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Mo Fan saw through Zhang Xiaohous plan.

Faced with Mo Fans questioning, Zhang Xiaohou did not dare to hide it any longer.

“It is true that Commander Hua wants me to keep everyone away from the war on the East Coastline.”

“The Ocean Demons will attack soon” Mo Fan asked.

Zhang Xiaohou nodded.

It hadnt been announced officially but Zhang Xiaohou had worked on Emperor Qin Island so he had learnt about a lot of things.

Commander Hua was eager to kill the Mirage Dragon King Ant Mother because he wanted to weaken the strength of the Ocean Demons before the upcoming attack.

Even so, it wasnt enough to make a difference against the attack of Ocean Demons which was inevitable.

The Ocean Demons would likely attack in a few days.

“So fast” Zhao Manyan was surprised.

Everyone had known that the Ocean Demons would attack sooner or later, but they hadnt expected it to be this soon.

There were always signs of the Ocean Demon being active, but this was unexpected.

The sudden rise in sea level had caused huge changes in the security of the East Coastline.

Many cities were under the threat of the Ocean Demons.

People abandoned many cities and relocated to the five main base cities.

The situation on the East Coastline suddenly became grave as living space and resources reduced gradually.

The world was different from what they knew in the past.

Mo Fan happened to be absent during the two huge cataclysms.

The first time was in Northern Xinjiang.

Khufu attacked Northern Xinjiang, but they could not get any reinforcements due to a sudden war with the Ocean Demons on the East Coastline.

The second time was when Mo Fan was dragged into the Dark Plane.

When Mo Fan came out of the Dark Plane, the coastal area had changed completely.

Ocean Demons roamed around the nearby sea area recklessly, which made the area outside the base city extremely dangerous.

The oppressing situation was like an apocalyptic scene that caused people to suffer endlessly.

It was just the beginning.

A massive attack of the Ocean Demons was yet to happen.

Commander Hua was worried.

The East Coastline was preparing to face the all-out attack from the Ocean demons. According to Zhang Xiaohou, it would be within these few days.

The mood suddenly became heavy.

On one hand, the monstrous tsunami swept across the east like a demon claw from the sky.

After hanging in the sky for a long time, the demon claw finally fell.

On the other hand, they could not find the Sacred Totem Beast, so they were powerless to do anything for the upcoming crisis.

When they walked out of the Sky Observing City, thick dark clouds covered the moon in the night sky and the surrounding was already pitch black.

When they looked back, the Ancient City Gate was still the same, but the prosperous city behind the Ancient City Gate had disappeared.

They could only see a pile of sand and rubble.

There was nothing much left.

“Did you find the answer you were looking for” The tomb keeper smiled sadly as if he had already known that they could find nothing in those rubbles.

Mo Fan had a lot of questions, but he did not know where to start.

The air was suffocating, and there was no wind at all.

Commander Hua had asked Zhang Xiaohou to accompany them because he had hoped the group could be kept back from participating in the battle. However, would it be right for them to escape the battle and hide Could they survive if they retreat

Mo Fan did not think so.

If there were no Extreme South Emperor, nothing would change even if they gave away the rich coastline to the Ocean Demons.

The Ocean Demons were not much different from other demons when they were not at sea.

But knowing the mainland, Mo Fan understood the situation was not optimistic.

The most serious problem was the cold weather and the lack of water sources.

“Mo Fan, watch this.” Lingling unlocked her phone and played a video for Mo Fan.

When Lingling played the video, Mo Fan heard the sound of buildings collapsing and the roar of magic.

The video seemed to take place in the Magic City.

Mo Fan saw the skyscrapers in the Lu Familys Mouth, which were the symbols of the Magic City.

The skyscrapers were constantly glowing with white electric light.

The protective barrier used to resist the Undeads under the sea had opened again, and a huge light barrier separated the Huangpu River.

Mo Fan thought this huge barrier could protect the city for a while.

The camera shifted to show huge openings in the sky like a ragged cloth with holes.

Some places were completely vacant.

The sound of the waterfall overwhelmed all the noise.

Mo Fan saw seawater flowing down with brute force from the gaps in the sky and flooding several urban areas in the Magic City.

The Pale Waterfall was surging like destructive white dragons.

They were ruthlessly destroying the Magic City.

Those who escaped and Mages who were trying to defend the city seemed insignificant in the face of it all.

The Magic City was submerged.

The sky was torn apart.

Tons of seawater poured into the city, and the Pale Waterfall stirred.

Even if this was just a video, it still looked shocking and terrifying.

The magnificent the Magic City also could not escape from such a disaster.

“Didnt you say we still had a few days left” Jiang Shaoxu, Mu Bai, Lingling, and Zhao Manyan stared blankly at the video they received.

Zhang Xiaohou was surprised as well.

Commander Hua had told him that there was still time…

‘Had Commander Hua deliberately deceived me He didnt tell me anything about this…, thought Zhang Xiaohou.

“Brother Fan.” Zhang Xiaohou looked at Mo Fan.

“Lets go back.

Grandpa and the others are still in the Magic City.

The Ocean Demons have attacked,” Lingling said hurriedly.

Those gaps in the sky caused a large amount of seawater to hit the city, and many Ocean Demons entered through them.

They had hard scales, sharp fangs, huge demon tails, and sturdy bodies.

A whole troop of Ocean Demons rushed down from the Sky Gap Waterfall, and their scaled blades flashed with cold light as they swung toward the citizens of the Magic City.

“We worked hard to build the seawall and set up various powerful protective barriers in the skyscrapers.

And yet, these Ocean Demons fell directly from the sky.

How could this happen Why did it suddenly become like this” Zhang Xiaohou found it unbelievable.

There was no giant tsunami, and the sea level did not rise.

However, one huge gap after another appeared in the sky above the Magic City.

The seawater flowed down with great force, and the army of Ocean Demons landed directly inside the city.

It completely disrupted the deployment of humans.

There were so many Ocean Demons, and the urban area was flooded.

How were they going to withstand the attack

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