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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil Chapter 22: Urges

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Chapter 22: Urges

“This is not fair. This is not fair at all. With this, girls can tease boys if they spot a hard-on but boys wont be able to return the taunt. What am I going to do in the academy”

Eren complained after he saw Nina wasnt taking a break from her cackling session. Maybe he shouldnt have done that because that only increased her laughters volume to go higher than before. Finally, Nina thought she should speak up:

“You just need to control your urges better, Erni. Just ignore the excitement you feel through visual stimulation with something more intriguing and important. And sit properly now. I have seen what you showed me last time. No point hiding it now.

In a way, I have the exclusive right to see that since I was the reason behind its awakening. Seeing your bulge again will not make a difference”

Nana returned to what looked to be a normal state. She had straightened out her posture and was giving him a faint smile. But Eren could see a certain kind of mischievousness in her eyes.

“I….. Im going to sit straight. Whos afraid But you stop looking here, alright

Aaah… yes… thats right. I need underpants. Give me some money to buy them before the academy starts. I dont like wearing them but it looks like now I dont have any choice.”

“Hehehe. Too bad thatll have to wait. Right now, the city has been put into a light curfew to prepare for a potential beast tide. No non-essential shop will be up and running. You can go shopping after the whole forest disturbance is quieted down.

Now, as I said. You need to control your urges, making sure they dont affect your daily life. I… I can probably help you in that regard.”

“Huh You can But you dont have a penis, right What do you know about a man controlling his urges” Eren looked at her sceptically.

That statement annoyed Nina. Eren was saying a man would be better able to help him. And he was not wrong. But that didnt make Nina happy.

First Eren highlighted the fact that there was no man in the house. Then he implied that Nina was not better at explaining things. Both of her self-assumed implications made her wanting to surpass them and make Eren see that there was nobody better for him to learn these things from:

“I dont need a di… I mean a penis, little rat. I have something much better. Now tell me what were you thinking about when you were staring at my butt this morning”

Ninas tone changed a little. But Eren knew how to pacify her with ninja compliments quickly. He looked down, his voice dropping a bit, and answered her:

“I…. I dont have to think about anything. I just see them and the stiffness just follows afterwards.”

Nina smiled again at that statement. Eren liked her butt that much. The aphrodisiac started kicking in without her noticing:

“I see. But you dont feel the same when you look at my breasts”

Nina didnt know where she was going with that question. But her curiosity had peaked when she noticed Eren didnt look at them the way he looked at her ass. Were her breasts that unattractive to the kid She wanted to know.

Usually, adolescent boys liked looking at breasts more than they would pay attention to a girls butt. The fascination with butt grew when they became sexually active and started exploring the activity in depth.

But Eren acted like a grown man. To Nina, this was surprising. Because he had never shown the signs of his sexual awakening all these years. And when he did, he had gone for the butt. That was level 0 to level 100 shift. Of course, Nina would get intrigued.

“Well… how should I tell you, Aunt Nina! I am not sure about it, but….”

“Erni, dont feel shy. I promise I wont get angry.” Nina gave him some encouragement.

“Ah.. alright. This is only my estimation. So you can correct me if Im wrong. The erection happened for the first time when I touched your butt. And only then I kept thinking about them.

But the same has not happened with your breasts. So Im not sure if the erection will take place or if Ill get excited over them.”

Erni concluded. Now he had laid his bait. Now he wanted to see if it gets taken or not. He had other ideas as well. But its always a welcome sign when things proceed smoothly in the first go.

“So you mean you want to touch my breasts to find out”

Nina felt some excitement when she asked the question but she suppressed it with her best efforts and asked the question in a plain tone.

But her struggle was noticed by Eren. He knew the bait has been taken and he only needed to reel in the haul:

“Thats one way to do it. Im not sure Ill like touching them as much as I liked touching … well your butt. The butt was much softer than I anticipated. Compared to them…”

Eren looked at Ninas bosoms and gave them a disappointing look. This action wasnt unnoticed by Nina. She was already under the aphrodisiacs influence. That act had further pushed it to say what she said next:

“Why dont you come here and give them a press”

Nina asked. Her voice shook a little at the end. If Eren didnt reply positively, she would regret asking this question her whole life.

“But my penis is already hard. We wont be able to determine if the effect is because of the breasts or not”

Erens answer sobered her up. She had forgotten that Eren only clinically looked at the whole thing. The concept of sexual exploitation was not known to him yet. She had to refind her bearing as well:

“You dont need to worry about that, Erni. Ill come to find out if the breasts excite you or not soon enough once you touch them.”

Nina smiled at Eren and nodded with her head to come closer. Eren did and looked for further instructions:

“Well… grab them, you little rat. You didnt wait for my permission when you grabbed my butt. Why are you waiting for that now”

Nina teased him some more. The concoction was running through her veins with enhanced metabolism. The high that was brought by it was enough for her to see Eren as someone to be messed around with now.

Eren approached her left breast with his right hand. Ninas skin was already anticipating the touch that was taking so long to come to pass.

Eren finally grabbed onto the breast. He did so immaturely. Ninas nipples werent included in the grip. He did so knowingly. Still, the touch was enough to speed up Ninas heartbeats.

Eren started pressing some more with hisinexperienced hands before grabbing the nipple. He pinched it as if to confirm its existence.

“What is this part” Eren asked with a puzzling tone. Only then he saw Ninas face with her eyes closed.

Ninas excitement had reached heights that it hadnt reached in all these years. Her body shivered a little when Eren took hold of the nipple, albeit in the most unprofessional way. She finally replied to Eren in a voice that sounded different than her usual tone:

“Thats whats called a nipple, little rat. Use both of your hands on my two breasts and concentrate the area around both the nipples.”

This little experiment on Eren had taken a turn for something entirely different. Eren prevented himself from smiling and did what his aunt asked him to do.

This time Eren locked his palms right above both the nipples and gave them a firm press. Then he pinched her nipples with just the right pressure and twist.

Nina couldnt stop herself from moaning at that moment. She opened her eyes soon after and realized her mistake. But she started to play it cool by asking a reverse question to Eren while admonishing his skills:

“That was a little painful to endure, little rat. You dont have the skills it seems. But you dont have the experience either. So I cant blame you. But forget about that, how did you feel”

Nina asked and looked at Erens hard-on. It didnt move. That meant he wasnt more excited or less excited, for that matter, when he grabbed the breasts.

Nina felt that the potential of her bosoms was getting questioned right in her face. She needed to do something drastic to get the same reaction from Eren that he gave to her butt.


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