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Villainous Scientist (3)



Song Xu Yi did not understand why the system on the gate would malfunction when it swept up to Jiang Qian Yu.

Nonetheless, Jiang Qian Yu looked so much younger than herself, so she could not have looked 35 years old, so she did not take this to heart.


The transport ship is a three-deck medium-sized freighter.

The lowermost level houses the crew, the middle level is the passenger compartment and the uppermost level is the captain's cabin.


Song Xu Yi and her entourage reside on the middle floor.


Nowadays everyone acquiesces that Jiang Qian Yu is Song Xu Yi's Omega, although they don't understand why Song Xu Yi didn't mark Jiang Qian Yu but Song Xu Yi and Jiang Qian Yu were still placed in the same room.


The old servants who had followed Song Xu Yi entered the room were discontented after seeing the layout of the room.


Although this room is called the VIP room, it is not well furnished and apart from the necessary furniture there are only two resting quarters, which look shabby in the eyes of the servants who are used to seeing the great things in the world.


It was clearly not the same dilapidated ship that they saw when they paid the deposit...


But they also understand that the times are different and now they have to keep their tails between their legs.

Since Song Xu Yi resigned from her position as marshal, the news of her serious injury was released by someone, and enemies from all walks of life were eager to stir up trouble, so the well-informed airship companies refused Song Xu Yi's offer...


But they also understand that the times are different and now they have to keep their tails between their legs.

Since Song Xu Yi resigned from her position as marshal, the news of her serious injury was released by someone, and enemies from all walks of life were eager to stir up trouble, so the well-informed airship companies refused Song Xu Yi's offer, and it took Song Xu Yi a lot of effort to find this unknown airship company...


And as the group boarded the ship, not even one of the Beta crew came out to greet them, except for a cross-faced Beta crew member who did a head count.


The crew pulled out a whistle and, with a long "swoosh", the ship moved slowly——


The metal hatch slowly closes and the ship lifts off from the golden emperor's star a little further and further away...


In accordance with space practice, those who have just boarded the spacecraft are required to put on a specific gravity suit on a chair to acclimatise to the environment and wait for an hour to get used to the space environment before they can open the gravity suit and move freely.


Song Xu Yi's body has been on countless spaceships, large and small, and is already incredibly accustomed to the space environment, but Song Xu Yi has always obeyed the law and still pulled on her gravity suit.


And next to her, Jiang Qian Yu did not make any move.


Song Xu Yi looked over: Jiang Qian Yu was wearing a plain white dress this day, her black hair hanging down, her dark pupils were staring unblinkingly at the bright starry sky outside the window, looking as if...

she’s somewhat happy.


This Jiang Qian Yu looks like a pretty girl on her first trip, not at all like the ruthless and subversive villainess in the plot summary.


Seemingly sensing Song Xu Yi's gaze, the smile on Jiang Qian Yu's lips abruptly curled up, her eyes gradually turned cold, and when she looked up at Song Xu Yi, a clear trace of caution crossed her eyes.


Song Xu Yi pretended not to see the wariness in Jiang Qian Yu's eyes and stretched her hand towards Jiang Qian Yu, indicating her to put on her gravity suit.


Space voyages are more dangerous than normal voyages, especially with the insect infestation, and the safety buttons on the ship's gravity suits are designed in a somewhat complicated way, requiring several buttons to be locked up.


In Song Xu Yi's impression, even a child would know how to fasten the safety button of such a gravity suit, yet Jiang Qian Yu beside her had tried for a long time but failed to do so.


As Song Xu Yi looked at Jiang Qian Yu's unfamiliar approach, a suspicion gradually emerged in her mind: was it Jiang Qian Yu's first time to fly in an airship


This world is restricted to Omegas travelling alone: if an Omega wants to go out, they must be accompanied by an Alpha.


The only way for an Omega to get out without an Alpha is to "stow away" on the black market——in large containers of cargo, loaded into sealed, airtight ships, and transported to where they want to go via a ramshackle freighter.


And the gang of star bandits that the original owner eliminated when she first met Jiang Qian Yu also happened to be in the smuggling business.


Mentally stringing everything together, Song Xu Yi's mood was a bit complicated: having to be housed in a container for travel, Jiang Qian Yu naturally could not see the space outside the ship, nor did she know about the gravity suit...


On the side, Jiang Qian Yu was still struggling to put on the gravity suit, and even though she did not speak, her brow was deeply furrowed, clearly having lost her patience.


Knowing that Jiang Qian Yu was inwardly resisting her, Song Xu Yi did not think of helping Jiang Qian Yu to tie the strap of her gravity suit, she thought about it and deliberately knocked a water cup to the ground, then untied her gravity suit to retrieve the cup, and then retied the gravity suit to lie against the back of the chair to rest her eyes...


Not long after closing her eyes, a soft 'click' sound came from beside her, apparently Jiang Qian Yu next to her had observed Song Xu Yi's movements and finally fastened her gravity suit as well.


Song Xu Yi breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.


She didn't feel sleepy at the moment, and the reason why her eyes were closed was because of Jiang Qian Yu: Jiang Qian Yu obviously didn't want her to look at her, and Song Xu Yi didn't want to make a nuisance of herself, so she closed her eyes instead and felt more at ease...


However, it was probably because her mind had been too tense all this time, and once she relaxed, Song Xu Yi fell asleep without her knowing.


Song Xu Yi was awakened by Jiang Qian Yu.


The AI computer beside her 'buzzed', showing that a new communication had connected in.


