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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

He found himself back in his cabin, nothing looked out of place as he was standing in the same spot as if he never left. He felt a bit spent, but more mentally than physically.  He had a high cultivation base so after he focused his senses he could more or less hit all the glowing spots, he reckoned that due to this he would be able to have an easy time crafting things below his level that were the common and mortal grade items but when getting into the earth and heaven graded ones there would be a spike in difficulty. 

Matt was curious about making the cultivator robes, there was a couple of cool ones in there though the one he was wearing felt like it was quite the high spec as well. He soon would find out the horror that was tailoring… 

He turned in for the night. After a good nights rest, he left his cabin only to get greeted with many busy villagers that looked like they were still clearing out the gory pile of centipedes that he left for them. He kind of turned his head in the opposite direction as he spotted the mess hoping that people wouldnt see him, but he was kind of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Well not like anyone would complain to him even though they were mad, Mad just b-lined towards the market as he wanted to get some clothing materials. His appearance was met with bows as always and with smiles from some of the villagers and with frowns from others. He headed over to what looked like a stand, it had various beast hides in it and other things.

“W-welcome sir, how can I help you”

The shop owner that was a middle-aged lady greeted him as he moved closer, he nodded at her and replied with a casual hello. He looked at the wares and then back to the shop owner. He rubbed his chin while looking at the wares while the lady got more and more nervous.

“How much can you give me for this…”

Matt didnt really know the value of those clothes as well he didnt know the value of his gold coins or spirit stones. The shiny coin was placed at the wooden table and the woman looked at it with open eyes. She grasped it with a shaking hand and examined it. Matt looked on as the lady shook, bit and then licked the coin for some reason before trying to return it to him.

“S-sir, I cannot accept this… its too much”

The woman was troubled as she did indeed want the golden coin, but this coin, if you translated it to the modern world rate, would go for about 10k dollars or Euro. The things the villagers sold werent worth that much, they were mostly simple cotton cloth and beast leather, a common thing around these parts.

“Well… just give me all of your leather and cloth, uh dont need finished clothes just the fabric though. You can just give me more if you have some later.”

After some pushing, he managed to give the bewildered woman the gold coin and left with a bunch of leather pelts and rough cotton fabrics. He sneaked back into his wooden cabin and closed the blinds in his room before heading out into the crafting abode once more. He now had the raw materials needed for the procedure and he was curious about what the game system had cooked up for him next.

He looked at the items that he could craft and selected a leather tunic that looked kind of sturdy. After he selected the crafting item a prompt appeared if he really wanted to change to crafting clothes, which he found strange as the prompt didnt appear when he was selecting the weapon recipes. After he selected yes the room started shaking and the anvil started getting lowered to the floor, till it was gone. In its place, a handlebar started moving up along with a white platform. After it appeared it started glowing in a pattern that he was familiar with.

*I-is this a dance dance revolution pad…*

It had two arrows pointing left and right and two pointing up and down, but also had some going into each corner as well. The handlebar was there to hold onto it while tap-dancing around as it was in these kinds of games. He put in the required leather pieces for the tunic and looked at the dreaded dance game. He could see which arrows he needed to step on as an out of place screen moved down from the ceiling and it showed him the steps he needed to take while showing a seizure-inducing animation on it as well. 

Matt awkwardly moved his legs hitting the arrows more or less, he never had the pleasure of trying this in real life and the experience was new so he didnt get a good score as he fumbled around. In the end, the got a middle grade one which wasnt really an achievement as he would have to really mess up to get a common low grade.

*I think Ill stick to this robe in the future…*

He looked at the dancing game which was flashing in the colors of the rainbow and looked super out of place in the gloomy blacksmith looking room. But he did get a whole lot of crafting resources, it would be a drag to let them go to waste.

*Well, no one can see me in here… so no one will know… still better than sewing the stuff myself.*

He slapped his cheeks to pump himself up, he moved his feet to the beat fumbling here and there but after a while he figured out the gist of it, but he didnt get anything above the Common high grade, now he had a lot of tunics and cotton robes that he didnt know what to do with. The clothing didnt really have any special attributes to them, besides being a bit more sturdy due to the high grade. He would have to add the beast cores and other resources to make them more special. 

*Think I had enough for today … *

He rubbed his chin and looked at his system screen, after going through the crafting window he also figured out that he could access a creative mode where he could design his own weapons and armor, but it was severely limited at the moment and he couldnt add much besides symbols or letters. Maybe later he could design a gunblade … or maybe a chain blade

He got a little bit sweaty after the jumping and wiggling his posterior about, if someone saw him dance around with that awkward expression on his face he would probably crawl under a big mountain in shame. For now, he exited the pocket crafting dimension and gave out a sight.

*Well, not if you dont take the fact that I have to do silly games to craft items, this isnt a bad thing at all, though Ill have to experiment with the recipes and see what I can use to make things like the crimson weapons, maybe I can use something besides the beast cores as well.*

He had somewhat an idea what to do now, gather more points, make more weapons and maybe more robes. Though he didnt want to spend a super long amount of time in this region, he did remember the city that he was supposed to go to, but he wanted to stock up on things he could sell there as well.

*Well, dont think it will be a problem if I stick around here a bit longer, there must be more insect nopes to slay!*

So the decision was made and Matt continued with his routine, he mostly hunted monsters in the day gathering them for the townspeople which were a lot gladder as he started bringing in some huge lizards and snakes as well. He tended to go for the nonmammal looking beasts as those reminded him of cats and dogs a bit too much. This was hypocritical, but he mostly defeated those in self-defense or while protecting other people thus,  the poor tribe received quite a bit of insect monsters to work on instead. A week had passed like this. 


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