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Villainous Movie Queen (20)



Just as Song Xu Yi had expected Zhao Qingyu was the first to see the message that she had sent.


There were many things in her heart that she wanted to say, but Zhao Qingyu forced herself to contain her complicated feelings until she repeated a few words, "I know thank you."


When the assistant brought in the package and saw the name of the sender from a certain university, she consciously handed the package to Zhao Qingyu, but Zhao Qingyu did not take it as she always did.


Zhao Qingyu hung her head down and looked at the light of the mobile phone casting a light shadow on her pretty face, obviously her face was expressionless but the assistant felt that Zhao Qingyu seemed...

very sad.


The assistant was a bit puzzled: she had obviously rushed back to the city after filming, and as soon as she heard that Miss Song had sent her something, she called the crew to forward the package by the fastest courier, yet when it arrived, she didn't seem to be in a hurry anymore...


"Sister Qingyu" The assistant hesitantly called out to Zhao Qingyu.


"It’s been rough for you." Zhao Qingyu woke up as if she was dreaming, seemingly carelessly pointing to a corner in the ward and once again looking at the phone, "You put the package there!"


"You shouldn't be too tired either," the assistant said hesitantly as she put the package away, "If Auntie were awake, she wouldn't want to see you so upset."


"Thank you." Zhao Qingyu raised her eyes to look at her assistant and curved her lips to reveal a smile, "You've had a hard time accompanying me these few days, go back and rest for a couple of days before coming back..."


"Don't worry, I'm fine," Zhao Qingyu shook her head when she saw her assistant's hesitant look, "I knew this day would come a long time ago, and I want to be alone with my mother for the next two days..."


"Then you eat something too you haven't eaten in days."


The assistant was naturally too shy to stay any longer, and ordered a takeaway for Zhao Qingyu before leaving the ward.


Zhao Qingyu did not notice that the assistant bit her lip and looked thoughtfully at the package in the corner several times as she left.


As soon as the assistant left, the whole ward immediately fell silent.


Zhao Qingyu glanced at her mother, who was on a ventilator, pulled the blanket and sat next to her mother to look at her phone again.


On her mobile phone, several people were reporting to her on the progress of their recent work:


Everything was going as she had expected: several of the people she had trained had been recruited by Song Jun's company and were already scattered throughout Song Jun's departments, and two of them were trusted by Song Jun.


No matter what, Zhao Qingyu did not want to admit that she was regretting it.


When that time comes, Song Xu Yi will definitely regret becoming friends with her, and will even regret saving her.


Instead of letting Song Xu Yi come back to despise her then, she should gradually distance herself while she is still relatively decent and keep the last bit of her poor, despicable self-respect...


Zhao Qingyu felt ready to face all this.


But why is it so difficult


It was as if her heart was clenched tightly by something, afraid to hear Song Xu Yi's name, afraid to see all the messages related to her, the thought of her, as if all the oxygen had been lost at once, suddenly the heartache was so great that it was impossible to breathe——


Zhao Qingyu finally opened the package that Song Xu Yi had sent over.


Inside the package were some dried meat and dried fruit, as well as a few scented bags embroidered with various auspicious designs: the scented bags were ready-made, but the herbs inside them were custom-made by Song Xu Yi for Zhao Qingyu.


Zhao Qingyu clutched the scented bags and carefully hung all of them on her mother's bed, finally unable to resist, she hugged her unconscious mother's hand and sobbed softly.


"Mom, I'm so sad!"


This should be Song Xu Yi's last gift to her, right


The most important people and events in Zhao Qingyu's life are all on top of this tiny hospital bed at this time.


With a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, countless flowers and applause, she seems to have it all, but in the end, she can't keep what she wants most...


While Zhao Qingyu is quietly pulling out a large net and waiting for Song Jun to enter it, Song Jun is also investigating Zhao Qingyu's origins, however, apart from finding out that his own mother has been in contact with Zhao Qingyu, nothing else has been found out.


And in the process, along with a stroke, Song Jun's grandmother was completely paralysed, yet even while in her hospital bed she kept drooling and murmuring, "I'm sorry, please let me go..."


The doctor said that his grandmother did not have long to live.


Song Jun guessed that his grandmother had done something wrong and that was why she was so frightened.

He did not want her to go to the other world with remorse and guilt, so he decided to go straight to Zhao Qingyu and ask her about it.


However, when Song Jun went to inquire with people in his circle, all he got was the news that Zhao Qingyu had recently suffered an injury during filming and was recuperating in secret.


