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Villainous Scientist (4)



Whatever Huang Fu's intentions are at least they can protect themselves for now.


Song Xu Yi knew that whatever was in this code book was presumably a test from Huang Fu and his group, and a chance that she can earn to stay alive——in the current social climate there was no other place for Song Xu Yi to go except for the Blue Star that Huang Fu spoke of.


After returning, Song Xu Yi immediately opened the code book.


She was prepared for the possibility of being given a hard time however surprisingly the contents of the code book looked extremely familiar.


The code book is an explanation of some knowledge points.


These knowledge points are somewhat similar to the three-dimensional geometry that Song Xu Yi had previously studied in the previous world, but combined with some mechanical knowledge such as pressure and inertia, Song Xu Yi could not understand them the first time she read them, but gradually saw the principles when she read them the second time, and started to try to answer the exercises assigned after the knowledge points the third time...


On the fourth time, Song Xu Yi finished the exercises and clicked submit.


Song Xu Yi never fails to maintain a high level of concentration on a task, and it was only when she finished submitting her questions that she realised it was late at night.


Jiang Qian Yu had already lain down into the hibernation pod.


The hibernation pod is an instrument that provides isolation from radiation.


Because of the harmful effects of radiation in the wormholes, the ship is put on autopilot while travelling through them, and the people on board are put into hibernation until they pass through, then are woken up by the robots.


The hatch opened with a crack, and the soothing sound of music faintly emanating from inside sounded like waves lapping against the rocks in one burst.


When she first hears this music, it sounds good, but after a while, Song Xu Yi feels an inexplicable loneliness, as if she is isolated from the world...


There was only one bed in the room and Song Xu Yi did not dare to sleep with Jiang Qian Yu.

She originally planned to bunk on her own but never thought that Jiang Qian Yu would choose to sleep in the hibernation pod——after all, the hibernation pod was as small as a coffin and was not comfortable to sleep in.


Through the gap, Song Xu Yi saw that Jiang Qian Yu's body remained motionless in an inward curled position, her face relaxed, as if she was really asleep...


Song Xu Yi soon fell into dreamland as well.


However, whether it was because she had taken a nap during the day or for some other reason, Song Xu Yi did not sleep soundly this night.


Song Xu Yi had an extremely depressing dream in which she seemed to be imprisoned at the bottom of the sea, unable to hear anything else but the sound of the waves above her head, which washed over her day by day, year by year, seemingly without end...


Because of this dream, Song Xu Yi woke up very early in the morning.


When she woke up, the ship was passing through a galaxy, and the light of a distant star was shining through billions of light years, making the surroundings as bright as day, Song Xu Yi had not slept well, and her whole body was lying on the bed in a broad position, the blanket had been kicked to the floor...


It was still very early, so Song Xu Yi yawned and slowly wormed her way to the bed to pull the covers up and go back to sleep, only to find that there was already a person standing by the window.


Outside the window is an endless universe, with countless nebulae and planets floating around, Jiang Qian Yu is standing barefoot in a long halter white dress, her waist-length black hair is scattered behind her, her shoulders and neck are slender, her skin is like snow, and a pair of beautiful butterfly bones are protruding from her back, the bright light softens the coldness of her face, giving her a gilded hue, so bright that her heart trembles...


Jiang Qian Yu looks so beautiful like this!


Song Xu Yi froze for a moment, perhaps her will power was too weak in the early morning, being hit by such beauty all at once, even though she knew that the woman in front of her was not a good person, Song Xu Yi's heart beat involuntarily faster...


"Such a beautiful person, who would have thought she would have developed such a terrible drug"


Song Xu Yi whispered her feelings to the system, she slowed down her movements and quietly pulled up the quilt to cover her face, careful not to make a sound——people who are too nice often make people feel ashamed of themselves and even feel that it is a sin to disturb them.


"You can stop her, come on!"


The system, however, did not understand Song Xu Yi's concern and spoke with conviction and encouragement.


It is probably because Jiang Qian Yu and the villain from the previous world, Zhao Qingyu, look so much alike that the system always has the feeling indistinctly that Jiang Qian Yu will also fall for Song Xu Yi...


Song Xu Yi didn't understand where exactly the system got its confidence from and sighed lowly.


