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Countess Gillette, Sandra Gillette, was famous for being a difficult boss among the servants.

Sandra was originally a commoner, but she got into the eyes of the Count, and her status was elevated, but in terms of taste and personality, she was as demanding as if she had been a lady of a great aristocratic family from birth.

Her personality was nervous and capricious, she hides a lot of things, and it was not easy for users to please her because she always looked for the highest quality that could meet her standards.

All of the Gillette family members were like that.

A narrow-minded Count who can’t stand the mistakes of his subordinates, the Countess who is obsessed with high class and luxury, the Young Master, who is an ignorant man, and the Count’s daughter, who is hard to classify, but is a target of avoidance by employees…

In fact, County Gillette wasn’t exactly a good place to work.

But today, the demanding and capricious Countess was in a very good mood.

She patted her cheek with the back of her hand and smiled sweetly.

‘My skin looks good today.’

In the morning, she applied the beauty potion that the alchemist gave her, and her skin was glowing, she felt like she rejuvenated full 5 years.

Until now, I only thought that he was an incompetent man because no matter how much I poured the health potion he made into my son’s stomach, it had no effect on his swordsmanship.

But looking again, it seems like it was not a lie that he was from the Golden Ivory Tower.

‘You could have made this earlier.

What have you been doing so far Humph.’

It was then that the Countess felt a little resentful.

“Mother, should I bring you a hand mirror You’ve been paying attention to your face for a while, so you’re not paying attention to what I’m saying.”

“Ugh! Oh no, Bia! Mother was all ears!”

Even the haughty Countess had a hard time with someone.

It was her ten-year-old daughter, Bianca Gillette.

The young girl, with bluish-black hair, was sitting in front of the Countess, in a dignified position not fit for her age.

“Hm-mm! Where were we, my daughter”

“We were discussing the survival of the Gillette family.”


“I think it should be accepted that the generations of swords masters in our family were cut off on grandfather’s generation.

In this state, entrusting the next head of the household to my incompetent and foolish brother would be a shortcut to ruin.

What does mother think”


The Countess was silent for a moment.

Is this really what should be coming out of the mouth of a ten-year-old child

‘She’s my daughter, but she’s lovely and scary!’

Bianca was completely different in constitution from the Count and Countess.

Neither one of them could make such a cold and rational judgment in this way, they did not know how such a daughter was born.

The Countess, who had been absent-minded, came to her senses before Bianca’s severe rebuke returned.

With an awkward laugh, she persuaded her daughter.

“Isn’t your brother still twelve years old Let’s wait a little longer.”


Frightened by her daughter’s blatant dissatisfaction with her answer, the Countess decided to change the subject.

“He, more than that, Bia, I heard you kicked out your playmate again this morning How many times has it already been… If there’s a problem, won’t you tell mom”

“The problem would be that I don’t have a child who is at my level.”

“Re-Really Mom is going to pick with more care for the next one.”

“Well, I think you’d better get me a book than a friend right now.

I’ve read almost all the books in the library.” 

“Al-all those”

“Honestly, there aren’t many books in our family library.”

“Ah, I got it.

I’ll tell the butler.”

Just then, Isela, the tea attendant, came in with a knock.

“Madam, miss, I brought you a snack.”

The refreshments prepared today were sweet fruit tea, white lemon sugar balls, tangy orange jelly, and delicious red apple soup.

“Oh, there’s a unique dessert today.”

“Seems interesting, Mother.”

Mother and daughter picked up the apple soup first as if they had promised.

As soon as they took a mouthful, mother and daughter’s eyes widened.

“Oh my, a soup with such a noble flavor.

It’s just my taste.”

Isela, who had been smiling from the beginning of the conversion, sneaked a comment.

“This is a dessert made by Rodellaine’s daughter.

She’s good at making refreshments.

I will teach her well.”

“The Alchemist’s daughter Anyway, I was in a good mood today because the alchemist made me a whitening potion and a moisturizing lotion, but even the daughter did a wonderful job.

Tell her to go to the kitchen and get a bunch of snacks.”

“Yes, madam.”

Bianca, who was always indifferent, pricked her ears and asked.

“A beauty potion”


Until now, I only thought of potions as medicine, but things like lotion can also be made.”

The functional effect of the cosmetics was very good.

Although the price would be expensive, the only thing left to Count Gillette was money.

