craft basic gear, the bundle includes recipes for common grade items, the grade of the items depends on the crafters skill, Novice starter crafting abode included in the bundle.

*Whats a crafting abode*

He searched for the term in the store and raised his eyebrow at what he got.

Novice crafting abode 4000(2800)Creates a manufacturing abode for the user, can not be opened if enemies are around. It can only be used only for crafting common grade equipment.Apprentice crafting abode (Can only be purchased if Novice abode is present. )40000(28000)Creates a manufacturing abode for the user, can not be opened if enemies are around. It can only be used only for crafting Mortal grade equipment.Adept crafting abode(Can only be purchased if Apprentice abode is present. ) 400000(280000)Creates a manufacturing abode for the user, can not be opened if enemies are around. It can only be used only for crafting earth grade equipment.

*Well this doesnt explain much, the abode can be opened Does it put me in some kind of pocket dimension so I can craft in there … well, that would be neat! Or does it spit out some kind of house out in the open instead*

Matt wasnt sure about the opening part of the explanation, he sure wanted to get that noobie bundle though even though he could only make the lowest of low items. Being curious he decided to buy it not like he had to use it right away. He looked as his points dwindled once more, spending points on skills was one of the more exciting things that a gamer could do, but it also was a chore to choose if you had limited points for it.

He waited for the crafting knowledge to invade his brain and give him a migraine once more,  he closed his eyes and tried to focus on good things but the pain didnt come and he didnt feel any knowledge of smithing. 

*Did I get scammed*

*God damn… this is a rhythm game!*

He had the golden hammer in his hand and started hitting the glowing green spots that turned red if they were out of sync, the whole thing took about 2 – 3 minutes and as he kept hitting the hot block of iron it started turning into the shape of a dagger.

“Congratulations, you created a common Iron Dagger middle grade”

He looked at the dagger on the anvil while some confetti got tossed in the air and then vanish soon after, he picked it up and swung it around and sure enough it was a real dagger and it was quite sharp too. Matt was a bit surprised by the whole thing but that explained why he didnt get any direct knowledge about crafting, it just put it in the game like system and depending on how well he did in the rhythm game, the quality of the item would be decided.

*Uh… Im not good at rhythm games…”

He sighted while tossing the dagger into his inventory, he decided to chug another ingot into the furnace and now being prepared he run up to the anvil before the countdown started. A different tune than before started playing which made him frown but he was more ready than the last time as he started hitting the spots with his golden hammer, the slab of iron glowed quite a bit as he managed to land a perfectly timed hit but this was just his second time and all things considered he did quite well though he missed here and there.

“Congratulations, you created a common Iron Dagger high grade”

He took out the first dagger and compared it to the other one, the high grade one was shinier and it looked sharper than the first one he made. He poked at the tip with his finder wondering how sharp the thing was, but the dagger wasnt able to inflict any damage on his superior body, that had a high body refining technique and common grade items couldnt damage him.

“Well, I guess this is an interesting way to do it… at least Its fast I just need to gather materials and the rest thing is automatic. I wonder if I can add some special effects to these items…”

He started playing with the crafting interface and he figured out that he could add other items to the ones that were required, the prompt only showed him the minimum required items needed.

“Wonder what will happen if I add one of those beast cores…

He had the big rabbit core on him and also the smaller crimson wolf cores that the villagers gave him previously. So he decided to test it once more, going for a regular sword now, it used up one more iron ingot then the dagger. After adding one of the cores he started hammering the now bigger slab of metal in the middle of the anvil. He started getting better and better at the game but he wasnt perfect at it quite yet, but after getting the finished product he got surprised.

“Congratulations, you created a common Crimson Long Sword perfect grade”

“Hm, dont need to get a perfect score to get the highest grade item Maybe if you add high grade materials it lowers the requirements for the items.”

Afterward he went on a weapon creation frenzy and used up all the iron ingots and cores to create perfect grade common weapons, he made a Spear, a two-handed Hammer, a Greatsword, an Axe and a Jian Sword there were all in the crimson series and looked nice and menacing as the added cores gave them a style upgrade as well. 

“I need cotton fiber or leather for clothes, so I guess Ill try those later… dont think the hammer game will play for those though.”

He didnt see any tailoring equipment, it looked like a forge mostly for weapons and maybe metal armor, though people in this world didnt really wear those as they used a plethora of colorful robes and clothes. Guess you dont need iron armor if you can make your body as hard as a diamond.


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