Nowadays, she was at her wits' end with Jiang Qian Yu.

As soon as she arrives, she hits a low point in her life, she can't even take care of herself, Jiang Qian Yu stays by her side just to perfect her drug, and Song Xu Yi doesn't even know if Jiang Qian Yu will deal with her after she loses her observation value...


What can be done to resolve this stalemate


No matter how she thought about it, Song Xu Yi felt that her future was bleak.




The ship passed through a thick nebula, the surroundings slowly darkened and there seemed to be a rustle of movement in the darkness...


Song Xu Yi had lost her sleep and was about to get up——


There was a “snap” and the sound of energy lights turning on.


The moment the light came on, Song Xu Yi met the eyes of Jiang Qian Yu who was close at hand.


What does she want


Song Xu Yi suppressed the doubt in her heart and pretended to look at Jiang Qian Yu as if she had just woken up, "Is there something wrong"


"Good morning, Marshal!" Jiang Qian Yu's face had switched into the false affection mode Song Xu Yi was familiar with, and she looked at Song Xu Yi with concern, "I just wanted to see you, how are you feeling today"


Are you looking after your "body"


Song Xu Yi narrowed her eyes and guessed Jiang Qian Yu's intention.


When she thought about it, she had been busy resigning and relocating all this time, and Jiang Qian Yu really hadn't found the opportunity to come over and test her health.


"Fortunately, it's just that my body is weak, my head is a little dizzy, and my strength still hasn't recovered..." Song Xu Yi clutched the blanket, describing her current physical status perfunctorily, and then glanced tentatively at Jiang Qian Yu before voicing the idea she had just conceived: "There is something I want to tell you.

I've thought about it for a long time, it was wrong of me to forcefully try to mark you before, and I'm grateful to you for taking care of me during this time, but you're a precious Omega, and I can't force you to stay with me anymore.

When we get to Bluestar if it's possible I'll help you find a good Alpha..."


What Huang Fu meant was that the Alphas in Blue Star were not as possessive as those in Imperial Star, so perhaps afterwards Jiang Qian Yu will find her beloved Alpha and live a happy life, and will not spend her days thinking about overthrowing the Empire.


"A little dizzy in the head"


Jiang Qian Yu, however, did not even care about Song Xu Yi's later words, she heard the point she wanted, her body leaned forward and reached out incomparably naturally to touch Song Xu Yi's forehead: "Are there any other reactions that should be taken into account Response"


Even though she was not in heat, the faint scent of peach lingered beside her as Jiang Qian Yu approached, the fragrance stirred Song Xu Yi's memory, and Song Xu Yi could not help but remember once again the confusing night when she first came to this world...


Song Xu Yi's face turned red with a swish and she stammered out, "It's probably because I didn't sleep well last night..."


"Why is your temperature getting higher"


Jiang Qian Yu did not let go of her hand as Song Xu Yi had hoped, she changed her hand and touched Song Xu Yi's forehead, her frown grew tighter and tighter, she fixed her eyes on Song Xu Yi, poked Song Xu Yi's scarlet face again and murmured in a low voice, "Why is your face red too"


Can't she see that she's blushing


The beautiful, impeccable face was close at hand, and the tantalizing scent of peach lingered on her skin, Song Xu Yi was not sure if Jiang Qian Yu was teasing her or if she really didn't understand, if it was before, Song Xu Yi would only think that this woman was teasing her, however, after seeing her in her gravity suit yesterday, and thinking about the environment of the Omega's upbringing in the Empire, Song Xu Yi thought that it was possible that Jiang Qian Yu really didn't understand...


Song Xu Yi pursed her lips, only to feel that her whole body was about to suffocate, subconsciously tilting her head to avoid it, but Jiang Qian Yu squeezed her shoulder...




Jiang Qian Yu looks soft and weak, but the strength of her hands is unexpectedly strong, Song Xu Yi feels an inexplicable pressure coming from Jiang Qian Yu, and for a while she can't break free, and what makes Song Xu Yi feel even more devastated is that as Jiang Qian Yu gets closer, obviously not in heat, Song Xu Yi feels something slowly protruding from the back of her neck...


What a **ty body!


Song Xu Yi felt like her whole body was burning up...


