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A Royal Twist Stealing of the blonde princess

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Martha walked into the Queens chamber and saw the two cute princess sleeping comfortable on the Queens bed while there were some powered stains of somethings like milk on the floor, she quickly went to fetch a bucket of water, bringing a mopping stick along with her so she would mop the floor and clean the table since queen Maria had already feed the twins and put them to sleep.

As she went out and returned to the Queens chamber, she saw the queen was already back and now lay on her bad waiting for her to come clean the room.

"What took you so long?" Queen Maria asked as she spoked calmly not to wake her twin daughters.

"Am sorry my queen, I forgot to bring detergent so I went back to get it along with sanitizer."

"It okay, go on and clean and do quick and leave her so my kids can sleep comfortably," Queen Maria told her as she stared adorably at the two twins that were sleeping peacefully.

Martha stood staring at the queen and the twins admiring them and the queen turned back to look at her, "What are you still standing there doing? would you get lost with why you are here," she commanded and one of the twin flinched as a result of the Queens shout.

Queen Maria subtly narrowed her eyes at Martha, sending a warning glare as she gently tap and try to calm her baby that had stirred to wake up.

Martha quickly went on mopping the tiled floor and ignoring the queen as the queen friend to calm her baby. As she was thru, she noticed the queen had already slept and she bit on her lower lips as she hadn even carried out a complete plan on how to smuggle out the baby, if she failed to do it now, the. she wouldn be able to as the babies were rapidly growing and now crawling, she doesn want the child to have any thought whatsoever that she wasn her real mother, thinking on what to do, she carefully went back in and poured out the water in the bucket, making a few sounds to see if the queen would wake.

Obviously Queen Maria had already fallen deep into her sleeps as she was too tired to hear a little noise.

Martha brought out the trash bucket that she had washed and carefully carried the blonde baby, while Queen Maria stirred a little as she was laying on her side. Martha carefully put the little baby into the trash bin as she had previously kept some clothes in it so as not to stir the baby to wake up, especially not when they are at the gate or passing the guards as that would send dread down her spine and send her to her early grave. She quickly covered the trash bin and carried it downstairs going out of the palace.

Queen Maria was still tired and sleeping that she didn even notice what had happened around her, she was sleeping deep and didn hear any sound or movements, she turned to find a better sleeping position while Martha made her way to the gate carrying the trash bin up in her arms.

The stationed guards looked at her, obviously they knew she was the one always going out to throw things and do some other random errands so they didn bother to question her.

The guard walked past her to open the gate and Martha tried not to feel to nervous as her palms were sweating while she was firing serious prayers inwardly so the baby wouldn wake up or cry, being in a dark place.

The guard came to stand beside her as the other guards stood by the guard house closer to the gate watching.

"Martha I had told you to accept my proposal so you would stop working as a maid in these palace, am really serious about you, and I don like to see how you are been treated in these palace" The guard told her as he stood in between opening the gate and staring at her.

"Martha" He called again and Martha swallowed the hard lump that had formed in her throat, she gathered herself to reply as she didn want to keep the trash bin down nor waste any more other time there in the palace to avoid been caught.

She replied him, " I will think about it Timothy, please let me do my jobs now, if Queen mother catches me standing here and talking to you, she would have me punished and you wouldn be able to do anything to save me."

"But Martha, you know I love you, please give me a chance," Timothy begged and she nodded as she noticed the baby kicked in the trash bin like it turned, sweat gathered on her forehead and she shivered making Timothy to notice her distress, he sighed and went on to open the gate for her to pass.

"I will be waiting for your response," he told her and she nodded and quickly left there, walking a bit farther, she stopped as she stood far away from the palace as she had ran farther. The baby in the trash bin started crying a d she brought out the baby and carried her in her arms before she stopped a cab man and ordered him to take her Ubi borders.

The cab man nodded and did as he was instructed and he drove her away to the borders which was very far from where she was picked. They arrived at the borders few hours later and she walked to the territorial boundary between Ubi and Emam, as it was night, she knew not so many that stood waiting for the next available bus would notice her and she was lucky enough to have poured some clothes into the trash bin as those clothes were part of little princess Mary clothes that she had taken from the Queens room.

The next available bus travelling to Emam came and she entered with the baby, covering her a the baby shook due to the cold night weather.

She had forgotten she was still putting on her maid clothes so she didn understand why some of the guards at the borders were staring at her. She was nervous, but they didn question her as they thought probably she had closed from her works in the palace of she was rather sent on an errand, they allowed her pass and that was how she successfully left the kingdom, stealing the little princess Mary away from her mother.

The bus drove off into the cold dark night and she heave a sigh of relief as she had successful carried out her plans, she played for forgiveness in her heart as she was determined to punish the queen, thrice the punishment she had given her.

As soon as the bus stop at it first bus-stop closer to Emam kingdom, she dropped down and decided to find another bus or a cab as she feared maybe the queen would have waken up and now searching for her precious baby, as she knew how addicted the queen was to Mary other than Miranda whom was a brunette.

She quickly paid the bus driver and stopped another cab man whom she asked to take her to the village of Emam. She went there and found an elderly woman whom was her aunt that she used to visit with her mother when she was younger.

The elderly woman had partial blindness so she couldn see the baby nor Martha.

"Whos there?" she asked as she not her stick in the mud house that she was living.

"Aunty is me Martha, Martha Dasis," She replied as she cane forward.

"Martha, wow I wasn expecting you, you are here, come let me see you," Her sunty called and she went to meet the elderly woman whom touched her and touched the baby in her arms.

Little princess Mary cried out as she felt the strong palms that touched her soft cheeks, "A baby?" the elderly woman questioned.

*Martha you now have a child?" She asked again.

"Yes Aunty it was a mistake, thats why I left the palace" she replied her aunt, whom nodded in understanding.

"It okay Martha, but theres no food at home," The elderly woman said.

"I know aunt, I bought bread on the way here", Martha replied and little Princess Mary started crying, noticing the dark environment and cold dusty wind that blew her.

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