When Song Xu Yi clicked answer, she received a call from Huang Fu, the captain of the airship.


Captain Huang Fu is a Beta with a broken leg, aged around fifty, looking somewhat unattractive.

He claims to be an old subordinate of Song Xu Yi's father, who had to retire from the army because of the loss of his leg, after which he joined the airship company as a captain, and it is because of this connection that Huang Fu is willing to take on this business deal from Song Xu Yi.


Huang Fu asked Song Xu Yi to meet him in the captain's room on the third floor.


After turning off the communication, Song Xu Yi glanced at Jiang Qian Yu next to her.


Jiang Qian Yu naturally had no intention of accompanying Song Xu Yi to see Huang Fu and kept writing something on her AI  computer, she didn't even raise her head when Song Xu Yi went out.


Song Xu Yi went up to the third floor and knocked on the door of the captain's room.


And almost as soon as the door opened, several strong winds came towards Song Xu Yi!


Song Xu Yi hastily dodged, fighting is the instinct of this body, however, the loss of agility has greatly reduced the body's ability to react, even though Song Xu Yi tried her best to struggle, she was still quickly choked by Huang Fu——


"What do you want"


Song Xu Yi frowned at Huang Fu: she knew that Huang Fu might have an ulterior motive for taking this order, but at the moment, Song Xu Yi only had this path left to seek the skin of a tiger, only she did not expect this Beta to be so powerful, not to mention herself at this moment, even an ordinary Alpha would not be able to win in his hands.


Huang Fu's hand around her neck was extremely strong, but did not tighten and did not seem to have any intention of taking her life.


While Song Xu Yi was observing Huang Fu, Huang Fu was also carefully measuring Song Xu Yi's expression.

Having fallen from being a top Alpha to not even being able to beat a Beta, many people will not be able to bear it and give up on themselves, yet Song Xu Yi's eyes were clear and did not seem to be troubled by the attack.


"It seems that the news that the marshal is seriously injured is indeed true, and now even a bad old man like me can't beat her." Huang Fu slowly loosened his grip on Song Xu Yi's hand, and a shining light crossed his eyes, "Three groups of people who want to kill you have already mixed in on my ship."


"The marshal might as well predict how many rounds of assassination you can survive based on your current stature"


Song Xu Yi was silent.

Huang Fu's words were probably true.

As a weapon in the Emperor's hand, the original owner had helped him do many evil deeds and made countless enemies, and the Emperor obviously had no intention of protecting her now, so if she stayed at the Imperial Star, Song Xu Yi would be in even greater danger.


"You may as well say what you want," Song Xu Yi did not know Huang Fu's intentions, but at this point people were already on board, the few Alpha she brought with her obviously could not defend her against this group of people from the other side, and people had to bow their heads under the roof: "It's good to negotiate if you want money..."


In fact, the most that Song Xu Yi has left today is money.


Song Xu Yi's father's family's generations of wealth had all fallen into Song Xu Yi's hands.

The original owner was so preoccupied with the war that the money had been taken care of by the few loyal servants who had followed her out this time, and it was only with this inventory that Song Xu Yi realised she had more wealth than the national treasury, which had been militaristic for years.


But Song Xu Yi had already paid Huang Fu a large sum of money before, and it is no exaggeration to say that that sum was more than enough to buy the dilapidated freighter.


"Money" Huang Fu turned around noncommittally and sat down at a side monitor table to hand Song Xu Yi a cup of coffee.


Following Huang Fu's line of sight, Song Xu Yi also looked at the surveillance screen, where almost all the movements of the entire cargo ship were under surveillance...


"Don't worry," seeing Song Xu Yi's frowning look, Huang Fu hummed out, "We took down the surveillance in your room, after all, you're old enough, we as elders can't pry into your life with the little Omega..."


"Perhaps I should introduce myself, I'm from the Blue Star." Huang Fu looked at Song Xu Yi, his gaze suddenly a little distant, as if he was looking at Song Xu Yi, or as if he was looking at someone else through Song Xu Yi: "If I were to count, I should be considered your mother's cousin..."


Blue Star, the extremely remote planet that Song Xu Yi is about to arrive at.


So, this is someone from the original owner’s mother's side


"How much do you remember about your mother"


Huang Fu didn't care about Song Xu Yi's complicated mood, lit a cigarette, looked at Song Xu Yi who didn't speak and smiled first himself, "That's right, you were only three years old when your mother died, you didn't know anything..."


"Your mother was the greatest Omega in the world!"


Song Xu Yi heard a story.


Grandfather had only one daughter, and after his death, his mother became at once the Lord of the Blue Star.

As an Omega, she devoted her life to the equalisation of Beta and Omega, building a paradise far from the hustle and bustle of the remote planet, a planet where even an Omega could go out to work and where a Beta did not need to kneel and bow when he saw an Alpha...


But for some reason, Blue Star attracted a lot of covetousness, and at that time, Blue Star was powerless and lacked the strength to fight back.

In order to protect the planet, her mother married her father and borrowed his power to protect Blue Star...


"In those years before your father's death, Blue Star was secretly growing stronger, no longer the planet that could only languish at the expense of your mother..."


At the end of the story, Huang Fu also finished smoking, he handed Song Xu Yi an iris-opening code book, looked at Song Xu Yi and smiled meaningfully, "We were afraid to contact the old you..."



"But now since you want to come and join us," Huang Fu grunted and heavily patted Song Xu Yi's shoulder, "we also need to test you to see if you are suitable for Blue Star or not..."


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