"The smell of citrus orange is getting stronger and stronger on you," Jiang Qian Yu's brows knitted slightly as she moved closer to Song Xu Yi's neck and sniffed carefully, "Obviously this is not your heat cycle..."


"You might be sick!" Jiang Qian Yu sized up Song Xu Yi, her brows furrowed deeply, as if a good idea had occurred to her, her eyes were amazingly bright.


"Let me see your glands..."


She ruffled Song Xu Yi's hair and moved closer to her neck to look closely at the glands that had half emerged from Song Xu Yi's skin, her eyes narrowed and she was about to reach out and touch them...


Song Xu Yi's body tensed up alertly, feeling like she was really going crazy!


And at this moment she was really sure of it: Jiang Qian Yu really didn't understand!


Seeing as how glands are a message of courtship in this world, Jiang Qian Yu's behaviour looks nothing less than ——


Yet Jiang Qian Yu did not have to wait until now if she wanted to seduce her.


What kind of strange person is this!


She has the most seductive face and an IQ high enough to develop a drug that turns A's into O's, but she can't tell the difference between blushing and being sick...


"Don't you touch it!" Remembering the tingling and painful sensation when she touched the gland last time, seeing Jiang Qian Yu's hand reaching for her neck, Song Xu Yi finally couldn't hold back her voice, "You're overstepping your bounds!"


Unfortunately, at this moment, Song Xu Yi was pinned down by Jiang Qian Yu in a small space, so saying such words was not very intimidating.


"I am concerned about Marshal——" Song Xu Yi was not sure if it was just her own misunderstanding, but Jiang Qian Yu's voice also sounded a little mute, she moved a little closer to Song Xu Yi and carefully surveyed Song Xu Yi's glands, her warm breath sprayed into Song Xu Yi's ear, provoking a shiver throughout Song Xu Yi's body, "Marshal's face is very red, it looks very uncomfortable..."


It is clear that what she saw in the original owner's memory before was not like this, as soon as the original owner touched Jiang Qian Yu she was full of disgust...


At this moment, Song Xu Yi really hated the drug that had brought her down to this level, and hated the reaction of this body, but the most important thing right now was to get through the current situation...


Song Xu Yi's mind raced, and she finally closed her eyes and let out a loud cry——


"I'm blushing because of you!"


There was a momentary silence as Jiang Qian Yu's movements finally stopped.


"Because of me" Jiang Qian Yu stopped her hand but did not let go of Song Xu Yi's shoulder, she slowly raised her eyebrows and looked down at Song Xu Yi in a good-natured manner, a hint of confusion flashing in her pretty eyes.


"Because you're beautiful!"


Song Xu Yi broke down and blushed red and looked away, "I'm bashful when you come near me."


"As long as you stay away from me," Song Xu Yi bit her lower lip, "my blush will go down."


The words had come to this point, Song Xu Yi originally thought Jiang Qian Yu would stop, but after a moment of silence on the other end, Jiang Qian Yu's voice continued to sound as if she had suddenly realized, "Then your glands are also due to this"


"After you became an Omega and thought I was beautiful, you were bashful and you lusted after me even when you weren't in heat"


The word "heat" sounds so humiliating.


The reason why Song Xu Yi shifted the focus to blushing was to try and obfuscate the matter of glands, but Jiang Qian Yu was not fooled, and Song Xu Yi could almost foresee that she would be endlessly interested in her glands afterwards, and there was still almost a month left in the journey...


Song Xu Yi shuddered at the thought of what might happen to her.

She struggled to explain, but opened her mouth and found that there was nothing she could do: in the common sense of this world, glands only emerge in heat, and Song Xu Yi's mind was only thinking of staying away from Jiang Qian Yu, but as soon as Jiang Qian Yu approached, Song Xu Yi's glands emerged at an inopportune moment...


Obviously this didn't happen before when in contact with an Alpha or Beta, is it only for Omega



is it only for Jiang Qian Yu




Song Xu Yi really hated the original owner who left a mess and tried to forcibly mark Jiang Qian Yu for nothing...


Song Xu Yi's silence became a tacit acknowledgement in Jiang Qian Yu's eyes.