At this stage, no one knows where Zhao Qingyu is currently.


Song Jun mobilised all his contacts, but all he got was the reply "Sorry, Miss Zhao doesn't want to see anyone at the moment".


Things seemed to have come to a standstill for a while.


But Song Jun knew there was another person who knew how it all began.


Song Jun tightened his eyebrows and hesitated for a long time before finally driving somewhere.




Song Jun looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar woman in cheongsam in front of him and spoke with mixed feelings.

He had not seen his mother for a long time, and only when he looked closely did he realise that her body was also tinged with the signs of age, with layers of creases already appearing at the corners of her eyes.


"What's going on between Grandma and Zhao Qingyu"


The woman didn't just skim over him as usual, she stood down, squeezed the string of Buddhist beads in her hand and gave Song Jun a complicated look, "It's time you knew everything too."


From the woman's mouth, Song Jun learned of a story.


The story of how a woman adored his father when she was young, how she unashamedly had a fling with him through drunkenness at the urging of his grandmother, how she was from a privileged family and thought it didn't matter if his father didn't like her, and how she wanted to bring up her child alone, only to have his father take them back to the Song family when Song Jun was three years old, and the two families had a feast and a marriage certificate.


But it is only after marriage that the woman realises that the man she loves is only a figment of her imagination: the true him, weak, selfish and prideful——cannot stop thinking about another woman.


With indignation, she investigated the other woman and was overwhelmed by the results:


The woman named Zhao Fang is unmarried and pregnant with a child, her future is ruined and she is having a hard time.


Song Jun's grandmother, who dislikes the fact that Zhao Fang is from a poor family and is likely to suffer from sleeping sickness and will not live past the age of 30, forces Song Jun's father to kick her out of the house and bring her and her son.

Neither of them knew that Zhao Fang was already two months pregnant when she was thrown out.


"Your grandmother did evil things then, and this is her karma!"


"And I had my karma.

You loved your father so much as a child, and I was afraid that your father would threaten you by bringing them back after he found out that Zhao Fang had a child, and when your father was secretly investigating them, I erased the traces of Zhao Fang's mother and her child, so that your father and grandmother would think that Zhao Fang had died long ago..."


"I was so disheartened afterwards that I could no longer face your grandmother and father, and I gradually came to hate you.

I think I was probably sick at that time, always thinking that if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have fallen into the mud that is the Song family again, turning into such a disfigured form to wreak havoc on another woman, and even entertaining the thought of strangling you..."


"I was afraid that I would end up really hurting you, so I moved out on my own.

It wasn't until your father recited Zhao Fang's name when he was dying, thinking that maybe Zhao Fang living past thirty would allow them to see each other one last time, that I went looking for her and her child again..."


"A young and beautiful woman like Zhao Fang was living at the bottom, everyone wanted to bully the two of them, Zhao Fang was stubborn and always kept her principles, at that time when I first found Zhao Fang and her daughter  they were having a bad time, I gave them a hand and secretly arranged a job for Zhao Fang, thinking that Zhao Fang could support her and her daughter with her work, after that I stopped paying attention to them..."


"Yet by the time I went to check on her, I found that she had gone mad.

This poor woman made it past the age of thirty and tried to go back to your father to take his daughter to claim her ancestors, only to find that your father already had a wife and even a son..."


"Naturally Zhao Fang was too mad to work anymore, and when I went there, her daughter was starving and skinny at a young age rummaging through the rubbish for food, collecting bottles everywhere to pay for her school fees, being chased by dogs for a meat bone..."


"It was then that I realised the sins I had done," the woman shed tears, "I sent Zhao Fang to the best treatment facility, sent that child to school, funded her business, watched her grow more and more brilliant and dazzling, but never dared to appear in front of them..."


"Who are we to appear before them"


The woman looked at Song Jun with a bitter smile, "Me, your father, your grandmother, and even you, each of us are considered the executioners who drove Zhao Fang crazy..."


"All of us, we don't deserve to be forgiven..."


Song Jun no longer knows how he got home, and the truth is even more absurd than he imagined: it turns out that Zhao Qingyu is his half-sister.


The grandmother is afraid of Zhao Qingyu because she looks like her mother Zhao Fang, right The grandmother thinks that Zhao Fang died after being kicked out and thinks that Zhao Qingyu is Zhao Fang's ghost coming back to take revenge...


Song Jun knows that his grandmother is not a good person, yet anyone in the world is entitled to condemn her, but not Song Jun, who is loved and cared for by her.


