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Although these Yun creatures also had the power of dark radiation, they were after all bestowed by Yun An.

They werent as domineering as Yun Ans main body, so it wasnt impossible to cleanse them.

Their life essence was also different from meteorite life forms like Yun An.

They were still animals.

Therefore, Shi Yu felt that they should be edible after purification… right

Compared to roasted octopuses, he honestly liked to eat cows more.

“It cant fall out.

There are still enemies outside…” At this moment, seeing that the Black Meteorite Yak was about to fall out of the ruins, Shi Yu was directly anxious.

He immediately waved his walking stick, and under Ji Mengzhus shocked expression, three overlord-level undead flew out!!

The movements of the Dragon Spirit and Tiger Spirit were very fast!!!

However, the Mountain Tortoise Spirit had been summoned for nothing.

The huge totem corpse had already fallen out of the crack.

Before it could catch up to the Dragon Spirit and the Tiger Spirit, it was directly left behind.

Even if it used Earth Escape, it couldnt catch up to the other twos speed.

Fortunately, the Mountain Tortoise Spirit didnt have consciousness… Otherwise, Chi Tong could understand its feelings.

It cursed.

Why was this ground so hot and hard…

The Black Meteorite Yaks corpse fell out of the ruins and came out of the crack…

But the Dragon Spirit and Tiger Spirit followed closely behind.

Soon, with a boom, the huge totem corpse that fell out was brought back by the dragon and tiger spirits again.

At this moment, Shi Yu said to Senior Ji Mengzhu, who was still stunned beside him and couldnt understand why there were still three overlord undead following this level-six Beast Tamer, “Senior, quickly repair the ruins.

Dont let the guys from the outside world in.”

“Otherwise, itll be a little troublesome to deal with totems in perfect condition.”

Ji Mengzhu: A little troublesome


In the outside world.

The various factions were very stunned when they saw the half-crippled roasted yak fall.

Black Goat and Legend Bai Chuan couldnt react for a moment.

According to what the Yun Race had left behind, Senior Black Meteorite Yak was sealed by a legendary ruin with weak lethality.

If the lethality of a seal-type ruin was strong, the seal effect would definitely be poor.

If the seal effect was strong, the lethality would definitely be poor.

It was very difficult to be perfect… At that time, the Yun Race couldnt break through this ruin, and there was the totem war, so they simply gave up on the Black Meteorite Yak.

Because Yun An died, everyone pressed onward against them.

The Yun clan was almost exterminated by other totems.

No one liked these Yun clans that had been given power by Yun An.

The Yun clan also disappeared like the Iron-eating Beast race.

Only when 2000 years passed and Yun An was about to revive did the Yun clan reappear.

In order to accelerate the revival of the king, they thought of various ways.

Just as Ji Mengzhu had said, the dark power of the creatures that had been given power by Yun An could accelerate Yun Ans revival.

Therefore, this was also why Ji Mengzhu was unwilling to let the Black Meteorite Yak go.

At the same time, it was also the reason why the sealed ruins were on the verge of losing its effectiveness.

The Yun Race immediately locked onto it.

It was to find the Black Meteorite Yak and revive Yun An together.

But now…

Looking at the Black Meteorite Yak that had lost all its dark aura from the explosion, the Black Goat was stunned.

This didnt make sense.

At the start, the ruins clearly emitted a strong Yun Race aura…

“Lord, what should we do next” Bai Chuan was also very confused.

What happened in front of him was really a little unexpected.

He asked Black Goat and the others if they wanted to follow and take a look.

From the repair speed of the crack in the ruins, it should take a while for them to enter.


“Send a pet to take a look first.”

When the Black Goat saw the miserable state of the Black Meteorite Yak, it felt a little afraid.

It was a little afraid of this legendary sealed ruin.

Even if a crack passage appeared, it didnt dare to act rashly at this moment.

“I knew it…”

Bai Chuans expression darkened.

He knew that they would send him.

He had also seen the three overlord undead just now.

He knew very well how dangerous this investigation was.

However, he was also sufficiently curious about this ruin.

In that case, he would send a pet to take a look.


“This is the Yun Race general that that goat mentioned”

The fox god, who originally thought that the black goat was coming to help, had a subtle expression and immediately felt relieved.

Otherwise, it would really despise having to face two dirty things.


The fox gods expression froze.

Did it see the dragon spirit and tiger spirit somewhere before

A wave of anger rose from the fox god.

Old thing, you want to invade the city-state of the Heavenly Fox Nation and the ruins mystic realm, right

Now, the Fox God was completely confused.

The incident in Moon City had clearly not happened for long.

How could the traces of that gray-robed old man appear in the ruins!!

They had clearly been guarding the ruins!

How did he enter…

“Little girl, can you tell me whats going on” In another alternate space, the gem cat gave Qu Ling, the undercover agent of the tenth bureau, video access.

Through the alternate space, Qu Ling looked at the scene that had just happened in a daze and was a little confused.

At that moment, the gem cat was relieved, because it had just seen the Dragon Spirit and the Tiger Spirit.

He realized that Shi Yu had indeed fallen into the ruins!

Sending out the Dragon Spirit and the Tiger Spirit was to tell him that he was safe.

However, it didnt understand what happened after that.

What was with that half crippled and seemingly roasted well-done black yak

Now, the only one who might know was Qu Ling, who was a spy here.

The gem cat looked at Qu Ling with big and puzzled eyes.

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