"That's amazing, is that a sign that you're shy" Jiang Qian Yu's eyes shone brightly as she reached out and touched Song Xu Yi's reddened face, then turned her head to touch her own, her gaze lingering at the glands on Song Xu Yi's neck for a moment before finally releasing Song Xu Yi to stand by the bed.


After leaving Jiang Qian Yu's pheromone wrap, Song Xu Yi sighed in relief as she thought of the shameful life she could foresee ahead of her, sitting lifelessly against the wall, the glands at the back of her neck visibly fading...


"It's really just like you said!" Jiang Qian Yu exclaimed in awe, checking Song Xu Yi's restored smooth neck, as if a child had seen a toy that was extremely satisfying, her eyes overflowing with interest...


"Marshal," Jiang Qian Yu came over once again, her dark eyes looking at Song Xu Yi without blinking, "With all due respect, you don't look like a proper Omega at all right now, and to show my loyalty, I'm willing to help you adapt to the life of an Omega..."


She has taken advantage of her, and now she remembers that she is a Marshal


Song Xu Yi did not want to answer, she had already roughly guessed Jiang Qian Yu's reason for saying these words: it was just to find a reasonable excuse for Jiang Qian Yu's future series of research behaviours.


As expected, Jiang Qian Yu looked at Song Xu Yi from a high position and touched her own flawless face once again, with a look of pride.


"Maybe it's because you're an Omega now, now I think you're prettier than before too, even, kind of cute..."


"But then I wouldn't be like you, blushing and lusting after an Omega because I think they’re beautiful——"


"I think it's time for you to learn the basics of being an Omega from me——"


Song Xu Yi thought that even the original owner would not believe Jiang Qian Yu's bull**.


But the original owner probably had to put up with this situation: because Song Xu Yi found that she couldn't beat Jiang Qian Yu.


After regaining her composure, Song Xu Yi also noticed something different: even with her strength greatly reduced, Song Xu Yi was now able to fight a normal Alpha for hundreds of rounds, but she never expected to be easily pinned down by Jiang Qian Yu.


Jiang Qian Yu probably did something to herself, which is why her pheromones are vaguely aggressive and she herself has gotten that much better strength...


If it were anyone else, it would probably not be that crazy, but if it were Jiang Qian Yu, it would definitely be possible.


For a while, Song Xu Yi becomes more and more curious about Jiang Qian Yu's past: sometimes Jiang Qian Yu acts extremely old-fashioned, like a politician who knows the rules well, but sometimes he does not even know basic common sense...


What kind of upbringing did it take to produce such a strange person




However, Song Xu Yi did not dare to approach Jiang Qian Yu to ask.



Not only did she not dare to ask, Song Xu Yi was even on edge for fear that Jiang Qian Yu would suddenly start "teaching" her...


Fortunately, Jiang Qian Yu had enough this morning to keep track of her findings on her optical computer, and didn't pay any more attention to Song Xu Yi...


It didn't take long for Song Xu Yi to receive a message from Huang Fu.

Song Xu Yi was so relieved that she didn't even have time to eat her breakfast and left Jiang Qian Yu with the words, "I'll sleep in my bed today, don't wait for me if I'm late" before dashing up to the third floor.


"You solved all the homework I gave you last night, without cheating"


When Song Xu Yi pushed open the door, Huang Fu was looking at a large projection of Song Xu Yi's homework, and his eyes looked at Song Xu Yi with an incomparably complex look.


"I solved it by myself," Song Xu Yi hung her head down, looking incredibly good-natured: "This knowledge is a bit difficult, I had to read it four times before I could roughly write out such an answer..."


Seeing that Huang Fu did not say anything, Song Xu Yi followed up with her thoughts on the exercises.


It was clear that Song Xu Yi's solution was extremely correct, and it wasn't long before Huang Fu called "stop".


"You've made a small achievement," Huang Fu said, trying hard to look serious, but the excitement in his eyes showed that Song Xu Yi had made more than a "small achievement".


He opened Song Xu Yi's code book and pulled out another section of study material, even though he tried his best to disguise it, his eyes still contained a hint of a smile when he looked at Song Xu Yi: "Try learning this section again in the next few days..."


Song Xu Yi hung her head and took the material.


