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Villainous Scientist (9)


The next day news of a freshman Alpha defeating Chen Xi, the acknowledged strongest Alpha in the second year, spread throughout the school.


In order to fight fairly, Alpha's are forbidden to carry any technological devices when fighting each other, so no one took pictures of Jiang Qian Yu in that previous battle to circulate.


According to bystanders, this Alpha has an extremely good-looking face but a bad temper, and has an unmistakable murderous aura when fighting that makes people fearful...


Hearing this description made people even more curious!


So when Song Xu Yi and Jiang Qian Yu came downstairs together, they were greeted by numerous students at the bottom of the dormitory building.

The Alphas were more restrained, but because the Betas and Omegas were protected by the school rules, the Betas and Omegas were a bit more reckless.


One of the two girls looked sickly and feminine, the other one looked so beautiful and well-behaved that people who were unaware of the situation, like Chen Xi, subconsciously thought that the healthier-looking Song Xu Yi was the rumoured strongest Alpha.



"Hello," a handsome looking male Omega blocked Song Xu Yi's path he saluted gracefully towards Song Xu Yi and made an effort to introduce himself to Song Xu Yi: "I come from the Northern Continent's Uncharted Island, my family has two blue gold mines, ten villas and, five livestock farms ...My parents only have one son..."


At this point in the Omega's speech, there were already whispers around the crowd and many of the Alpha's cast jealous glances at Song Xu Yi: the blue gold mine symbolised wealth, not to mention that this male Omega was not bad looking, he was Bai Fu Jun!


Bai Fu Jun looked at Song Xu Yi's blushing cheeks: "I fell in love with you at first sight as long as you are willing to mark me, my family..."


The Military Academy is one of the highest academies in the empire and is home to many rising stars in the political and military fields, so many traditional-minded Omegas want to enter the academy to find a suitable prospect for their other half.


Song Xu Yi had already realized what Bai Fu Jun meant, and listening to the whispers around her, she couldn't help but blush——she didn't expect this Blue Star Omega to be so bold and straightforward, and to talk about such a private matter as marking in public...


Not to say that she didn't have any feelings for this male Omega, but even if she were to become one now, she wouldn't have the ability to mark him.


Song Xu Yi averted her eyes and was considering how to reasonably reject Bai Fu Jun, however, Jiang Qian Yu's action at the side was even faster, her face had been cold at some point, she took Song Xu Yi's hand and pushed Bai Fu Jun forward, sneering, "Marking"


"With you, you're worthy"


The girl's face was full of anger, yet because of her beauty, even when she was angry, her whole person looked like a glittering pearl, still very eye-catching.


Bai Fu Jun looked at Jiang Qian Yu's delicate little face and froze for a moment, being pushed back a few steps by Jiang Qian Yu.

He had someone standing behind him, but that person happened to be one of the spectators who saw Jiang Qian Yu beat up Chen Xi yesterday, and when he came into contact with Jiang Qian Yu's raging face, that person was so scared that he didn't dare to move, and even forgot to reach out to help Bai Fu Jun, and watched as Bai Fu Jun fell on his back...


Both Jiang Qian Yu and Song Xu Yi did not expect this: Bai Fu Jun looked handsome, but his body was extremely weak, and this push by Jiang Qian Yu resulted in a fractured tailbone, and he was carried into the hospital crying...


Song Xu Yi didn't expect that she and Jiang Qian Yu would spend the first day of school in the administration office!


However, Jiang Qian Yu had pushed and shoved the other person, knowing that he was an Omega.

Knowing that Jiang Qian Yu and Song Xu Yi were new students, the head teacher was lenient and did not give Jiang Qian Yu a demerit, but in order to make an example of her, the teacher asked them to stay in the administration office and memorise the school rules before letting them go...


Song Xu Yi could tolerate other things, but once she was delayed in class, it was like she had been hit by a scale, and her mind was overwhelmed with anxiety.


Song Xu Yi wanted to memorise the school rules as soon as possible.


However, the hundred or so school rules could not be memorised overnight, and the more Song Xu Yi continued to memorise them, the more her face sank.


