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Villainous Movie Queen (17)



"It's not an easy road and I hope you still think that four years from now."


Huang Shuo gave Song Xu Yi a deep look before standing up and continuing his climb to the top of the mountain.


The slate path to the top is long, about a few hundred steps, and Huang Shuo, who is small and thin, walks with a little hobble at the top of the slate path, his head flowering white and his whole body looking dry and thin, but step by step, he climbs up firmly and persistently, without looking back.


A lifetime of dedication to medicine is something that almost everyone means at that moment when they take an oath, but how many people actually do it in their lifetime


Song Xu Yi stood up, took a deep breath and walked behind Huang Shuo——


This is a time when some people would despise emotions: very often, they even become a despicable excuse for capitalists to snub working people.


The mountains are high and the road ahead is treacherous, and the wise have long since given up.


Song Xu Yi, who wanted to be a moth that fluttered to the flame.




When she heard the news of Huang Shuo's retirement, Song Xu Yi thought that Huang Shuo might have other arrangements, and soon after she returned, she heard the news that 'Huang Shuo had been hired by a certain research institute, and he had put in his life savings to set up a research institute for the study of "sleeping sickness"'.


Because 'sleeping sickness' is a profitable project, countless people have previously tried to find a cure for sleeping sickness and all have failed, and there are now only a handful of institutions in the country that study sleeping sickness.


Song Xu Yi was the first to submit an application for a winter break internship with Huang Shuo's institute, and Song Xu Yi didn't expect Huang Shuo to come to her personally, his brow was furrowed tightly, and he still had the familiar grumpy look on Song Xu Yi's face, "You should know that my salary here is very low and the work is very intense, don't cry to me if you can't stand it..."


What answered him was Song Xu Yi's disguised gentle smile.


Song Xu Yi gave a little bit of skin, and on a whim, she followed Zhao Qingyu's example and gave a polite and courteous smile, she didn't expect this to work for Huang Shuo, Huang Shuo saw her good and polite smile and froze, then waved his hand and threw his work badge onto Song Xu Yi's desk, grunting coldly: "Report to my place for the summer, if you don't perform well, don't blame me for firing you..."


Song Xu Yi was in full swing and became more and more intense in her studies.


Just because Song Xu Yi has gained admission does not mean that she can rest easy, after all, Huang Shuo's demands on his students are clear for all to see.


The time flies by as Song Xu Yi's mind is occupied, and soon it's the end of the school year, and all of her energy is spent on devouring books, her only pastime being to keep an eye on news about Zhao Qingyu.


Fans of Zhao Qingyu already know that Zhao Qingyu has made a drama, and fans look forward to the drama's release every day.

After all, Zhao Qingyu is really too low-key, rarely participating in business activities and rarely marketing, and only when her work is released can fans appreciate her magnificent beauty.


And Zhao Qingyu was indeed extremely busy, sometimes sending messages to Song Xu Yi until three or four in the middle of the night.


Song Xu Yi didn't know why Zhao Qingyu was getting so close to her after she had been saved once, but Song Xu Yi now considered Zhao Qingyu a friend, and seeing how busy she was, she couldn't help but send Zhao Qingyu several pairs of calming pills, and for fear that Zhao Qingyu would suffer from the pills, she also bought some dried fruit and candied fruit and sent them over.

However, the problem is Zhong Qingyu, ever since then it has been uncontrollable, and whenever she has any headache or fever, she will pester Song Xu Yi to prescribe medicine.


On this day, Song Xu Yi received another call from Zhao Qingyu while she was studying in the library.



Song, I have a headache," Song Xu Yi walked outside the library to answer the phone, the voice on the phone had a little delicate tail tone, Song Xu Yi seemed to be able to see through the voice the charming appearance of the woman on the other side of the phone, "Can you prescribe me that medicine again from last time..."




"Medicine is not food," Song Xu Yi was like a soft-faced person at other times, but she had a habit of getting a bit cranky once she was interrupted from working on a topic, and even her voice was colder at this time: "You always say you have a headache, do you want to go to the hospital..."


"You're studying, huh" After so long, Zhao Qingyu naturally knew this habit of Song Xu Yi, and the voice in the phone instantly became serious, speaking at a lower volume once: "Then you study hard, I'll contact you at noon..."


"I'll go and grab some calming herbs next time to make you an incense bag, your head always hurts, it's probably due to lack of sleep, you should also pay attention to rest yourself..." as her temperament eased up, Song Xu Yi also regained her calmness in her speech, and even had some small weakness in her heart, thinking that Zhao Qingyu had seen her impatience and that's why she intended to hang up the phone, adding somewhat embarrassingly, "I'm afraid I've forgotten, you remember to remind me..."


"Sister Xu Yi!"


However, before Song Xu Yi could finish her sentence, a surprise shout came from the side, causing everyone around her to look over towards Song Xu Yi.


"I have another five questions I can't do, can you teach me a little..."


Song Xu Yi frowned as she looked at the boy who was looking over in surprise.


In the past year, Song Xu Yi has lost her youthfulness and has become more and more beautiful and slender.


The students in the same year knew that Song Xu Yi was dedicated to her studies and did not want to fall in love, so even though some of them had a crush on Song Xu Yi, they rarely bothered her, but the newcomers to the school were a different story.


A student named Chen Qi, who is tall and handsome, claims to have fallen in love with Song Xu Yi at first sight and has been pursuing her fiercely.

At first, he restrained himself from sending milk tea and asking her to go to the movies, but after Song Xu Yi refused, he didn't stop, instead he claimed to be Song Xu Yi's boyfriend and even started to follow her to the library, bothering her with some extremely basic topics from time to time...


"You can find it by flipping through the book yourself." Song Xu Yi looked at the few extremely basic questions Chen Qi handed over and patiently explained to him, "It's right there in the book.”