Bianca fell deep in her thoughts for a moment.

‘Isn’t Leonard Rodellaine a knowledgeable alchemist who could only conduct standard research He suddenly had the idea of ​​making potions for beauty’

He even differentiates between whitening and moisturizing.

No matter how much I thought about it, it could not have been the idea of ​that Alchemist.

So who was it

At the same time, Isela gave a clue that would solve Bianca’s question.


Rodellaine distributed high-quality soap to the residents of the mansion.

He bragged a lot that it was made by his daughter.”


“Yes, lady.”

Bianca’s red eyes gleamed.

“Where is the Alchemist’s daughter now”

“Hey, Frintz little sister.”

As I was picking tomatoes from the greenhouse, I heard a taunting voice.

I turned around to see a boy about Frintz’s age looking at me with his arms crossed.

With bluish-black hair, luxurious attire, and a grumpy face, I could easily guess his identity.

‘The count’s crazy fool!’

I greeted him politely, hiding my feelings of having stepped on poop.


Hello, Young Master Romdio.”

“Enough with the greetings give me that tomato basket.”


The rascal hands stole the basket from me.

Soon after, an opportunity to confirm his lunatic personality unfolded before my eyes.

“Giggle! Eat this!”

The crazy fool started throwing tomatoes at the servants who were passing by.

Puck! Puck! Punk!

Tomatoes burst out with a fresh sound.

The apprentice servants who were assaulted while carrying goat’s milk screamed.

“Ihihi! Bull’s eyes!…… Uh, what is it I’ve already run out of tomatoes.

Damn it.

You, what are you doing not picking more! Go get more tomatoes.”


“Hey, hurry up and get it!”

In my mind, I wanted to mash the tomatoes on his face, but…

“Yes, Young Master!”

I was nothing more than a helpless little apprentice maid who became an accomplice to the all-powerful crazy fool.

I hurried into the greenhouse and picked a full apron of tomatoes.

I gave them, one by one according to the throwing speed of the crazy fool.

His hand and forearm were getting stronger, and his throwing power and accuracy were increasing.

The excited jerk looked back at me.

“Hey, that’s really fun! Why don’t you try throwing it…..”

It was then.



It was the sound of a crushing tomato in the crazy fool’s grasp.

“Oh my, what should I do”

As I fussily covered my mouth with my hand, the rotten, faded tomato mucus dripped down from the hands of the fool.

And in-between, flimsy bugs were revealed.

The face of the crazy fool was frozen in thought.

“Ugh, ahhh! what’s this! W-worm! It’s a bug! Aww!”

Heh, who told you to play with food

It was quite nice to see him running around, but it seemed like I had to slowly clean the scene.

“Oh my, Young Master! I’m really sorry! I made a mistake because I was picking tomatoes in a hurry! For now, please calm down.”

“How can I calm down You can do that! Aghh!”

“If you scream while swinging your hands like that, you might get maggots in your mouth!”


The fool became quiet.

In the meantime, I took off my apron and wiped his hands.

Perhaps he really hated seeing the worms, so he closed his eyes tightly and surrendered his hand, it was quite the ridiculous sight.

“Okay, it’s done, Young Master.

Then shall we play tomato toss again”

“Oh no!”

“Yes, too bad.”

Traumatized by the rotten tomato, the bastard roared away.

Just before he turned around, the corners of his eyes seemed to be slightly moist, so it’s mostly certain a childhood trauma core memory.

[‘The world-building God’ clicks its tongue and says that he is just like the villain who made readers eat sweet potatoes for a long time in the original work, he wasn’t any different be it as an adult or a child.]

(Note: eat sweet potatoes = suffer from indignation, dissatisfaction, frustration, vexing things and anything that can cause indigestion problems, just like eating too many sweet potatoes.)

I was a little surprised.

“Uh, were you watching, God”

[‘The world-building God’ shrugs and says that you are its first believer and will look into your affairs whenever time permits.]

It wasn’t even just the ‘The world-building God’.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ comes to the director for approval and finds you.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ silently observes your actions.]

Isn’t this the literal version of the preach, ‘God is always with you.’ It felt like I was one step closer to being a religious person.

I went into the greenhouse.

The empty basket had to be refilled to complete the kitchen errand, but I felt a shadow cast over me as I squatted.

What I saw when I looked up was another unwelcomed person.


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