Jiang Qian Yu watched Song Xu Yi's face all the time.


At the beginning, Jiang Qian Yu did not care about this punishment: she had a very high IQ and could almost memorise the school rules after reading them twice, and she stayed because on the one hand, she preferred to be alone than in a crowded place, and on the other hand, she wanted to keep Song Xu Yi company...


However, even if she was dull, Jiang Qian Yu sensed that something was wrong - Song Xu Yi was a quiet person, and even when she was pushed, she would only lose her temper for a moment, but Jiang Qian Yu had never thought that Song Xu Yi would care so much about her classes...


"Xu Yi..." Jiang Qian Yu's heart was unprecedentedly at a loss for words, meeting Song Xu Yi's gaze, she spoke in a small voice: "How about...

we escape"


Song Xu Yi did not expect Jiang Qian Yu to say such a thing, she looked at Jiang Qian Yu and turned her eyes back, shook her head and continued to look at the school rules in her hands.


Song Xu Yi knew it was an accident, and Song Xu Yi didn't mean to blame Jiang Qian Yu, but at this moment, Song Xu Yi only wanted to finish memorizing the school rules and go back to class, so she couldn't care less about Jiang Qian Yu's mood.


As Jiang Qian Yu looked at Song Xu Yi, who was hanging her head and memorizing her book, her lips pursed tighter and tighter.


Looking back, Jiang Qian Yu didn't know why she was so angry at the time, knowing that Xu Yi had become an Omega and couldn't mark that male Omega, but Jiang Qian Yu was inexplicably upset...


This time, it seemed that she had...

dragged Xu Yi down again.


Jiang Qian Yu had always been conceited and powerful, and she had the capital to defy others, but Jiang Qian Yu had to admit: even though Song Xu Yi had become Omega, she was still taking care of herself more during their time together.


If they continued like this, they would be bored, right What's more, it was her own drug that turned Song Xu Yi into an Omega...


When she thought that she would be separated from Song Xu Yi, and even face Song Xu Yi's disgusted eyes, Jiang Qian Yu's heart inexplicably felt anxious, she was not sure of the reason for this anxiety, but she understood why she had been so angry when she heard that Omega wanted Song Xu Yi to mark him——because once Song Xu Yi had marked that man, he would replace her as the closest person to Song Xu Yi.


Jiang Qian Yu simply couldn't tolerate that happening!


In this world, no one could take Xu Yi away from her...


It was only then that Jiang Qian Yu realised that she was more dependent on Song Xu Yi than she had imagined.


She was surprised by her sudden possessiveness towards Song Xu Yi, but she felt that it was only natural: it was Song Xu Yi who said she wanted to be her friend, and since it was hard for her to have a friend, how could she let her walk away


Jiang Qian Yu looked deeply at Song Xu Yi, suppressing all the thoughts in her mind and hanging her head, as if she was reciting the school rules, but in her heart she made a silent decision——to try to be closer to Xu Yi, to become better and not to become a burden to her.

To let everyone in the world know that Xu Yi's best friend is her, so that no one would dare to steal her from her...


On top of the two aspirations that have sustained Jiang Qian Yu going forward, this is the third aspiration that Jiang Qian Yu has had over the years.


The difference is that the first two aspirations made Jiang Qian Yu feel suffocated, but the third aspiration now brings Jiang Qian Yu hope...


The photos and videos of Song Xu Yi and Jiang Qian Yu from the previous two classes had spread throughout the school, and everyone knew that the seemingly soft and petite Jiang Qian Yu was the most powerful Alpha, and as for Song Xu Yi, everyone thought that Song Xu Yi was just standing next to Jiang Qian Yu and happened to be in the picture.


Therefore, when the students of the Mecha Academy saw Song Xu Yi coming to class, although they were curious, they did not think there was anything special about Song Xu Yi.


The curriculum of the Mecha Academy favours practical exercises, but there are also requirements for other courses, such as the basic medical bandaging on the battlefield, which is a skill that almost all students are required to learn.


When Song Xu Yi entered the classroom, it happened to be the medicinal class.