Her face was calm, but her heart leapt a little.


This is the first time she has received affirmation in this world!


The setting of this world is so unique that Song Xu Yi was dealt the worst hand right out of the gate and has been thinking of a way out these days...


And Huang Fu brought the way out for Song Xu Yi to her...


Even though she did not know Huang Fu's intention in asking her to solve the questions, Song Xu Yi still felt full of energy.


She used the excuse of studying to stay in the captain's room on the third floor to study into the night.

When Huang Fu saw Song Xu Yi's attentive appearance, he also became more and more amiable to Song Xu Yi...


It was not until late at night that a reluctant Song Xu Yi was driven downstairs by Huang Fu.


Song Xu Yi gritted her teeth and pushed the door open after doing enough mental preparation, expecting that there would be some more 'battle of wits' with Jiang Qian Yu, but she did not expect that Jiang Qian Yu had already fallen asleep.


Jiang Qian Yu still slept in the hibernation pod, the sound of the waves accompanying her forwards and backwards...


Song Xu Yi learned her lesson this time, she put on her headphones to sleep and had a good night's sleep, but she didn't expect her headphones to be taken off the next morning...


Song Xu Yi's hands were tied to the head of the bed by Jiang Qian Yu, meeting Song Xu Yi's angrily glazed eyes, but Jiang Qian Yu smiled incomparably sweetly, "Marshal, I'm just helping you overcome your bashfulness..."


It was obvious that Jiang Qian Yu had been holding back for a long time, and Song Xu Yi was in her hands at the moment, not only was her gland being carefully touched, if not for the lack of instruments now, Song Xu Yi almost suspected that she would be dissected...


When finally released, Song Xu Yi was shivering, unable to even stand, her whole body looked like a cooked shrimp, while the villainess on the side was laughing with extreme insatiable satisfaction, happily releasing her peachy pheromones, touching Song Xu Yi's red face and blurting out, "You see, my teaching really works..."


"Marshal you're looking even cuter na!"


After that, Song Xu Yi began a life of studying hard in the captain's room during the day to gain knowledge and stall for time, while keeping a vigilant eye on Jiang Qian Yu at night.


She didn't know why Jiang Qian Yu was so keen on examining her, obviously Song Xu Yi felt that Jiang Qian Yu had studied her thoroughly several times, but Jiang Qian Yu still gave Song Xu Yi a surprise attack every now and then so that Song Xu Yi couldn't defend herself.


Jiang Qian Yu looked extremely calm every time she tried to fight and was no match for her, so it was Song Xu Yi who was red-faced and breathless every time.


Song Xu Yi had overcome her shame and tried to tell Jiang Qian Yu that this was an extremely intimate matter and that they could not go on like this between them, but was often rebuffed by Jiang Qian Yu's "Isn't that what you want, Marshal"


Song Xu Yi chewed on the corner of the blanket, really hating the original owner that left the mess!


Soon, Song Xu Yi had thick dark circles hanging under her eyes.

And amidst the non-stop studying, exams and putting up with Jiang Qian Yu's research, the time passed quickly.


More than ten days after getting on the airship, the people who were after Song Xu Yi also caught up with them and launched the first attack on the outside.


Song Xu Yi saw for the first time the strength of this ship.


Dozens of Beta crew appeared on the cleats and no one knew how these people had emerged.


They and the Alphas fought fiercely.

The pursuers didn't expect the ramshackle-looking ship to be so difficult to tackle, let alone the fact that the Beta were no less powerful than the Alphas, and soon the Alphas that came after them were all wiped out by the Beta siege...


And this attack was like flipping a switch, after which the ship received several attacks...


Until the party arrived near the wormhole.


Wormholes are the most dangerous part of interstellar voyages and no one dares to attack here, after all, the slightest mistake could be costly to themselves...


Song Xu Yi originally thought that she could spend this time in peace, but to her surprise, Huang Fu approached her the day before entering the wormhole.


"It won't be long before we reach the Blue Star..."


This time Huang Fu surprisingly did not give Song Xu Yi any more homework, he looked at her with a smile on his face that looked incredibly meaningful: "It's time to blow up this ship too!"



"Henceforth, there will never again be an invincible Marshal Song Xu Yi..."


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