How could one have the face to invite Zhao Qingyu over Just as his mother had said, none of them had the face to stand in front of Zhao Qingyu and her mother to beg for forgiveness...


Song Jun got drunk and hugged Sun Wan with tears streaming down his face promising, "Wan Wan, everything will end in our generation.

I will never fail you, no matter if we are poor or rich, we will be together..."


In front of Sun Wan, Song Jun had always been a dignified and confident man, who had never looked so weak.


Sun Wan had been moved by Zhao Qingyu's words earlier and had indeed felt some resentment towards Song Jun's concealment, but at this moment, her heart for Song Jun overwhelmed all resistance.

She soothed Song Jun to sleep, remembering the pile of sponsorship materials she secretly saw in Song Jun's study in the afternoon, remembering that Song Jun had been busy looking for Zhao Qingyu everywhere recently, and that Zhao Qingyu had avoided meeting him...


Sun Wan couldn't resist dialing the phone number that she had called once before, yet there was no answer.


She was so anxious in her heart that she simply sent another text message over, "Zhao Qingyu, I already know about Song Jun's mother's sponsorship of you over the years.

I don't know what you want to do, but no matter what, even for the sake of Song Jun's mother, you should come out and make things clear, you shouldn't avoid Song Jun..."


Half an hour later, Zhao Qingyu's phone call came through.


Zhao Qingyu's voice on the phone was incomparably withdrawn, as if she was suppressing some intense emotion.


"Are you saying that the person who has been sponsoring me all these years...

is Song Jun's mother"


Song Xu Yi was not aware of these things.


A few days later, she received a call from a woman in the evening after school.


"Hello, is this Miss Song I am Miss Zhao Qingyu's assistant, and I often send gifts to you on her behalf, so I have your number."


"Sorry for taking the liberty to disturb you," the assistant's voice on the phone was a bit anxious, "Miss Zhao Qingyu's situation is a bit bad right now..."


According to the assistant, Zhao Qingyu had been out of sorts after a phone call a few days ago, and her entire spirit seemed to be in a trance, and the person who had never touched a drop of alcohol had actually started drinking, plus the fact that her mother had once again been given a critical illness notice, the assistant was worried that Zhao Qingyu might not be able to think straight...


The assistant had followed Zhao Qingyu for so many years, and although Zhao Qingyu seemed to have many friends as a modest person, the assistant could see very clearly: Zhao Qingyu had never taken the initiative to contact anyone other than Song Xu Yi, and when talking about Song Xu Yi, there was a soft light on Zhao Qingyu's whole face that was different from the past.


That's why the assistant wanted to contact Song Xu Yi in the first place.




After hearing the assistant's explanation, Song Xu Yi's entire body was stunned at that moment.


When Zhao Qingyu did not contact her for a long time, Song Xu Yi thought that Zhao Qingyu was struggling with the issue of revenge, and did not want to interfere with Zhao Qingyu's decision, so she thoughtfully gave Zhao Qingyu time to think about it, but she did not expect that Zhao Qingyu's mother was already critically ill...


How sad Zhao Qingyu must have been all this time!


She has a preconceived notion that Zhao Qingyu is a powerful and indestructible villain, but she has forgotten that Zhao Qingyu is also a living, breathing person who can shed tears and feel sad...


Song Xu Yi was incomparably ashamed of her neglect of Zhao Qingyu during this period of time, and immediately took a few days off from school and hurried to the hospital address mentioned by her assistant.


"Sister Qingyu's mother is in the emergency room again, and this time it's likely..."


When Song Xu Yi arrived at the hospital, it was already late in the evening.

The assistant picked up Song Xu Yi outside the hospital and guided her with a sad face to the emergency room.


The red light outside the emergency room was blindingly bright, and Song Xu Yi saw Zhao Qingyu on the bench outside with her head hanging low.


Song Xu Yi could not tell what she felt at that moment, but she only felt a sudden stabbing pain in her heart:


The Zhao Qingyu in her mind had always been proud and strong, even when she was in danger in the cave she still had a spiritual strength about her that made it seem as if nothing could defeat her...


And yet the sight of the lifeless Zhao Qingyu...

makes it appear that she has lost her spirit.


Song Xu Yi didn't know what was happening, but she could feel it: at this moment, Zhao Qingyu was...

really distraught.




Song Xu Yi found that her throat was suddenly a little dry and hoarse, and she moved forward in a daze, wanting to give Zhao Qingyu a hug, when a loud noise jolted behind her, the green light came on and the doctor pushed open the door, sighed and shook his head towards Zhao Qingyu, "I'm sorry, we did our best."



