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Chapter 13: Night Watch

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“F*ck, the first-ranked big shot has issued out some welfare. I got a windproof lighter for free.” Just as Su Yus trade offer was uploaded to the trading channel, the first survivor who snatched it immediately shouted in the communication channel.

“F*ck, I missed the opportunity to freeload. Damn it, why are you guys so fast Why didnt you leave one for me Im about to freeze to death.”

“This hand speed... you guys have been single for 20 years, right I just saw it and its gone.”


At this moment, because of the free windproof lighter that Su Yu had posted, the people who were complaining in the communication channel immediately began to complain.

After Su Yu posted a few lighters, he was too lazy to continue paying attention to the communication channel, because there was basically no useful information in it.

At the same time, on the Regional Prosperity Points Rankings, the few people behind Su Yu looked at Su Yus Prosperity Points and then looked at their own Prosperity Points. They were speechless.

“F*ck, is this really a survival series This guy has too many resources!”

At this moment, a new name quietly jumped into the top ten. This guy was none other than Wang Teng, who had traded with Su Yu in the afternoon.

With the help of the 30 ordinary baits he made with ordinary energy crystals, he harvested boons today.

This also led to the increase of his prosperity points. It surpassed most of the survivors and rushed him into the top ten.

However, this made the previously ranked tenth survivor depressed because there was a huge difference in being in the top ten or not!

There were additional treasure chest rewards every day for the top ten!

“F*ck.” The handsome man who had been pushed down could only groan unhappily on his island.


At this moment, Su Yu was already using a frying pan to grill a steak over the fire. This was one of the things he had obtained from fishing in the afternoon.

At this moment, after smelling the fragrance of the meat in the air, Su Yu subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. After eating a bowl of instant noodles for lunch, Su Yu had worked hard until night fell before he stopped, so at this moment, he was already starving.

When the steak in the frying pan was about 70% cooked, Su Yu immediately started eating.

As for the two low-level goblins, Su Yu did not starve them. Instead, Su Yu threw some Handsome Kangs instant noodles to the two of them. The two low-level goblins were extremely excited.

After finishing three steaks and half a watermelon, Su Yu burped loudly.

“The two of you will guard this bonfire tonight. If you see that its about to go out, add some wood. Also, pay attention to the sea at night and see if there are any movements.”

At this moment, Su Yu, who had eaten his fill, instructed the two low-level goblins beside him.

Upon hearing Su Yus order, the two goblins hurriedly replied respectfully, “Your servant obeys.”

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded slightly, then opened the door of the Toyota and got in. He started the car and turned on the air conditioner. After adjusting the seat, Su Yu lay down and began to rest.

Although he couldnt drive the car on such a small island, Su Yu could use the air conditioner. As long as he didnt run out of gas, he could still keep warm.

As for why Su Yu had arranged for the two goblins to keep watch at night, it was because Su Yu felt that since there was something like the temperature dropping at, there might be other things happening as well. It was always better to be safe than sorry.

In any case, the two goblins were quite energetic. It would not be a problem for them to not sleep for a day or two. They might as well keep watch.

At this moment, the two goblins gathered around the bonfire to keep themselves warm. Then, they paid close attention to their surroundings, resolutely following Su Yus orders.


As time passed, the dawn quietly broke.

When Su Yu opened his eyes, the sky outside the car was already bright.

After getting up and stretching, Su Yu turned off the air conditioner and opened the car door.

“Phew.” Facing the sun in the sky, Su Yu took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“Master, youre awake.” At this moment, the two goblins who were guarding the bonfire saw Su Yu coming out of the car and immediately approached him.

“Are there any abnormal movements last night” Su Yu asked casually as he looked at the two goblins.

“Master, last night, there was only the sound of the waves rolling at the shore. There werent any abnormal movements.” Upon hearing Su Yus question, the two goblins immediately replied to him.

“Good, well done. Now, go to the wooden house and bring me some food.” Su Yu picked up his fishing rod and walked to the shore as he instructed the two goblins.

There were too many ordinary baits in his hands. Su Yu had to use them quickly.

Then, with a fishing rod in one hand and nibbling a piece of bread in the other, Su Yu started fishing contentedly for the day.

[Ding! Please receive the additional basic reward of being in first place in the Regional Prosperity Points Rankings. You will receive 20 sets of ordinary bait.]

Just as Su Yu was fishing, another notification sounded in his ears, telling him to collect todays share of bait.

“Receive it.” Upon hearing the notification, Su Yu didnt look excited at all, because he already had too many of them. If it was the improved version of the bait, Su Yu would probably be excited, but for now, he could only think about it.

Perhaps there would be such a reward later on in the rankings, but there was no need to think about it for the first two days.

At this moment, Su Yu looked at the float on the surface of the water. There was no movement for the time being. Then, he clicked on the communication channel.

Although Su Yu didnt really like to leave any messages there, he still liked to lurk!

“I... **ing... froze... to... death... yesterday...”

“F*ck, brother, why are you so cold Youre even trembling when you speak. Although it was cold last night, it shouldnt have been a problem to keep a fire going for the entire night! You must also have other cold-resistant supplies, right”

“F*ck you. The person above, its easy for you to say. Have you considered the fact that I dont have any cold-resistant supplies and can only rely on my willpower to endure through the entire night”

“Awesome, Im willing to call you the strongest.”

“Stop it. I only ate a piece of wheat bread and drank half a bottle of water yesterday. I was cold and hungry when I went to bed last night. In my half-asleep state, I thought I saw a little girl selling matches.”

“Are you sure its not the little girl who sold the nuke”

“Eh, why are you guys hungry Arent there a lot of resources in the treasure chest I got a roasted lamb leg, a roasted chicken, and a few bottles of Sprite from the treasure chest yesterday.”

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“Damn you. I dont even know how you can type such cold words with a 37-degree hand.”

“Eat a peach. Its so cold.”


“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”



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