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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

There wasnt much pain as Matt found out that his new body was a lot more sturdy than his old one was, something probably to do with the silver body thing and how it was at the foundation establishment stage. He rolled to the side and pushed himself off the ground a bit surprised at what just happened. His foot was quite bloody and his hair had some tree bark in it as he looked at the area where hekicked  the creature while trying to fell for his dire life.

“I-is it dead”

He looked at the destroyed tree in the distance, he couldnt see if the horned rabbit was dead or not as the tree was in the way but he felt somehow that it was not among the living anymore after the robotic voice announced that he had slain the creature. But being the true hero that he was, Matt grasped a branch from the side and slowly crept up to the spot that thebattle took place.

“Hey, there Mr. Bunny… youre not going to pounce at me again are you”

Gulping sounds could be heard as the over six-foot-tall man crept to the now tree stump,  he peeked behind it slowly and could see the red trail and entrails of the monster spread on the grassy field. It looked dead, not even twitching or anything as he slowly tippty toed closer and closer. His hand grasped the wide branch as he finally was at the head part, his kick having parted the weaker creature in two. After a few pokes to the head with his trustedweapon he sighed in relief, then a vein could be seen appearing on his forehead as he gave the dead thing a wack with the branch putting it in an even more miserable state than it previously as. 

“Damn rabbit! Whos your daddy now you little **!”

He went through his skills a bit, somehow managing to throw some lightning-induced punches and kicks that made thundering sounds in the process and scaring the wildlife around but probably alerting some potential baddies in the process. Matt slowly got used to his new body finding it quite more robust than his old one, even after running around and flailing his hands and legs in all directions whiletraining he didnt feel all that tired, he was also strong, like really really strong. He could lift up large boulders with ease, and crush rock into dust with those big burly hands of his which gave him quite the confidence boost. 

During the whole training montage that took about an hour he finally noticed that he had something stuck to his belt, it looked like a ring with some Chinese characters on it. Weirdly enough he could understand what was written on itSpatial Storage Ring and he already knew what it was for. He focused his mind on it, injecting his spiritual qi into it, the ring had some items in it. He slowly started playing around with it and after fiddling for some time managed to remove all the objects and place them on the ground in front of him to examine.

“Hm… is that a flying sword or something Some strange pills… a golden hammer… some scrolls and some books …”

He glanced at the things but didnt really know what to do with them as he only had a rudimentary knowledge of the world around him, the gaming system didnt give him anything specific but he knew that those were probably some starting items that he received along with his package. 

“Could really use something to identify stuff with… I have no idea what this is used for…wait a second…”

He remembered about the item store that he previously saw and pulled up the window with it.

“Hm, lets see…”

He poked the search field and was able to input words into it, he wroteAnalize but then changed it toAppraisal as that gave more coherent choices.

Glasses of the SageBig glasses that give you that nerdy look, insert some spiritual qi into them to appraise items.5000 Spirit PointsEye of Appraisal (Skill, Evolving type)Look at an item to appraise it, appraisal stats vary by skill rank (You are able to appraise items 1 cultivation realm below your current cultivation at start)9000 Spirit PointsPill of AppraisalSwallow it to temporarily gain the Appraisal skill and identify items. 500 Spirit Points per pill.

There were more choices in the store but those were the options that piqued his interests.

*Hm… the Glasses sound okay… but it doesnt say if there is a limit at what they can identify… also not really keen on wearing those. The pills look like a scam to just dump points into so the middle chose looks the best… but uhh… that almost all my points…*

After contemplating for a bit more he went with the skill choice, it looked like the best deal at the time and it was an evolving skill so he could probably level it up. After pressing the buy button he looked at this spirit point number go down into the gutter.

[Uploading skill, prepare to receive the information]

“Oh **, not this again…”


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