Zhao Fang has come to her senses and she has a few words to say..."


Zhao Qingyu immediately stood up.


Her face was almost pale, and because she had stood up in such a hurry, she was unsteady on her feet and even stumbled a little, walking into the operating room...


Song Xu Yi hurriedly followed behind Zhao Qingyu.


The cloudy light faded from the eyes of the bony woman on the hospital bed, and she looked at the teary-eyed Zhao Qingyu with a long-lost smile, "Don't cry, Qingyu, you won't be pretty if you cry..."


"It's mom who's sorry," the woman sighed softly, "blame mom for making it so hard for you all these years."


"Mom has always wanted to give you the happiest life, but in the end it was me who dragged you down the most instead.

In fact, mom has always wanted to tell you that in her heart, it is you who matters most..."


"Don't go on hating! The affairs of our generation shouldn't involve you anymore, my family’s Qingyu is so beautiful and outstanding, she deserves a better life," the woman strained to hold onto Zhao Qingyu's hand, "Qingyu, promise mom, okay"


Zhao Qingyu bit her lower lip tightly, her teeth biting deeply, yet the pain in her body was no match for the pain in her heart...


Looking at the hopefulness in the woman's eyes, Zhao Qingyu closed her eyes.


In the end, rolling teardrops slid down the corners of her eyes...


Zhao Qingyu nodded.


The woman curled her lips into a smile, but her eyes were full of bitterness: she was uneasy about her stubborn daughter, yet it was too late...


What can she do for Qingyu


The woman's gaze went back to Song Xu Yi, who was watching all this worriedly, and remembering how her daughter had confided in her about her admiration for this girl during her days of madness, a strong hope suddenly sprang up in her heart...


If it's her, she should be able to do it, right


"You're Xu Yi, right" She smiled and extended her hand towards Song Xu Yi, "Really, Qingyu hasn't even cried yet, why are you crying so pitifully"


"You're a good girl, more lovely than I thought," the woman put Song Xu Yi's hand over Zhao Qingyu's.

Zhao Qingyu lowered her eyes, her body twitched as if she wanted to pull her hand out, but Song Xu Yi was quick to hold her hand...


"Thank you!" As the woman watched this, the smile on her lips deepened, her voice gradually became softer, and she slowly closed her eyes...


"My family, Qingyu, is counting on you!"




Zhao Qingyu had long ago arranged a grave for Zhao Fang, who was all alone and did not know anyone in the city, so few people came to pay their respects.


Zhao Fang's bones were cremated and buried after only two days of mourning.


The next night, unexpectedly and surprisingly, Zhao Qingyu finds a woman in a cheongsam and Song Jun and Sun Wan in black suits.


The three didn't come in the funeral hall, but just bowed a few times from a distance towards it.


Zhao Qingyu glanced at those three and withdrew her eyes indifferently.


When she learned that Song Jun's mother was Aunt Liu, who had sponsored her, her obsession with revenge was like a pot of cold water suddenly poured over a blazing fire, her heart still burning with resentment, but it had already turned into the embers after the blazing fire, stinging and full of sores.


What an absurd and awful world.


Suddenly unable to take an interest in anything, her heart felt like it had instantly burst into a hole, overwhelmingly tired and empty, leaving only a cold breeze echoing.


Zhao Qingyu watched as her mother's ashes were slowly buried in the cemetery.


The coffin is lowered and a monument is erected...


She sat on her knees before the headstone and raised her eyes to the blinding sunlight streaming down overhead.


What an annoying sun!


Why do people who once gave warmth end up looking like nothing at all


It was the same with her mother, and the same with Aunt Liu.


"I was a wild child without a father, my father was a scumbag, my mother was mad, and I started doing everything I could as a child to stay alive, selfish and without a bottom line..."


"I was cruel in my methods, and when I grew up I was so intent on revenge that even now I resent the death of the old man from the Song family..."


"I was despicable and underhanded, using every trick in the book, full of ideas to frame Song Jun's company and take revenge on Song Jun..."


Song Xu Yi is the last light in Zhao Qingyu's life.


But if the warmth that the sun brings is followed by an endless winter, then...


Zhao Qingyu chose to extinguish this light with her own hands.


Her heart tingled, but Zhao Qingyu still spoke all those words.


"It's time for you to go," Zhao Qingyu heard herself speak softly, "From now on, you will treat me as a stranger..."


