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Why was the dragon family so powerful, and could even be singled out as a department

Because dragon attributes were very special.

One attribute contained two or more attributes.

For example, in the dragon element of the Eastern Divine Dragon, it basically contained the nature of wind and water elements.

Some of them also had the nature of lightning.

As for the dragon element of the Western Dragon, it basically contained the nature of lightning and fire elements.

At the same time, there was a chance that it had the nature of wind.

This was also one of the reasons why the dragons were powerful.

A dragon type could be used as a multi-element.

Moreover, due to their racial talent, they could perfectly control this type.

Therefore, if it had the ability to completely control these powers, it would definitely be able to play more tricks than with just a single attribute.

Shi Yu could add points, so he didnt have to worry about Baby Ginsengs skills being too complicated, or if he might be causing the effect of the supplemental skills to worsen.

He just had to add points to the source of life.

At the moment, Baby Ginsengs attributes were mainly wood and time, while light and fire attributes were the third and fourth attributes.

They were actually negligible.

The reason why the attribute changes in Baby Ginsengs body were a little complicated was not only because the power of the Sun Flame Flowers effect on the monarch-level ginseng baby was too domineering, but also because of the three newly awakened racial skills.

During this mutation evolution, Baby Ginseng awakened three racial skills again!

“Life Fire Seed”, a super life-burning explosive skill of wood and fire elements, was one of them.

This was also the most important ability obtained by Baby Ginseng during its mutation evolution.

It was a skill that Baby Ginseng took the initiative to fight for through the mutation process.

It was only at the monarch level, but like the totem level, it tried to take the initiative to develop skills, and it was a huge success!

However, the other two skills were very ordinary.

The second was the Energy Storage Beam.

Baby Ginseng originally knew this mid-level light-element skill, but it had taught it previously, but after this mutation, the restriction bottleneck of this skill naturally broke on Baby Ginseng and became a racial skill.

The third was a high-level light and fire dual-element skill, Clear Sky!

This was a type of weather skill.

Similar to weather skills like Rain Prayer, it could increase the strength of the suns power, thereby increasing the power of the corresponding attribute moves of all fire and light pets.


Chi Tong, the reincarnation of the Sun God Phoenix bloodline, didnt even learn Clear Sky, but Baby Ginseng did.

These two skills were the icing on the cake for Shi Yu and the others.

It was less important than Fire of Life.

After the totem level, it was all about super skills!


Apart from that, it was not strange for Baby Ginsengs normal energy level to reach 14.88 million.

Although the Sun Flame Flower did not give Baby Ginseng the power of a strengthening resource, it was still a legendary resource.

After maximizing Clear Sky and Storage Beam, Baby Ginsengs normal energy level could reach more than 15 million if nothing went wrong.

This was definitely extremely rare among monarchs.

It also had an overwhelming energy advantage in the team!

And there was something else that excited Shi Yu this time, which was that Baby Ginsengs will level had reached high-level.

This way, there were only three overlord wills in the team.

It was even easier to add points.

“Yi…” Baby Ginseng used Shi Yus telepathy to pull up the team voice chat to indicate when the new team meeting was.

The Time Fruit Fire of Life, a double dazzling eruption.

Even if it didnt self-destruct… Legendary equipment Overlord puppet It would break it with a punch…

Eleven, Buggy, Chi Tong, Susu: Beast Tamer, look at it, look at it…

Shi Yu chuckled.

However, Eleven, Buggy, and the others werent in a hurry.

Damn it, let Baby Ginseng be arrogant for two days first…


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