"Sister Xu Yi is amazing!" But Chen Qi didn't seem to see Song Xu Yi's impatience at all, and came over after flipping to the answers, "I'll study with Sister! If I don't understand a topic, I can still ask her..."


"Senior sister won't dislike me for being stupid, right" Chen Qi grumpily placed his books on the opposite side of Song Xu Yi's desk, "At that time, when she rejected me, she said she would treat me as a friend..."


The loud voice of Chen Qi drew the people inside the study room to look over frequently, and looking at the various meaningful eyes cast by the people in the study room, Song Xu Yi coldly decided to talk to Chen Qi completely: "Come out first, we'll find a place to talk——"


"——Xu Yi, my headache is really getting worse!"


Song Xu Yi originally thought that Zhao Qingyu had already hung up the phone, but she did not expect Zhao Qingyu's voice to suddenly ring again.


But Zhao Qingyu's smiling voice completely lost its warmth, and her flat tone seemed to contain ice: "You're right, I think I need an examination now——"


Zhao Qingyu hung up the phone after saying these words.


Song Xu Yi didn't know what Zhao Qingyu was up to, but she didn't have the heart to care about her at the moment, so she took Chen Qi aside and tried to talk to him thoroughly.


However, Chen Qi looked at Song Xu Yi with burning eyes, "Just because Sister Xu Yi doesn't like me now doesn't mean she won't like me in the future, I like Sister Xu Yi so much, you will definitely be touched by me in the future..."


"But you don't make me feel moved," Song Xu Yi coldly lowered her face, "I don't like you, and your so-called liking only causes me distress."


"Then how do you like it" Chen Qi could no longer keep the smile on his face and pulled up Song Xu Yi's hand with a stern face, "Song Xu Yi, you have to stop being so fake and reserved! If you don't like me, why did you smile at me during the opening orientation meeting"


"Don't be shameless, when all is said and done I’m still above you! My family has two companies, and the girls who have been chasing me since I was a kid can line up from here to the school gate, while your family..."


"Let go of me!"


Song Xu Yi was stunned by Chen Qi's strong words and tried hard to break free from his hand, but Chen Qi was so strong that Song Xu Yi could not break free even after struggling...




Someone next to him sneered, and then someone tugged on Chen Qi's arm and slapped him hard in the face——




Chen Qi released his grip on Song Xu Yi's hand and looked over in anger as a woman wearing a mask and a hat blocked Song Xu Yi's front.


Without speaking, the woman waved her hand towards the back and the two bodyguards increased the force of their grip on Chen Qi, whose face turned red in an instant!


"If I ever see you harassing my...sister again," the woman gave a look and the two bodyguards feigned another inadvertent kick in Chen Qi's knee as she narrowed her eyes slightly and laughed out coldly, "you know what price you'll pay..."


Chen Qi left the library with a red face.


Song Xu Yi sighed with relief.


"What are you doing here"


Song Xu Yi had no classes in the afternoon and was not in the mood to continue studying, so she took Zhao Qingyu to find a private room in a small restaurant next to the school and ordered two glasses of juice and closed the door of the box.


"I didn't plan to come over," Zhao Qingyu hung her head, "I know you don't like me coming over, I was really just passing by..."


She was only passing by and stopped in front of the school for half an hour, and fortunately...

she stopped for that half hour.


When she thought of Chen Qi, Zhao Qingyu's heart was filled with hostility, she did not give up the expansion of her company while filming, she already had enough resources at hand, she had already investigated Chen Qi's background on the way here, in fact there were more ways to teach Chen Qi a lesson.


For example,destroying the companies of Chen Qi's parents, and removing the hand that Chen Qi touched Song Xu Yi with...


If not, expose the intimate photos of Chen Qi's dog scum and his ex-girlfriend...


If it was the old Zhao Qingyu, there was no way she would have settled Chen Qi with a single slap!


However, in front of Song Xu Yi, Zhao Qingyu could only suppress her true nature.


The most ridiculous thing is that even a scum like that could justifiably say what he likes, while she can only bury her crush deep in her heart...


The resentment in her heart rushed to the surface, and Zhao Qingyu bit her lip and bitterly drank the juice brought in by Song Xu Yi with her head hanging down in disgust.


There was a sudden sigh overhead.


"Don't be angry, it's not worth getting angry over someone like that..." she heard Song Xu Yi speak softly.


"No, you don't know, I'm not angry, I'm jealous to the point of going crazy..." However, while saying this in her heart, Zhao Qingyu didn't even dare to raise her head, she found that after all these days, she couldn't act in front of Song Xu Yi at all, and was even more afraid that Song Xu Yi would see through her disguise and cruelty at a glance.


In the past, she would have avoided everyone and dined alone, yet she couldn't leave Song Xu Yi now.

113 days had passed, and it was difficult to see Song Xu Yi...


A pair of soft hands rubbed on Zhao Qingyu's temples.


"Didn't you say you were dizzy I've learnt a set of massage points, try it"


The soft force massaging Zhao Qingyu's meridians was like a beast whose hair had been smoothed, and the anger and depression that used to torment her for a long time miraculously disappeared little by little...


Zhao Qingyu opened her eyes and stared blankly at Song Xu Yi's reflection on the glass of juice in front of her and pursed her lips: So, the juice was grape-flavoured!


I wish the time would stop...


The hazy sweet music outside the room, the fragrance of the girl's hair, and the sweetness on the tip of her tongue...


Zhao Qingyu sighed softly and closed her eyes again.


Everything is perhaps predestined.



——She had been a rabid dog with a grudge, and Song Xu Yi was the only medicine, bitter and sweet, that she had poured her life's luck into getting.


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