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Villainous Movie Queen (1)


【Sun Wan did not think she would die here.】


【She seemed to hear a sigh as she was dying, and the last thing she saw was a slender figure slowly approaching…】


"The female lead is dead"


Song Xu Yi looked at the last two paragraphs of the plot summary and frowned.




The system's angry voice came from her mind: "The heroine Sun Wan is dead, the villain Zhao Qingyu has won a great victory, the world line has been sharply distorted and has been judged by the Lord God to be a major mistake..."


"The Lord God has brought us back to a time when everything was still happening."


"We all have only one chance," the system's tone is serious: "If this time we don't save the male and female protagonists and change the ending of the world, the Lord God will kill everyone in this world by hanging."


"Including you who is staying in this world…"



Song Xu Yi pursed her lips and opened her eyes.


She is currently in the middle of an examination room, surrounded by people who are writing furiously, the large examination room is very quiet, you can only hear the tip of pens on papers writing 'rustling' sound.


Song Xu Yi, who was sleeping on her desk, was the only anomaly in this examination room that was scrambling for time.


Song Xu Yi looked at the test paper and then looked at the clock above the blackboard and found that half an hour had passed.


The system's voice sounded again at the right time: "The glasses the tasker is wearing are the latest technology developed by the Song Group, which can isolate all shielding devices, as long as you tap three times on the left frame, the answer will be automatically projected onto your retina..."


Song Xu Yi was stunned for a moment, then froze when she adjusted her glasses—


She woke up in this body half an hour ago and found that she has lost her memory, and before she could familiarize herself with her surroundings, her entire attention was drawn away by the system.


The system told her that her name was Song Xu Yi, a small world tasker who had lost her memory because she had suffered an unknown attack when she entered the small world.


The system has limited authority to say whether Song Xu Yi's memory will be restored in the future, not to mention Song Xu Yi's identity origin, it merely knows - the tasker needs to accept the Lord God's assignment to save a small world judged by the Lord God to be 'out of the world line trajectory' with the assistance of the system.


Now the world line of this derailed world revolves around the female lead Sun Wan and the male lead Song Jun.


Sun Wan and Song Jun grew up together as childhood friends.

Sun Wan is infatuated with her childhood brother Song Jun, but Song Jun is in love with the villain Zhao Qingyu, and only after pursuing Zhao Qingyu unsuccessfully does Song Jun notice his sister Sun Wan, who has been following him...


The two have gone through a series of dog blood plots from "willing to be a stand-in" to "discouraged to run with the ball" to "chasing his wife to the crematorium", seeing that they are about to go to the happy ending set by the gods, the villain Zhao Qingyu suddenly intervened and schemed to frame Song Jun's company, Song Jun was busy to save the company every day, and Sun Wan, who was already insecure about the relationship, suspected that Song Jun was having an affair and unfortunately fell off a cliff while following Song Jun and died at the bottom of the cliff...


Sun Wan's death caused the collapse of the world line, so the Lord God sent Song Xu Yi.


The Lord God did not treat Song Xu Yi harshly, Song Xu Yi's body in this world, although only a passerby, has a very distinguished identity - the daughter of the main family of Song Jun's Song Group, a typical rich young lady born with a golden spoon.


The Song family's industries are spread across film and television, real estate, and technology, and is deservedly the number one tycoon.

For such a wealthy family, developing a pair of glasses to cheat is not a difficult task.


Song Xu Yi quickly came back to her senses.


She pursed her lips, took off her glasses and put them aside, picked up a pen and began to write calculations on the scratch paper...


Even though she lost her previous memories, there seems to be a voice in her subconscious telling Song Xu Yi: to be down-to-earth, cheating is something that breaks the moral bottom line.


The system was silent for a moment, seemingly not expecting Song Xu Yi to choose to do the questions herself.


But it quickly continued to speak, "To prevent deviation of personality, does the tasker choose to accept the body's memory now"


"Wait until later tonight!"


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips and hung her head to continue checking the calculations.


She found herself enjoying this feeling of immersion in the questions: the set of papers was difficult for Song Xu Yi, yet the moment she looked at the papers, Song Xu Yi felt as if all the cells in her body were mobilized and her mind was focused on doing well on the test.


Is this related to my own lost memories


Soon the bell rang for the next exam.


The system's anxious urging sound accompanied by the bell ringing for the next exam: "Warning warning! Song Jun has returned to China and is about to meet up with the villain Zhao Qingyu!"


Song Xu Yi finished handing in her paper and froze at the system's words, just as the driver of the Song family walked in next to her and put Song Xu Yi's books into her bag, "Miss, where are we going now"


Song Xu Yi looked at the book bag: some things seemed to be caught in the flowery books...


However this is not the time to check.


Song Xu Yi averted her eyes, her mind once again turned over the plot summary, after quickly browsing the previous section of the plot, Song Xu Yi also decided in her heart: "Go back early!"


The plot summary is just a thousand words, only that Song Jun met Zhao Qingyu because of an accident, and became attracted to her, and then gradually fell in love with Zhao Qingyu in one contact after another, but exactly what accident the two of them met, the plot summary does not explain.


"How about we look around the city" The system suggested.


"No need." Song Xu Yi shook her head and followed the driver to the car.


"Song Jun has just returned to China and will most likely choose to go home, and the Song family lives uniformly in the south of the city, and there is only one major road leading to the south..."