The most unpleasant and undesirable version of herself had been exposed to Song Xu Yi, and she would surely leave, right


Zhao Qingyu had not thought that Song Xu Yi would come over to stay with her these days, she was so lost in her own thoughts that she was aware of Song Xu Yi's presence all along: but she did not dare to think about it——how would Song Xu Yi judge her when she saw all these things...


Song Xu Yi is so kind, seeing her in such an embarrassed state will surely make it difficult for her to say goodbye, so she will ask for it herself!


It was also a way to save each other's final face.




However, the expected footsteps of departure did not ring out.


Zhao Qingyu fell into a warm embrace.


The girl she thought would be distant and stop paying attention to her, sighed and embraced her.


"Qingyu, don't talk about yourself like that..."


"What I said was true."


Zhao Qingyu closed her eyes and tried to make her voice cold as she spoke, but she could not make up her mind to push Song Xu Yi away.


"You eat something first."


But Song Xu Yi didn't seem to care about Zhao Qingyu's evasion, pulling her up with force: "Your mother entrusted you to me, you have to listen to me..."


The nanny van drove to the nearest restaurant.


Song Xu Yi took the porridge handed over by the assistant at the side and stared at Zhao Qingyu with a gleaming gaze, as if she would stare until the end of time if she didn't drink the porridge.


Zhao Qingyu didn't have any appetite, but she still couldn't refuse Song Xu Yi's expectant eyes, so she ate a few bites in a dispensable manner, and had just put down the spoon when Song Xu Yi picked up the spoon and put a spoonful to Zhao Qingyu's lips, with a gentle but non-refusable smile: "Keep eating!"


Zhao Qingyu did not expect the dough-like Song Xu Yi to be so tough at times, so she raised her eyes and looked at Song Xu Yi for a moment, but took the spoon from Song Xu Yi's hand and ate a few more bites.


She found that she still could not refuse any of Song Xu Yi's requests.


But the more she spent time with Song Xu Yi, the deeper she became addicted...




Before she could finish the words "When are you leaving", Zhao Qingyu's words were interrupted by Song Xu Yi.


"Rest for a while, I'll take you somewhere!"


Song Xu Yi pushed Zhao Qingyu into the nanny van.


Zhao Qingyu lay on the car seat with her eyes open and did not feel like sleeping.

She had not been able to sleep for the past few days, and when she closed her eyes, all she could see before her eyes were those old upsetting events from before.

She didn't understand Song Xu Yi's sudden actions, but it couldn't have been any worse than it is now.


"Be a good girl and sleep, okay" Song Xu Yi, who was sitting at the side, suddenly leaned over and put her jacket over her body, gazing earnestly into her eyes, "Once you wake up, everything will be over."


Zhao Qingyu did not expect Song Xu Yi to speak to her in a coaxing tone, but probably because Song Xu Yi's voice was too gentle, or perhaps because she did not dare to face the concern in Song Xu Yi's eyes, Zhao Qingyu still closed her eyes.


The jacket still had the familiar fragrance of Song Xu Yi's body.

Song Xu Yi never wore perfume, but her love of a peach-scented body wash had never changed over the years.


Song Xu Yi did not know that in order to keep this small brand of shower wash from going out of business, Zhao Qingyu deliberately lowered the price and took the initiative to take over the endorsement of this shower wash, which had long since been replaced with the same brand of fragrant orange scented shower wash, and has remained unchanged since.




Zhao Qingyu didn't know when she fell asleep.


She had expected another series of nightmares, but this time she slept surprisingly soundly.


In her dream, a hand seemed to appear, pulling her firmly at the moment when she was about to fall into darkness, giving her a thousand lights...


The car stopped and arrived at an orphanage.


Zhao Qingyu knew that this was an orphanage sponsored by Song Xu Yi, and that most of Song Xu Yi's pocket money over the years had been invested in this orphanage.


Song Xu Yi made a "shhh" gesture towards Zhao Qingyu and led her to the door of a room on the sixth floor.


Through the slightly open doorway, Zhao Qingyu saw the back of a girl sitting at her desk doing her homework, and what was pasted above her desk was really a large poster of Zhao Qingyu.


This is a film completed by Zhao Qingyu at the end of last year, about a girl who is bullied into running away from her foster father.

She overcomes social prejudice, struggles to survive and finally becomes a lawyer and sends her foster father to prison.


Zhao Qingyu won three of the country's most prestigious film awards for her unpromisingly small budget reality film.


Song Xu Yi pulled Zhao Qingyu aside and lowered her voice.