"We have so many medicines that can save our lives on the battlefield today, and it's not possible without the efforts of the Jiang." The teacher's tone instantly became full of reverence as he mentioned this family: "In the history of pharmacy, the Jiang family are eternal gods.

No one else will ever be able to reach the achievements of the Jiang family, this one family has given birth to countless geniuses in pharmacy..."


Song Xu Yi listened to the story of the Jiang family, which was like a monument in pharmacy, and subconsciously associated it with Jiang Qian Yu.


She was also a genius in pharmacy, and her full name was Jiang Qian Yu, could she be related to the Jiang family


After noticing this matter, Song Xu Yi opened her AI computer after class and started searching for information about the Jiang family.


It is true what the teacher said: the Jiang family has given birth to numerous pharmacy geniuses, and until twenty years ago, the Jiang family was a large and powerful family, for thousands of years, the Jiang family has protected the lives of millions of warriors through the development of pharmaceuticals, and has made countless achievements.


Twenty years ago, the marshal of the empire was a member of the Jiang family, and because of their contribution to pharmacology, this marshal had a very high reputation among the people.


However, it is probably because of generations of research that they were not good at fighting.

Twenty years ago, the insects invaded the Jiang family's home planet through some unknown means, and the rest of the Jiang family died that night, except for the marshal who was fighting in the battlefield, and their bodies were eaten up by the insects——


When his family was annihilated, Marshal Jiang could not bear the bloodshed and went to a planet full of insects with the intention of 'sorrowful soldiers will win', and after killing countless insects, Marshal Jiang triggered the self-destruct program in his body and died with the insects on the entire planet...


Since then, the famous Jiang family has completely disappeared into the stream of history.


Song Xu Yi did not expect to read such a tale.


The entire Jiang family had disappeared twenty years ago.

Jiang Qian Yu was 20 years old, and she had just been born twenty years ago.


According to the records, all of the Jiang family, except for Marshal Jiang, died in that cataclysmic event.

The family rules stipulate that they cannot have an affair, and Jiang Qian Yu could not be the child of Marshal Jiang...


However, even though no proof can be found of Jiang Qian Yu's direct relationship with the Jiang family, Song Xu Yi still has a vague feeling that Jiang Qian Yu is inextricably linked to the Jiang family...


While Song Xu Yi was investigating the Jiang family, Jiang Qian Yu was also investigating something: she wanted to be with Song Xu Yi, but she had always been outside the world and did not understand the rules of the world, so she repeatedly did things that Song Xu Yi did not like.


Perhaps asking the others would give a better answer.


Jiang Qian Yu thought about it and turned on her AI computer and posted on the school's anonymous forum——


"What is the most important thing a mech warrior needs"


No one replied to Jiang Qian Yu's post for the first ten minutes or so, and the interface was blank after Jiang Qian Yu had swiped it for a long time.


Jiang Qian Yu quit the thread and looked at the hot post "On the growth of the generation of Alpha Jiang Qian Yu" floating at the top of the forum, and added another sentence to her post——


"If anyone replies to me, I'll tell you a secret about Jiang Qian Yu."


Finally, someone started replying to Jiang Qian Yu's post.


【Really What secret do you know about Jiang Qian Yu】


【The owner has gone to great lengths to trick the replies.】


【If the owner dares to show a photo with Jiang Qian Yu, we will believe you!】




This reply was liked by several people and it was clear that what was said was true.


Jiang Qian Yu's impatience with those replies above disappeared after seeing a specific replay.


A military doctor


Jiang Qian Yu watched the teacher of her major class, who had made two mistakes in one lesson, and was deeply impressed by this reply, but also a little happy: Xu Yi really needed a competent military doctor in the future, and under her protection, she would definitely be able to turn bad luck into good...


Jiang Qian Yu seriously replied "thank you" under that reply, and then started a new thread.


"Thank you for giving me an answer."


"Now, I'm going to announce Jiang Qian Yu's secret!"


Jiang Qian Yu narrowed her eyes and raised her chin in a slightly haughty manner, forcing her heart to hold back the pleasure of showing off and knocking down a few words in the forum in a pretentious manner——


【Song Xu Yi is Jiang Qian Yu's friend!】


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