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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Whats Underwater

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[Ordinary Adult Snow Wolf]

Length: 2 meters.

Weight: 70 kg.

Details: It belongs to a subspecies of the carnivorous canine family, Gray Wolf.

Description: The pet has been tamed in the pet treasure chest. It can be used to guard the house. It has combat strength that surpasses ordinary peoples bare hands.

At this moment, detailed information about the adult snow wolf in the pet treasure chest floated before Su Yus eyes.

Su Yu, who wasnt in a hurry to drag the treasure chests, stroked his chin and thought, “If I were to put this thing on the island, wouldnt I have two extra good-for-nothings”

After all, unlike the two goblins, the snow wolf did not have the ability to work at all. They did not seem to be of much use to Su Yu for the time being.

After some thought, Su Yu decided to throw the treasure chest into the wooden house. He would open the treasure chest when he needed it in the future.

Anyway, Su Yu had already tested it. As long as he did not open the treasure chest, the treasure chest would not disappear.

It had to be said that Su Yu was the only one who could do this. It was impossible for other survivors not to open the treasure chest they fished out. This was because if they didnt open it, they wouldnt know what was inside.

Very quickly, Su Yu dragged the fishing net to the shore and dragged the ten treasure chests into the wooden house. Su Yu then sorted them and placed them in the wooden house according to the use of the items inside.

At this moment, if other survivors saw the situation in Su Yus wooden house, they would definitely drool with envy.

It turned out that in Su Yus small wooden house, other than a portion of the treasure chests that had already been opened, there were also many wooden treasure chests piled up.

If this was in ancient times, he would definitely be a rich landlord!

[Ding! You have been on the rankings for a day. Do you want to receive the reward treasure chest]

Just as Su Yu clapped his hands and was about to leave the wooden house, a mechanical notification sounded in his ears.

“Receive.” Upon hearing this notification, Su Yu naturally chose to receive it without hesitation.

[Reward treasure chest for staying for a day on the rankings]

Description: It contains an island area 5 square meters fragment.

[Island area 5 square meters fragment]

Description: The other islands are shattered for various reasons, and the island fragment generated can increase the area of the island by 5 square meters.

“So rich” Looking at the items in the treasure chest, Su Yu felt that he had underestimated the rewards treasure chest.

This was because this treasure chest was equivalent to five [Island Area 1 square meter fragment] from the wooden treasure chest.

Moreover, the island fragment was not so easy to fish up. Just by looking at Su Yu, one could tell how difficult it was to fish up an island area 1 square meter fragment. Su Yu had fished so many rounds but he only managed to obtain it once thus far.

Then, he looked at the two 5 square-meter island fragments that he had obtained from the treasure chest. Su Yu decided to use them.

In an instant, Su Yu could clearly feel that the island he was on had become a lot bigger. Compared to the previous time when it increased by two square meters, the expansion this time was more obvious.

After glancing at the enlarged island, Su Yu had a thought and brought up his own stats panel.

[Level 1 Island Master] ~ Island area 112 square meters.

Name: Su Yu.

Age: 23 years old.

Strength: 1.4 (1.12)

Physique: 1.4 (1.12)

Spirit: 1.9 (1.12)

Owned Slaves: 2 low-level goblins ( 10 island prosperity)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added to the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Points: 55 points (Regional Ranking No. 1) ~ (10 points for the wooden house, 10 points for goblins, 5 points for saplings...)

Skills: SSS Grade Insight Skill, Unknown Grade Skill (Double Happiness) – Can be upgraded.

[Regional Communication Channel], [Regional Trading Channel], [Regional Prosperity Points List].

At this moment, Su Yus personal stats panel was obviously more abundant than before.

After looking at the strength, physique, and spirit added to him when he was on his island on his personal stats panel, Su Yu suddenly wondered if he upgraded the island to the size of a continent later, would he be able to possess an earth-shattering power

In any case, according to the current situation, if the area of the island were to increase to 200 square meters, it could increase each of Su Yus stats by 2 points.

Although this number did not seem big, if Su Yu were to increase the area of the island to 100,000, 1,000,000, or 10,000,000; then the additional attribute value would be abnormal. However, it could only give him the additional attribute effects when he was on his island.

Su Yu shook his head and threw out the fantasies in his mind. Then, he clicked on the communication channel to see if he could pick up anything good.

“Heavens, earth, save me. How can I survive with just one set of ordinary bait!”

“Dude, why dont you try and see if you can dive and grab the treasure chest from underwater”

“Good idea!”

“Damn you, who knows if I can still come up if I went down!”

“Brothers, dont dive into the water. Below the water, theres...”

“F*ck, are you alright If youre still alive, make a sound and explain whats under the water before hanging up!”


When he clicked into the communication channel and saw a certain message, Su Yus brows immediately furrowed.


“What else is under the water besides the treasure chest” At this moment, Su Yus curiosity was piqued.

After all, if there were really other things under the water, Su Yu should be able to see them!

After fishing so many times, Su Yu still hadnt discovered anything else. This was obviously a problem!

“Could it be that there are some special rules restricting me Im not strong enough, so I cant see through it for the time being.” At this moment, Su Yu suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Does anyone know whats under the water This is too scary. Will there be monsters attacking at night”

“I dont think this will happen within these seven days. Its hard to say what will happen afterwards.”

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“F*ck, can you not jinx it!”


While Su Yu was deep in thought, the atmosphere in the communication channel became heavier and heavier.

It was because a brother had sent a message that no one knew was true or not. Then, he disappeared, instantly causing most survivors to keep guessing.

After all, this was related to everyones lives. It was difficult not to be concerned.


Su Yu had also made many guesses because of that sentence

“Everyone, dont scare yourself. Its useless to be afraid. The only thing we can do now is to try our best to survive.”

At this moment, on the communication channel, someone came up and spoke.



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