"This girl is exactly like what happened to you in the movie..."


Zhao Qingyu froze, and a crack appeared on her expressionless face as she looked up at Song Xu Yi.


"When our volunteers met her at the police station she was covered in bruises and cigarette burns, but she was smiling and she said she could finally live clean..."


"She was smart enough to use her mobile phone to record that bastard step father’s crimes and sent the beast to jail."


"She told us that it was that film of yours that gave her the courage she needed in the past to overcome the beast.

She was bullied by her step father in the past years.

But your film was like a light that showed her..."


Mimicking Zhao Qingyu's lines from the movie, Song Xu Yi spoke softly, "I can't be silent anymore! That beast...

That animal...

told me I was dirty, but who is dirtier than him Public opinion has oppressed too many girls who have been harmed, nurturing too many shadowy animals who tread on the flesh and blood of girls and grow unchecked..."


"I want to be a wall of steel! Even if rumours are like swords and prejudices are like mountains, even if painful memories are like flames baking my body, I want to block the mountains of swords and fire from descending on other girls..."


"So she reported her step father," Song Xu Yi led the silent Zhao Qingyu onwards, "We helped her start a new life in a new city, she's caught up with her studies now and wants to become a lawyer, and she wants to bring her notice to see you after the college entrance exams next year..."


As she spoke Song Xu Yi arrived at the door of another room, in the room sat an old grandmother who was wearing old-fashioned glasses and knitting a jumper, on the table in the grandmother's room were many of Q version doll handicrafts of Zhao Qingyu, however each doll was covered with small handmade small garments: "Grandmother was a tailor before, some years ago her only granddaughter died in a car accident, her granddaughter was a fan of yours before she died, so grandmother loved you after her granddaughter died, she worried every day whether you were cold and hungry, her greatest wish was to let you wear the clothes she made with her own hands..."


"And this old grandfather.

He used to be a performer in a group, and recently had his legs amputated in a car accident a year ago and can no longer act, but what he loves most in his life is acting, and the star that the whole performing arts circle thinks most highly of is you, waiting for you to take our country's films to the world..."


"Qingyu," Song Xu Yi sighed softly as she turned back and hugged Zhao Qingyu, who had already burst into tears at some point.


"In fact, you understand it all, don't you Everyone has a dark side, and I don't know how you want to go about your revenge, let alone where your hatred will take you, but I want to tell you this: so many people in this world genuinely like you regardless of the reciprocation, and that's because you're really good, and you've actually become a light in many people's lives for a long time."


"There are four films left from the eight you promised me," Song Xu Yi held Zhao Qingyu's hand, "I promised Auntie to take good care of you..."


"I'm not qualified to advise you to give up revenge, but your life can't be trapped by hatred.

Qingyu, change the focus of your life and try to live well for yourself in future, okay..."


Song Xu Yi did not know whether Zhao Qingyu had taken her words to heart or not.

Even though she was worried, she returned to school after spending a few days with Zhao Qingyu.


As she walked away, Song Xu Yi saw Zhao Qingyu standing at the door, and until her own car drove far away, she still seemed to be in front of the door...


Fearing that Zhao Qingyu might not be able to think straight, Song Xu Yi began to consciously 'clock in' with Zhao Qingyu every day, and Zhao Qingyu gradually replied more and more, from a few words at first...


Everything seems to go back to the time when they once first met.


But everything is different again.


Song Xu Yi heard from the orphanage that Zhao Qingyu's assistant had gone to the orphanage to give the little girl a postcard saying 'cheering you up for the college entrance exams' and rented the clothes from the grandmother to wear to the awards party...


Later, Zhao Qingyu came back as part of a group.


It was more than a year later when she saw Zhao Qingyu in person again.

The two have been in intermittent contact by WeChat and phone for over a year, but both sides have been extremely busy.


Song Xu Yi is already in her fifth year of university, and with her excellent grades, she directly enrolled in Huang Shuo's research institute and started working overtime with him...


Zhao Qingyu's new film has gone out of the country and has done extremely well abroad, picking up several awards, and fans are beginning to expect Zhao Qingyu to collect all the film awards around the world.


And less than a month after Zhao Qingyu's mother died, Song Jun's grandmother left this earth one stormy night shouting 'karma'.


Song Jun married Sun Wan.


Perhaps having learned his lesson from the entanglements of the previous generation, Song Jun shed his superiority in his relationship with Sun Wan and the two became extremely secure in their relationship.


