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The modified helicopter quickly arrived at the edge of the human city.

Feng Zhaoyang immediately contacted the Department of Inspection.

Yuchi was a prisoner.

When a prisoner arrived in the city, the citys alarm would go off.

He had informed the people from the Department of Inspection in advance, so that they would not send any guards to cause trouble for Yuchi.

However, when he made the call, he felt a little strange because the other party said that the citys alarm had not been activated.

This made him a little puzzled.

He sat in the helicopter and looked at Yuchi, who was opposite him, with a confused expression.

Why did the alarm not go off when this prisoner entered the human city

That was strange.

“Maybe the Secretary has already dealt with this matter.” Feng Zhaoyang figured that this was probably the right conclusion.

Yuchi chimed in with a sentence, “Have you thought about where you wanted to be buried after you die”

Feng Zhaoyang was speechless.

“You still have the gall to ask me this question Youre the one who needs to ask yourself that question.

I think you dont realize how dangerous this matter is!”

“Itll be impossible for you to leave once we get to the Department of Inspection.”

The rest of the people from the Department of Inspection in the helicopter could not help but laugh.

Yuchi, this young man, was a bit of a comedian.

How did he manage to come up with such a joke at this time

That was one of the funniest jokes they had ever heard in their lives.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the helicopter was filled with joy.

Yuchi also laughed.

Everyone looked at each other happily.

The streets of the human city were filled with people and cars.

The passersby looked up at the helicopter that flew over quickly in the sky with envy in their eyes.

They recognized the markings on the helicopter.

It was obviously a helicopter belonging to the Department of Inspection, and only people from the Department of Inspection were qualified to ride it.

After thinking about it, if they had the chance to ride in this kind of helicopter, it would be a very happy thing.

If they could join the Department of Inspection, they would be better than every commoner in the city.

At that time, the other passersby would not even dare to look them in the eye.

The Department of Inspection was really powerful!

Ten minutes later, Yuchi arrived at the Department of Inspection.

The people around him had already left, leaving Feng Zhaoyang alone with him.

The two of them were waiting for the elevator.

Yuchis phone suddenly vibrated.

He looked down at his phone again and saw that it was a message from Qin Lanyu.

Qin Lanyu: “My new clinic has been launched.

I was wondering if you could come over and cut the ribbon with me”

Over the past three years, Qin Lanyu had been busy with her career.

She had successfully set up a few real charity organizations.

She had really helped countless people.

One had to know that it was harder than ascending to heaven to be able to bypass the Department of Inspection to manage such charity organizations, but Qin Lanyu had done it.

‘Thats why shes pretty good, Yuchi thought.

Over the past three years, Qin Lanyu would send him a message every few days.

The information inside was not too important.

Most of the time, she was just explaining what she was up to.

From time to time, she would send him a few photos.

As a result, although Yuchi did not help Qin Lanyu set it up, he still learned about the whole process through indirect questioning.

It was a really difficult process.

After thinking for a while, Yuchi replied, “Time and place.”

In less than three seconds, Qin Lanyu informed Yuchi of the time and place.

Qin Lanyu was quite happy.

She looked at Yuchis confirmation on her phone and felt like she was in a dream.

She had not expected Yuchi to agree.

Although she had invited Yuchi out for meals or casual catch-up sessions before, Yuchi had rejected all of them.

Yet now, he had actually agreed!

“I need to dress up properly.

Its been three years since I last saw him.

I wonder what he looks like now.”

At this moment, Qin Lanyu was like a little girl who had just experienced love.

Her beautiful face was filled with joy.

She could not stop herself from humming.

If Yuchi had been in the Netherworld Sea prison, he would not have agreed to her request.

Of course, since he was in the human city, he decided to take a look.

Thinking about it, it was quite a coincidence.

Feng Zhaoyang stood beside Yuchi and looked at the chat history on the latters phone screen.

He said, “What a pity, young man.

You want to leave our Department of Inspection to attend your girlfriends ribbon-cutting ceremony You shouldnt bother thinking about this kind of thing.

Once you entered the Department of Inspection, you lost control over your own life.”

Yuchi calmly placed his phone in his pocket.

He did not answer Feng Zhaoyangs question directly, but instead asked, “Have you thought of all the things you want to do before you die”

“Do you have regrets in life”

“When you became a member of the Department of Inspection, did you do anything wrong”

He looked at Feng Zhaoyang curiously after asking.

Feng Zhaoyang was very confused.

Then, he sneered and gave a direct answer, “I wont die, and I wont have any regrets.

This is the world that Ive built with my fists.

Why should I be afraid of death”

“If youre unhappy with the way Ive treated you, then I can clearly tell you that, although Ive done many bad things, Im already considered a very easy-going person in the Department of Inspection.

Otherwise, when you were messaging your girlfriend just now, your phone wouldve been smashed.”

“But you…”

“You should reminisce about the good times youve had with your girlfriend.

You wont be able to see her again.”

“You are about to disappear from this world, just like many other young people like you.”

“When you disappear, not even a sound will be heard.

You lowly existences make my heart ache.”

Feng Zhaoyang became more and more smug.

He felt that he was quite powerful as an A-grade beast tamer.

Moreover, he was still very young.

He would be more greedy in the future.

Then, hed be able to find himself an S-grade soul beast, and he would then have even more authority in the Department of Inspection.

At that time, would he not be able to get whatever he wanted very easily

How would he have any regrets in such a situation

He had already enjoyed a life that many humans could not enjoy.

He had become addicted to this power.

It was impossible for him to imagine life without it.

Yuchi nodded and did not speak.

In essence, under normal circumstances, he would not have come to a human city anytime soon.

He needed to slowly increase his attributes to complete the awakening of his bloodline.

This time, since they had come for him, his real intention for coming here was simple.

If he could meet some experts in the human races Department of Inspection, he would have a good fight with them.

This would also be a timely break for him, so he could afford to spend some time here to check out what was going on in the world outside.

Feng Zhaoyang was very smug after he finished speaking.

The elevator slowly went up.

He tried very hard to see the fear on Yuchis face, but no matter how hard he looked, he could not detect the slightest trace of fear from him.

It was as if the other party had come to the supermarket to buy something.

His body language and expression indicated that he did not think that this trip to the Department of Inspection was anything special.

Why was it so

Why would a prisoner dare to speak to him like that, and why did he answer him anyway This was very strange.

He then glanced at the soul beast beside him.

The soul beast had its head lowered and did not have any intention of speaking.

“Kid, lets see how youre going to behave later.”

“You wont even know how youre going to die.”


Feng Zhaoyang was not worried that anything would go wrong.

Anyway, he had the Department of Inspection behind him.

How could there be any problems

As a result, he waited to see how Yuchi would die.

Next to him, his little soul beasts eyes were already filled with fear.

Its eyes were frantically rolling around in its eye sockets.


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