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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Took a while for him to stop hearing a buzzing sound in his ears, his eyes were hurting and his whole body was aching. Matt felt like he had run a marathon, his muscles were sore and twitching while blue and white lightning energy crackled from them. The pain started to subside after a while after which he noticed that his fingers were digging into the tree that he was leaning on, bending the hard wooden bark on it like he was pushing into some soft cardboard. He pulled his hand away to examine it, everything felt surreal at the moment all of his senses felt like they were enhanced as he had a problem in focusing his vision on it.

“Okay lets calm down…”

Matt had a habit of talking to himself, probably because he never had many people to talk to back in his previous world, spending most of his time at the computer screen and just surviving through his workday without interacting with his coworkers all that much. He was a classic introvert, nothing special.

He felt the information insert itself into his brain, which was a lot of gibberish at first but after a while, he managed to piece it together as it was mostly information about the world he was in right now. He found out that he was in isekai of sorts, the planet was similar to earth but a lot bigger, closer to the size of the sun, quite huge. There were quite a few moons surrounding this planet, which he could even see now in daylight as they were quite close by, some looking green some gray and others red.

After shaking off the sweat and snot, surprisingly his clothes werent covered in the black blood sludge that was covering the ground, guess they had some self-cleaning enchantment on it or something, which he would probably confirm after checking out is equipment screen and so he did.

*Um… status*

He thought to himself as the screen popped up in front of him, he tried playing around with it managing to enlarge it with his fingers if he wanted it swiping at it as you would on a tablet screen, though he noticed that if he thought about it the screens and prompts would change to suit his needs without any hand movement. 

*Oh neat, will take some time to get used to.*

Name :Zhang DongAffiliation :Zhang ClanSpirit Points : 9999Cultivation Base Qi :Core Formation [Early Stage 0%] (Lightning Core)Cultivation Base Body :Foundation Establishment [Middle Stage 0%] (Silver Body)Techniques :Lightning Qi cultivation art, Silver Body Arts, Thunderlight Sword, Thunder Movement Art…Dao : Dao of Heavenly Lightning , Dao of Smithing and CraftingOther : Senior Aura

Matt read through the status screen, it had a lot more entries now than it previously had which piqued his interest a bit. He was mostly a gaming guy but in his off time he did read a couple of Xianxia and  Wuxia type novels, though he was more of a western than eastern fantasy type of guy as he always got confused with the naming sense in those novels and had to reread it to actually know who was interacting with who, plus the tragedy of coming back to an old novel and not knowing what the hell was even going on anymore was a real thing.

*Okay guess we are going with a cultivation system, the stage kind of one…*

The status screen showed him basic stats but nothing too specific, so he hovered his finger over the cultivation base which made it go into a bit more detail. 

Cultivation Base Qi :

Core Formation

Cultivation Realm

Early Stage 0%

Foundation type

Heavenly Lightning Foundation(Immortal Grade)

Core type

Lightning Core (Immortal Grade)

*Immortal grade huh*

He somehow knew what that meant as the information was dumped into his head just a few moments ago so he knew about the grading system, it went on from Common, Mortal, Earth, Heaven, Immortal, Celestial Immortal and then finally Eternal. Though from what he could tell on this planet Immortal grade was the cream of the crop, also those ranks had sub ranks ranging from low grade to perfect grade. 

He also tapped the spirit point tab, finding out in the description that it was the name of this systems point system and he could spend them in various ways to increase his level, he could increase his cultivation base directly but he could also spend it on his support skills and techniques plus the system gave him a tip that he could increase all of his skills the old fashioned way as he gained said points if he did it himself.

He tabbed out of that screen and noticed a colorful blinding icon, that had a glowing sword and shield and a sack with hat looked like to be spirit stones.

*God damn, does this thing have a cash shop*

He clicked the icon and it brought him to a cash shop screen, it looked like your regular free to play, mmorpg kind of cash shop with a search bar, on the left side he could see all the tabs likeMagic TreasuresSpirit HerbsItemsWeaponsCultivation Techniques and the sorts, while on the right side he could see the descriptions and the costs, they all had various costs ranging from 10 SP for some low grade common pills to millions and billions for some Immortal and beyond ones.

*God damn it, what kind of scam is this running, how am I supposed to get a million Spirit Points Do they grow on trees Can I suck them from some voluptuous babes bosom wait… I hope you can do that…”

But soon he would find out one way of getting them as he suddenly felt a jolt run through his spine which made him turn around. He saw the unsuspecting bunny with the horn staring at him, his eyes red and out for blood. As he was staring at the creature he noticed that it wasnt just a regular-sized rabbit it was more wolf sized. Which to him was quite huge and as he blinked the creature decided to charge at him, horn first after giving out a high pitched scream.

“Wait… Mr. Rabbit lets talk about this like civilized people…”

Matt gulped as he wasnt much of a fighter, going through his life without having actually fought anyone, at most he got into shouting matches with some people but that didnt really count for much. So being the heavenly god of destruction that he was, the Senior that all his juniors look up to… he just froze in place like a brick. The monster rabbit didnt stop as it gained speed and momentum but our godly senior just stood there while sweating profusely.

*Is this it… am I going to get done in by Bugs Bunny here… Im still a virgin for Christ sake…*

As the impending doom in the shape of a sharp horn was flying at his face he finally mustered up some courage to push his legs to try to dodge, but he wasnt dodging to the side, he was far to untrained for that to happen as he propelled himself backward. Though not being used to his new bodies enhanced stats he lost his balance the ground caved in and he did a backflip hitting the demon spawn of a rabbit right in the body promptly turning the creature into meat paste while he himself flew 50 meters back and hitting the tree on his way which broke in half as his face hit it, he tumbled a ways back before coming to a stop, he was on his back with his legs back while his butt was showing and his knees were resting on the ground next to his shoulders, if you didnt know what was going on you might think he was presenting his rear end to his lover or something. 

[Frenzied Rabbit Slain ( Qi Condensation 6th stage ) Earned 50 Spirit Points

Hello author here, dont expect this to be anything grand as this is the first time Im writing anything. Im sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes that I make as this is my second language. Not really sure where Im going to take the story if I ever finish it as Im more of a go with the flow kind of person and dont really plan ahead that much.

Also playing around with the text editor to make it look a bit nicer, having tables to keep everything more orderly is always a nice thing. Also open to critique just be easy on this noobie, I cry easy ((´д`))


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