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At the Netherworld Sea prison, a helicopter landed inside the courtyard.

A few people from the Department of Inspection quickly located Yuchi, who was standing at the shore.

“Yuchi, weve finally found you!”

They were very relaxed.

Yuchi, who was fishing, slowly turned his head.

His expression was somewhat blank.

“We are from the Department of Inspection!”

“Youve committed a crime.”

“You have to follow us back to the Department of Inspection to assist with the investigation.

You have the right to resist, but you should think about the consequences of doing so first.”

The person who spoke was called Feng Zhaoyang.

He was extremely confident at the moment.

There was a soul beast standing beside him.

The strength of the soul beast was A-grade, and he himself was an A-grade beast tamer!

An A-grade beast tamer was already a force to be reckoned with in the Department of Inspection, which is why he was the leader here.

Feng Zhaoyang felt that it was wasteful for a person like him to travel to the Netherworld Sea prison to catch a prisoner.

However, he had no choice.

The orders from the higher-ups were absolute, so Feng Zhaoyang could only give up on his luxurious city life for the time being.

He was supposed to sleep with a few girls.

Now that he was in the Netherworld Sea prison, Feng Zhaoyang thought about it and decided to allow himself to experience the suffering of the human world.


After learning what was going on, Yuchis expression became strange.

“I understand what you want me to do, but how much do you know about me”

Feng Zhaoyang frowned and did not say anything.

As for whether he knew the actual situation He really did not know.

The higher-ups only ordered him to come to the Netherworld Sea prison to arrest this prisoner, but he had no idea what the prisoner had done or why he was here to arrest him.


Even then, so what

So what if he did not know He was just arresting a prisoner.

Was there anything worth noting about this prisoner

Yuchi then understood…

Cannon fodder.

He did not know how much the Department of Inspection knew about him, but they had actually sent someone who was unaware of the dangers of this task to look for him in the Netherworld Sea prison.

The Department of Inspection was indeed the Department of Inspection.

They were deceiving their own people.

Since that was the case, he started to feel sorry for Feng Zhaoyang.

He sighed softly and stood up.

He walked over Feng Zhaoyang and patted his shoulder.

Yuchi said warmly, “You dont have to say anything else, I wont resist.

Ill go with you to the Department of Inspection, okay”

After saying that, Yuchi calmly walked past them, glancing at the cute little soul beast from the corner of his eyes.

The little soul beast had been quite proud at first, but after seeing Yuchis scarlet eyes, it stood rooted to the ground, not daring to utter a sound.

From its perspective, Yuchis gaze was not that of a humans, but rather some kind of otherworldly entity.

Gazing into his eyes was just like gazing into the endless pitch-black night!

So fierce!

However, this experience was fleeting, and Yuchi walked in the direction of the helicopter.

“We must be careful.

This person seems a little different.” The little soul beast informed Feng Zhaoyang.

Feng Zhaoyang did not reply.

He and the other people from the Department of Inspection could not understand…

Why was Yuchi able to display such indifference

Under normal circumstances, anyone would be afraid of the Department of Inspection.

After all, the Department of Inspection controlled the lifeline of the entire human city.

Its strength was extremely terrifying.

Under such circumstances, going to the Department of Inspection would basically mean losing ones life.

“Lets walk faster.

I need to come back later.”

Everyone was speechless.

Feng Zhaoyang and the rest were destined to be confused.

He quickly reported the matter to his superiors and left the prison with Yuchi in a helicopter.

The prisoners wanted to ask them what had happened.

Why was a group of people taking Yuchi away

Some of them wanted to go up and ask about the situation, but they were scared away by the other partys gaze.

So could it be that Yuchi had committed some crime

The prisoners looked at each other, but they could not come to a conclusion.

From the perspective of the prisoners, Yuchi usually stayed at the shore outside the Netherworld Sea prison.

He might have some psychological problems, but no matter what, he should not have made any mistakes worthy of such treatment.

Then why was he captured It was very strange.

“It shouldnt be a problem, right Just now, I saw a faint smile on Yuchis face.”

“It should be.

I saw it too.

He also seemed quite relaxed.”

“Perhaps the Department of Inspection found out that he had some grievances and brought him back to tell them about it”

“It might be!”

“Thats great.

Theres no need for a young man like Yuchi to stay in the prison with us.”

Human city, Department of Inspection.

Zhang Tianjian had already heard from his subordinates that Yuchi had gone with the Department of Inspection.

“It was just as I thought.

Although the actual culprit killed Li Yixun and his men, he doesnt want to make an enemy of the Department of Inspection!”

“Hehe, he wouldnt dare to either.”

“Looks like hes still a person who knows how to adapt to the situation.”

The Department of Inspection had existed for so many years, and thus had a lot of resources.

Although he was the Secretary of the Department of Inspection on the surface, and was the most powerful one among all the departments, he was only the leader in name.

In reality, there were many other beast tamers behind the Department of Inspection.

These beast tamers were extremely powerful, but rarely showed themselves.

“His strength is just so-so.”

“He can only deal with Li Yixun and his people.

He doesnt have the guts to fight us directly.”

“However, I have to say that its already quite an amazing thing for a martial artist to enter the qi refinement realm.”

Qi refinement realm cultivators had not appeared for a very long time.

At first, he thought that martial artists were already extinct, and only some of the most basic martial artists were eking out a living.

However, a qi refinement realm cultivator had now shown up.

Hehe, interesting.

Zhang Tianjian had already made his decision.

After he found Yuchi, he would immediately ask who his backer was.

Then, he would either threaten that person or to fight him directly.

He had to find out the secret of his cultivation!

If he could obtain the secrets of a martial artist, that would be great.


The more Zhang Tianjian thought about it, the more he felt that he was a man with great power.

This feeling of controlling the life and death of others at will was really too wonderful.


“Im a very powerful SS-grade beast tamer!”

“In this human city, my comprehensive battle strength is the best!”

“When the time comes, Ill take control of this secret for myself.

After I obtain the secret of his cultivation, Ill be able to obtain even more power.

At that time, the other beast tamers from the other human cities will slowly fall behind me, and everyone will have to kowtow to me!”

Zhang Tianjian clenched his fist.

He felt that the entire human races future was in his hands.


Was this the feeling of power

It felt too good.


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