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Chapter 20: What Can You Do About Me

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Very soon, he skillfully made a bowl of instant noodles for A.

“Come and try it. It tastes pretty good.” Wang Teng gave the bowl of Master Kangs instant noodles to A.

“Thank you, my lord.” Seeing this, A directly reached out and took it. Then, he picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

“F*ck, he looks like an ancient person!” This time, he didnt dare to complain in a low voice. He only dared to complain in his heart.

At this moment, after eating a mouthful of instant noodles, As eyes lit up.

[Ding! Your Servant A has sensed your importance to him. Loyalty 10.]

“Phew.” He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this voice. He had finally stabilized the loyalty points for the time being.

As for A, he swept everything clean, including the broth. Then, he looked at Wang Teng with a longing gaze.

“F*ck, youre a good-for-nothing!”

When he saw As gaze, he almost wanted to die. Why did he have an extra good-for-nothing for no reason

However, in the end, he still couldnt resist the temptation of increasing the loyalty points. Hence, he obediently started making noodles again.

If Wang Teng were to see the loyalty of the two goblins on Su Yus island, he would probably be so envious that he could explode. They were all slaves, so why was the difference so huge!

On the other side, Su Yu, who had been ravaged by the three types of potions, couldnt help but shiver when the effects subsided.

“Awesome!” Su Yu, who had just regained his senses, could not help but roar at the sky.

After exercising his body, Su Yu also chose to open the Monster Treasure Chest. After all, more people mean more labor forces. Su Yu could not possibly build the island alone.

Bang! Following the gunshot in Su Yus hand, the low-level goblin who came out of the Monster Treasure Chest was directly destroyed.

Good lord, this scene frightened the two low-level goblins who were working diligently that they immediately knelt on the ground.

Su Yu did the same thing as he did before and chose the goblin slave option. As such, with Su Yus double happiness skill, Su Yu obtained another two low-level goblins.

“The two of you, come here.” After glancing at the two low-level goblins who had appeared out of thin air, Su Yu shouted at the two goblins who were still kneeling on the ground.

Upon hearing Su Yus call, the two goblins immediately got up and ran quickly to Su Yus side.

“Here, each of you should train one and tell them what they need to do every day. Do you understand”

“I understand.” When the two goblins heard this, they immediately became excited.

Although they were all Su Yus slaves, it was still fine when there were few goblins, but when there were many goblins, they definitely needed a supervisor goblin.

After all, the goblins were intelligent beings. They naturally had their own thoughts.

To be honest, if it werent for the fact that these guys were all loyal to him, Su Yu wouldnt have been so relieved to leave all the chores to them.

Then, Su Yu opened the treasure chest from the fishing net that contained the island fragments and used it, causing the islands area to increase by two square meters.

As for the man-eating flower seed, Su Yu took a look at his island and directly chose a place to dig a hole and throw it in. After filling up the soil, Su Yu took out the Plant Growth Acceleration Potion and poured it on the ground.

Soon, right in front of Su Yus eyes, a small seedling squeezed through the ground where the man-eating flower seed was planted.

“Tsk tsk, this thing is indeed magical. If I were to develop this thing in my home world, my hands would go limp from accepting all the awards.”

After looking at the tiny sprouts on the ground, Su Yus mind started to have more strange thoughts.

Then, Su Yu planted another man-eating flower seed on the other side of the island.

It had to be said that while the other survivors were still working hard for living resources, Su Yu had led the life of a tycoon. Not only did he not have to worry about food and drink, but he had also begun to plan the development of the island.

At this moment, Su Yu, who had tasted the sweetness of casting a net, circled around the island again.

[This part of the sea mostly contains damaged treasure chests and ordinary wooden treasure chests. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]

[This part of the sea mostly contains ordinary wooden treasure chests. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]


Just like that, after Su Yus precise positioning, he finally found another place where he could cast the net.

[This part of the sea mostly contains ordinary wooden treasure chests. You are recommended to cast the fishing net here.]

Upon seeing the notification floating in front of his eye, Su Yu immediately arranged for the two goblins to set up the stake so that it wouldnt be too late later.

After the wooden stake was set up, Su Yu quickly threw out the simple fishing net in his hand. After quickly winding the rope around the wooden stake, Su Yu clapped his hands and walked to the massage chair at the side to sit down.

As for the job of pulling the net, he now already had four low-level goblins, so there was naturally no need for Su Yu to join in. Su Yu only needed to pay attention to when the net was full.

Su Yu, who was paying attention to the feedback of the insight skill, clicked into the communication channel.

When Su Yu entered the communication channel, he scrolled through the chat records until he saw the message sent by Wang Teng. Then, Su Yus expression changed slightly.

“Human beings can actually be found in treasure chests” Su Yu started pondering after reading Wang Tengs post.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu focused on loyalty points.

To be honest, rather than opening a humans treasure chest with low loyalty points which needed to slow nurturing to form tacit understanding, Su Yu would rather have a loyal monster subordinate.

“Sigh, Im about to vomit from eating so much fish and meat every day. Can you not let me fish so much meat I really want to experience the feeling of hunger.”

“F*ck, theres a poser here. Someone, come and beat him to death.”

“Sh*t, people like you wont last ten minutes in a TV show.”

“F*ck, I hope that guys wish comes true. I hope that bastard starves to death.”

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While Su Yu was deep in thought, someone started to show off in the communication channel.


“Tsk tsk, you bunch of people. Just because you cant eat grapes, you insist that theyre sour. So what if I show off What can you do to me”

“If you have the ability, go compete with the big shots in the top ten of the rankings, what are you doing here You are just here to look for a sense of superiority. I think youre squatting in front of the light screen now, gnawing on steamed buns and drinking cold water to puff yourself up!”


“D*mn, this person is so bored his balls hurt!” At this moment, Su Yu glanced at the latest information and could not help but be speechless.



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