Song Jun's company launches a robot for home services that leads the way everywhere, and as they are trying to get the product into the production line, an unknown company launches a new, smarter robot that instantly attracts all the investments...


Technology is productivity, this small company leapt to become the largest company in the industry to take away Song Jun's position as the dominant company in the industry, several of Song Jun's R & D backbone have jumped ship to the other company, Song Jun's company was immediately reduced to a second-rate company.


It was not until Song Jun was at an industry gathering where the owner of that company showed up and looked at that familiar yet unfamiliar face that Song Jun fell into a trance and understood the reason why the other party was trying to suppress him and finally left a line in the sand.


Song Jun lasted in a trance until the end of the meeting, and finally received a note from Zhao Qingyu's assistant.


"I wanted to see you ruined, but your mother left me a ray of hope back then, and I've returned it this time, and I'll have nothing more to do with the Song family after this."


Song Jun was stunned and subconsciously looked up to find Zhao Qingyu, who had already left the venue by car...


Not long after that, the system in Song Xu Yi's mind broadcasted in surprise, "Xu Yi! We have completed our mission!"


Song Xu Yi looked up in shock: just in time to see a slender figure appear outside the Institute's clear glass window.


That person smiled at her from the window with an unmistakable brightness, her eyebrows spreading, the red mole at the end of her eyes enchanting, looking at Song Xu Yi as bright as a star, as if all the suffering and shadows had never existed in her.


"Can I continue to stay in this world"


"Yes, until this body of yours dies..."


After a momentary daze and an affirmative reply from the system, Song Xu Yi also smiled.


How wonderful!


Song Xu Yi met Zhao Qingyu's gaze and curled her eyes in the same way: Zhao Qingyu deserved everything that was good about her, she was supposed to be this beautiful and bright!


Song Xu Yi and Zhao Qingyu had a meal.


Zhao Qingyu didn't say much the whole time, just kept looking at Song Xu Yi and laughing, Song Xu Yi blushed at her laugh and glared at her with annoyance, but Zhao Qingyu laughed even harder!


"We've known each other for so long in the blink of an eye! Xu Yi, will you always be my friend"


Zhao Qingyu came over to taste Song Xu Yi's juice, seemingly asking without thinking, but probably because the sunlight was too bright, Song Xu Yi always felt that there were some emotions hidden in her eyes that she could not read.


Song Xu Yi's heart skipped a beat, and only after a long time did she reply softly, "I will, and I will consider you a good friend for as long as I live."


"Good friends" Zhao Qingyu repeated these words and suddenly curled her lips once again, "Then what do you want as a gift when you turn twenty seven"


Twenty seven


Song Xu Yi froze and hung her head for a long time before pulling the corners of her lips and speaking softly, "I've always quite enjoyed watching your movies.

You making more good movies is the best gift for me..."


Zhao Qingyu curled her eyes and smiled, "Then I'll collect all the Movie Queen trophies for you as a gift..."




Song Xu Yi thought this was a momentary joke by Zhao Qingyu and did not take it to heart.


When she returned, Song Xu Yi began to double her research in the field of sleeping sickness, and she was so frantic to catch up that even Huang Shuo began to look at her madness and began to advise her to rest more...


Unlike others, Song Xu Yi will publish any research she has done for the world to see.


Soon, everyone knew about a young researcher called Song Xu Yi who was studying sleeping sickness.


After reading Song Xu Yi's research, the female lead, Sun Wan, became interested in this piece and likewise plunged into the field.


While Song Xu Yi was wasting her time researching sleeping sickness, Zhao Qingyu completed the eight films Song Xu Yi asked her to accomplish, but she didn't stop there.

Her films made a name for themselves all over the world, especially after it became known that she was also the chairman of a company with a market value of ten billion dollars, and people began to speculate what kind of man would be worthy of Zhao Qingyu, but in a twist of events, until Zhao Qingyu turned thirty, there were no rumours about her.


No one knew that Zhao Qingyu had been waiting for a day to come.


In the days following her mother's death, Song Xu Yi persuaded Zhao Qingyu to find a new purpose.

Song Xu Yi thought that afterwards Zhao Qingyu began to reconcile with the world, but did not know that the new support Zhao Qingyu had found was her.


Zhao Qingyu becomes everything Song Xu Yi wants her to be, wanting to bring herself closer to the 'Zhao Qingyu' in Song Xu Yi's heart, and if she doesn't live to be thirty, then…


Every day that I live this short life is a silent confession to Song Xu Yi.


