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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil Chapter 23: Contradiction Incarnate

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Chapter 23: Contradiction Incarnate

Nina felt that the potential of her bosoms was getting questioned right in her face. She needed to do something drastic to get the same reaction from Eren that he gave to her butt.

“The clothes must be restricting you from feeling them up close. Wait a minute.”

Nina had stopped thinking about right or wrong at this time. She just went with what little amount of logic, which was influenced by the concoction as well as her suppressed desires, told her to do.

Nina was wearing a cotton midi dress with a loose fitted jacket over it. She knew her breasts were a Lil ample in size so she was conscious of them. She used to wear loosely fitted jackets over her formal dresses to make their size less obvious than they originally were.

Nina thought with her now-shrunk-to-bird-sized brain that the same jacket and her attire was the reason for Eren not finding them exciting. She needs to give him a good view of her assets before making a final verdict.

Nina was a contradiction incarnate right now. She preferred people not paying attention to her huge breasts. But here when Eren acted the way she expected from people, she couldnt stop herself from taking an offence.

Nina first removed the jacket. Then she adjusted her mini dress, pulled it towards her right and removed her right hand from the sleeves without removing the midi dress. She did the same with her left hand.

Eren could see Nina was in her camisole from her waist up. He almost lost his control over the blood flow saturating at his groin. His Lil guy was about to show some excitement but he finally controlled it.

Nina was looking at his hard-on. There seemed some movement but it wasnt enough to link it up with her almost exposed breasts.

Nina looked flustered. Like she was losing the war she was so confident in winning. She told Eren to do the same action over her camisole.

And Eren obliged. But this time, while squeezing them, he thought of unpleasant things; the moments that led to his death in a previous life. He used those thoughts as a boner killer. And the result was made apparent by his receding bulge.

Erens hard-on had disappeared quickly.

Nina opened her eyes wide in surprise. Eren didnt enjoy or get excited about her breasts at all. If someone had told her this a day before… That Eren didnt find her breasts interesting, she would slap that person saying that it was perfectly normal.

But now she was worried about Erens skewed preferences. Was she missing something about teen male psychology She couldnt be sure.

This could have been tucked under the tag of personal preferences. But Erens hard-on had disappeared after pressing Ninas breasts through only a thin sheet of paper. That meant it was an aversion.

Maybe he likes small breasts!

Nina thought to herself before rejecting that idea. Her butt was pretty round and ample in size. The size was no issue for him.

Nina thought she might as well take the final step. Because she needed to confirm Erens sexuality. If he likes girls or not. Liking butt was not enough of a parameter to declare that.

She made Eren sit with her and told him to close his eyes. As he did, she removed her camisole as well. Now she was naked from the waist up.

Ninas shapely breasts were out like this for the first time in a very long time. It was a nice summer afternoon. The southern side of the city of Osan would experience tamed gales due to its proximity with towering trees nearby, outside the city walls.

Nina could feel a gentle breeze caressing her nipples. The breeze had entered the house thanks to the partially open windows with white curtains drawn. The areolas were already quite sensitive as they were. The concoction added to their sensitivity when they were exposed out in the open.

Nina was now sitting straight on a sofa located by the ground floors wall. Eren was sitting beside her on the same sofa. In short, it was a pleasant, cosy atmosphere.

Nina felt like she was on a pleasantshroom trip. With her trippy voice, she commanded Eren to open his eyes and couldnt help but find some fun and exhilaration in the latters gawking expressions.

Eren was genuinely surprised by Ninas bold move this early in the game. He hadnt even revealed so many of his cards but the game was already in a full swing. This abrupt upping of an ante caught him by surprise.

Nina couldnt wait any longer and guided his right hand on her left breast just like he preferred. Then she did the same with his left hand and her right breast. And waited for him to finally snap out of his dreams. She did not instruct him any further. There was no use exchanging words now.

Eren finally took hold of himself. He looked at the tempting sight in front of him. His hands were already in place. He decided to go all-in at this point and pinched both of the buds the same way he had pinched moments before with Ninas clothes on. As the touch was direct this time, sans the clothes and the undergarment, it was even more effective than before.

Nina closed her eyes, reclined back to her seat, drawing Eren almost on top of her. And overlapped Erens hands with her own, pressing them on her breasts, suggesting him to increase the force further. Eren followed suit.

Eren started mashing the mushy masses. His fingers almost sunk into the flesh. The light brown skin started showing tinges of red as a result. Eren could feel the light goosebumps raised around the areolas as he kept on playing with the buds in between.

Eren had adopted a rhythm in his current activity. He was putting all of his previous experiences to good use. Nina had closed her eyes and was enjoying the breast massage Eren was giving her. She had forgotten about everything else in the heat of the moment.

Eren decided the time was ripe. He lowered his head, nearing his mouth towards the left bud and took a look at Nina. she still had her eyes closed. He waited no more and took the dark brown bud in his mouth while pinching the right one with his hand at the same time.

Nina felt like an electric jolt had run through her spine. She arched her back forward and grabbed Erens head firmly by the back of his hair before pulling him into his embrace. She pressed his head over her breast as if she wanted him to eat up the whole thing.

Erens waned wiener had returned to its peak in a jiffy after he was pulled on top of Nina by her embrace. He let it. He needed to focus on the given task. His boner-killer move had already achieved its intended results. Now it was time to savour the fruits!

Eren kept on doing what he was doing to Nina for what felt like a very short moment for both of them. But it was already more than a few minutes. He even performed his suckling-like activity on the other brown bud only to come back to the first one.

Nina had been holding his head with both her hands the entire time, pressing him forward whenever she needed added force. Eren had learned long back how to take a hint from womenfolk while partaking in this session. He followed Ninas suggestive commands to a T.

Erens boner was just below Ninas navel, poking at the place, but both of them were too engrossed to notice the contact at first. But then Eren lowered a little while still keeping the boobies busy. He adjusted his stiff organ right over Ninas crotch and pressed on.

The moment Eren did that was also the moment he felt Nina experiencing a mini-earthquake. She grabbed Erens head hard and pulled him upwards before planting a passionate kiss on him. Erens small body was wrapped by Nina at the time.

Eren returned Ninas liplock with equal passion. He was about to stretch his tongue inside her mouth when he felt Nina pressing him onto herself hard while lifting her pelvis up. She bit Erens lip while she was experiencing the biggest ecstasy in years.


Authors Note: Hi. The first intimate scene of the novel concludes with this chapter. Im sure there would be room for improvement. If you liked some aspects of the scene or know where it was lacking, kindly let me know. Ill implement constructive suggestions in the future.


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