It is more likely to run into Song Jun on the way home than to wander aimlessly through the city.


The system did not say anything more, apparently having been convinced by Song Xu Yi.


At this time it was the rush hour, the vehicle was moving very slowly, and when it came to an intersection, it was raining.


The red light came on, the car stopped in front of the crosswalk, Song Xu Yi looked at the crowd crossing the road, her carefree eyes suddenly froze and fell on an old lady.


The old lady was empty-handed and did not have an umbrella, her clothes looked plain and clean, but her eyes were unfocused, her walking posture was a bit hobbled, a sign was hanging around her neck, and her mouth seemed to be saying something...


The old lady quickly fell behind the people around her by a large margin, and the red light turned green.


The vehicle issued a sharp urging horn sound, the old lady body trembled, looking fearful and panicky, and stumbled towards the middle of the traffic...


The system seems to say something, but Song Xu Yi can no longer hear it, a sharp pain occurred in her head, and suddenly a hobbled, thin figure swung past, and she almost subconsciously twisted the door handle to chase it.


——But one person moved faster than Song Xu Yi.


The back door of a small car in front opened, out came a slender woman: the woman wore a simple red halter dress, revealing slender snow white arms and calves, thin high heels on her feet did not hinder her pace, she was holding a black umbrella, her steps were hurried but elegant, just her back can make people imagine a million kinds of style..


The woman quickly reached the old lady, Song Xu Yi, who was a step behind, was relieved to receive the umbrella handed over by the driver and was about to help, when she saw the old lady's eyes widen and let out a scream of terror: "There are ghosts! Ghosts..."


The old lady screamed and pushed the woman back——


Song Xu Yi's pupils shrank, instinctively went forward to hold the staggering woman.


"Thank you, Xu Yi."


The woman who Song Xu Yi helped to stand firmly, turned her head and looked over.

Her voice is very nice, like a yellow warbler out of the valley, and when Song Xu Yi's name is spoken from her mouth, it inexplicably carries a touch of affectionate rhythm.


Song Xu Yi blushed.


This feeling...

is too strange!


Looking at the smile in the woman's eyes, and her flawless, beautiful face like the bright moon, Song Xu Yi choked on her breath and felt her chest suddenly felt like a jumping deer, "tap tap tap" beating madly as though to jump out of her chest...


"It's okay."


Song Xu Yi heard herself reply with a dry voice, her eyes fell to the corner of the woman's eyes: there was a small red mole under the end of her eyes, like a petal scattered in the snow, adding a few indefinable charm to her flawless face.


Is this the female lead Sun Wan


Song Xu Yi took a deep breath and tried to calm her uncontrollable heartbeat:


The plot summary stated that the female lead had a red mole at the corner of her eye, and the female lead, Sun Wan, spent years behind Song Jun, and would naturally know Song Xu Yi, the main family of the Song Group...


Except, the plot summary only wrote Sun Wan's character as good and righteous, Song Xu Yi did not expect that she would look so good.


"If you have something to do, go ahead and do it."


At this point in time, Song Xu Yi has not yet received the memories of this body, and does not dare to have more contact with this woman, after holding the woman steady, she released her hand, and her gaze fell on the old lady brought to the side of the road by the driver: "I will send her home..."


"Then thank you for your hard work!"


The woman smiled and looked at Song Xu Yi, stopping her eyes on Song Xu Yi's face, her eyes dimmed, and then looked at the old lady at the side following Song Xu Yi's gaze: on the old lady's fearful and faint eyes, the woman curved her lips, and the smile at the corner of her mouth became brighter and brighter.


The woman seemed to be in a real hurry and didn't add much to the pleasantries and quickly went back to her car.


Song Xu Yi breathed a quiet sigh of relief: she did not know why, perhaps the woman's beauty is too eye-catching, and obviously the woman looks gentle and kind, but when standing next to the woman she inexplicably felt a little nervous...


"Don't panic, your family will be here soon..."


Song Xu Yi collected her thoughts, squeezed out a smile to appease the old lady who obviously had Alzheimer's symptoms and forgot the past, while the driver call the contact on the old lady's name tag, listening to the phone, "I'm her grandson Song Jun, where are you now” With the cold male voice, the smile at the corner of Song Xu Yi's mouth gradually froze...


A thought suddenly flashed through her mind, her body could not help but stiffen, subconsciously looking in the direction of the woman's car that drove away, and the words of the system in her mind is further proof of Song Xu Yi's suspicions…


"The tasker is awesome, interrupting Song Jun and Zhao Qingyu's first encounter as soon as she arrived!"


The system's voice is full of admiration.


Song Xu Yi froze for a moment, stiffly tugging at the corners of her mouth.


Suddenly somehow I don't know what kind of expression I should show——


Song Xu Yi only remembered after the fact that the plot summary said that Song Jun suddenly noticed Sun Wan because Sun Wan and Zhao Qingyu had three points of resemblance, and now Song Xu Yi realized——these three points of resemblance were perhaps because both of them had red moles at the end of their eyes.


The personality of Song Xu Yi's body at this time is Zhao Qingyu's brain-dead fan, who has been following her like crazy since she first debuted...


Thinking about her performance in front of Zhao Qingyu, Song Xu Yi's back went cold: Zhao Qingyu couldn't have caught the difference, right


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