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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

His eyes got extremely itchy, it was like a bunch of mosquitoes decided to have a crazy party right inside his eye sockets. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, plus his forehead was also throbbing as the information on how to use the new skill was shoved in there as well. Matt wanted to strangle the person who made the information distribution in this strange system and also give him a couple of slaps, but this time around it didnt take that long till he felt a release from the itching and pain, probably something to do with it only being one skill this time around and not a full information dump.

Matt rubbed his teary eyes and straightened out his posture as he blinked a couple of times, his vision going from hazy to sharp as time passed. He looked down at the items on the ground, focusing on the sword and as he did he could see some words popping up.

Crystalline Flying Sword : Earth high grade, perfect condition

The sword was bluish-green and looked like it was made from crystals, it wasnt pointed at the end but was flatter. It was quite a lot bigger than regular swords making Matt think of a peculiar one-eyed, one-armed manga protag that had a rage problem. He figured that it was this big so that he could stand on it as he flew about and he kind of knew how he should do it, thanks to the previous information dump that he received.

*Okay moving on…*

The golden hammer was identified as a crafting tool with some nice bonuses, but he would need to get his hands on some crafting manuals to go with his crafting skills that he already had gained in the starter package. He tossed the shiny thing into his spatial ring and looked as it just vanished into thin air still a bit baffled by the whole sight.

*Well I guess I should get this thing to work now.”

He looked at the huge person-sized sword on the ground and picked it up with his hand, surprisingly it wasnt all that heavy though as he gave it a few practice swings it had a nice ring to it and generated a nice gust, you wouldnt want to get hit by this thing.Matt looked at the flying sword and concentrated his Qi, he was starting to get the hang of this whole cultivation thing as he could feel the sword absorb his spirit. The sword started to shake and gently vibrate hovering upwards as he let go of the grip. 

*This is getting even neater with each passing moment…*

He forgot about the dangers around him as the flying sword started swishing about , wobbling at start but then it swished back and forth like a drone, though he noticed that he couldnt control it too well if it got more than 10 meters away from his body, might have just been his inexperience or maybe that it wasnt a sword meant for fighting that much and more as a way of transport. Matt hopped on the wide blade and ordered the weapon to move upwards firstly just letting it move him up and down as he tried to balance himself on it without falling over. Luckily he came equipped with the sword flying technique which let him move around on it, while maybe a bit slow at first but with time he would probably get a bit more comfortable. After moving in circles while staying close to the ground a smile was plastered all over his face, as who wouldnt like to zoom around the area on a kick-ass looking sword like this Though after a moment of bad judgment he jumped off while the sword punctured the tree stump in the middle of the field. He placed it in his ring afterward and placed the ring on his finger as he relaxed a gathered his thoughts.

*What am I supposed to do now, this is all nice and fine but I cant just run around in this field or forest without a place to go… wait wasnt there some setting to this…*

He opened up his system menu again and quickly moved over to his stat page and he clearly cloud see that he was affiliated with the Zhang clan, he clicked on that to bring up if there was any explanation for it.

Zhang Clan :

Once a prominent family clan but now its in decline, its patriarch had failed in advancing his cultivation and suffered for it with early death. The clan is in dire need in higher cultivation elders so it has reached out to side families for help.

The clan is situated in the Spirit Spring City with a population of 10 million.

“Guess that would be a good place to start, now how do I get to Spirit Spring City…” 


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