And once she lives past thirty, she will definitely do everything she can to woo Song Xu Yi.


On her 30th birthday, with a feeling of desperation and anticipation, Zhao Qingyu put on her best makeup and lay on her bed, sending a message to Song Xu Yi: "Hey! Tomorrow is my birthday, is Dr.

Song free to come to my house tomorrow night and have dinner with me The key to my house is in the third shoe cabinet in the entrance..."


She had set up an extremely beautiful scene in her room, and if she survived the day, she would confess her love to Song Xu Yi at home tomorrow night.


Song Xu Yi did not reply.


Zhao Qingyu didn't take it to heart, Song Xu Yi had become increasingly busy in recent years, sometimes not even having time to eat, and perhaps because winter had arrived during this recent period, Song Xu Yi had become increasingly sleepy and probably didn't see her messages.


Zhao Qingyu switched off her phone and quietly waited for the zero hour to arrive.


When the clock had passed zero hour, Zhao Qingyu laughed out loud in the darkness with delight!


She's alive!


She doesn't have sleeping sickness!


Later, she will have enough time to express her affection to Song Xu Yi...


Zhao Qingyu cannot describe the excitement inside her heart at this moment.


She excitedly opened her mobile phone and subconsciously wanted to tell Song Xu Yi the news immediately, but then thought that Song Xu Yi was probably sleeping and could not disturb her sleep...


Yet as soon as she switched on her phone, numerous missed calls flooded in and she saw a text message from her assistant.


"Sister Qingyu, Miss Song she...

passed away."




On this night, two pieces of news almost set Weibo alight:


For one thing, a researcher called Song Xu Yi has worked out the causes of sleeping sickness, which is expected to be completely solved within a few years.


Secondly, Zhao Qingyu, who had never been rumoured to be a scandalous person, went public on Weibo about someone she liked, yet that person...

was dead.


"Even if you go to your grave, I will love you for the rest of my life."


As Song Xu Yi left the world, her mind once again recalled the most painful memory of her original body——her mother leaning into her father's arms and whimpering: "What should we do Why did Xu Yi have this birthmark on her wrist Why did sleeping sickness fall on her body..."


The original body finally learned later that the Song family also had a genetic history of sleeping sickness and that the birthmark was a sign that the Song family had suffered from sleeping sickness.


So the original, who wanted to be a doctor, gave up her dream and started to become willful and mean, thinking that if she became annoying, her parents would not be so upset when she died...


"Don't worry, from now on Song Xu Yi will always be by her family's side, those who are later cured of sleeping sickness are the continuation of her life, her family will feel proud and comforted once they think of her..." Song Xu Yi spoke softly as she looked at the fading world.


As soon as Song Xu Yi arrived in this world, she made plans to conquer sleeping sickness.


Fortunately, in the last moments of her life, she finally discovered the cause of sleeping sickness.


She's just a little disappointed that she didn't make it to Zhao Qingyu's 30th birthday, but she thinks: discovering the cause of sleeping sickness was the best gift for Zhao Qingyu...


"Xu Yi, are you ready to go to the next world"


Song Xu Yi came to a pure white space, the system's body was actually a black kitten, at this time the kitten used its front paws to pick up and clean its tears and spoke in a mute whisper.


The system never thought that Song Xu Yi would hide the fact that this body of hers had sleeping sickness so well that it actually hid it from it.


Song Xu Yi nodded.


"In order to prevent memory interference, we will pull out and store the memories of the people you remember the most in this world." The system took out a small headgear and placed it on Song Xu Yi's head.

As Song Xu Yi's body gradually dimmed, the system finally couldn't resist exploring the situation of this world after Song Xu Yi left before following her to the next world:.


The system probe has pulled forward to five years later:


Huang Shuo Institute framed a paper with 0 marks on the last question at the entrance, with a large '100' engraved out of a sculpture on the side.


Song's parents invested in the launch of the sleeping sickness treatment, and whenever they think of their daughter, even though they are sad, they are more proud.


People have not forgotten Song Xu Yi and there are sculptures named after her in many places.


The female lead, Sun Wan, has researched the exact solution to sleeping sickness...


And that person...


The system explored all the places and failed to find the woman who only dared to confess in the dark, but finally found that woman's tombstone next to Song Xu Yi's.


Three years after Song Xu Yi's death, Zhao Qingyu, who had collected all the Movie Queen trophies in the world, fell off a cliff to her death on her way to teach in the mountains, and strangely enough, when everyone found her body...



——Her beautiful face, however, was smiling.


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