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Villainous Movie Queen (7)


Song Xu Yi did not expect her "tree hole" to suddenly come to life.


What's more, she didn't expect Zhao Qingyu to even notice the number of days she had missed from ‘clocking in’.


She often went to Super Talk to hang out and knew that certain fans would have special groups to count check-ins, and those who signed in less would be despised by everyone, but she never thought she would have a day when someone would point out to her for breaking her regular ‘check-ins’.


And this person is still the main subject.


Thinking of this, the heat on Song Xu Yi's face came back up.


She stared at the transfer sent by Zhao Qingyu, her heart inexorably torn, not knowing whether she should receive it or not, and finally put down her phone and went downstairs once again.


The enemy did not move, so she did not move.

Zhao Qingyu did not accept the transfer she sent over, and she was too embarrassed to accept the transfer that she sent.


After coming downstairs the Song family had adjusted their mood.


With the Song family's presence here, every New Year's Eve phones would ring non-stop.

Song Xu Yi rarely mixed with her parents' circle, and her previous circle of friends had broken off contact, so she also called and messaged with a few classmates and teachers.


It was a rare moment of leisure for Song Xu Yi.

She was lounging on the sofa sipping a sweet and sour cocktail and eating a snack while swiping through Weibo, when she subconsciously clicked into Zhao Qingyu's Super Talk.


Now the final trailer for the film in which Zhao Qingyu is starring has been released.


Officially it's a riveting tale of revenge and power grabbing.


In the trailer, Zhao Qingyu's eyes are stern, sitting high on her throne, obviously only 21 years old, but a turn and a glance back reveals the character's encounters over the years: her eyes are at first a bit confused, looking at the prostrating crowd under her feet, as if she does not understand why she, who only wanted to marry her senior brother and live a happy idyllic life, is here; then her beautiful eyes fiercely converge, time seems like an arrow, the swords and shadows of these years pass before her eyes; finally her eyes are a little bit firm, the camera pulls away, she stands above the ten thousand people, lonely but indifferent, slowly raising her hands...


It was only when this trailer ended that Song Xu Yi came back to her senses and let out a long breath of relief.


The wine seems to have gone to her head, and such a Zhao Qingyu is so valiant that one can't help but be moved by all her emotions, and even want to prostrate before her.


Before Song Xu Yi could shake off the emotion of seeing the trailer, the video call on her mobile phone lit up, and Song Xu Yi looked at the words "Zhao Qingyu" on the top, her heart jumped and the phone almost fell to the ground...


The image spins upside down and the other person's red face emerges from the middle of the phone screen.


"Hello, Xu Yi."


Zhao Qing Yu looked at Song Xu Yi's shy face at the other end of the screen: after not seeing her for so long, Song Xu Yi seemed to have lost a little weight, and her face was becoming more and more delicate, making her eyes, which were covered with a layer of watery mist at the moment, look even bigger.


Been drinking


Zhao Qingyu had to admit that she liked Song Xu Yi's eyes: they were clean and clear, with a brightness that no one else could simulate, seemingly always vibrant and full of hope and fighting spirit.


It was as if Song Xu Yi had suddenly become like this, and when she thought about it carefully, Zhao Qingyu had forgotten what Song Xu Yi used to look like.


Zhao Qingyu didn't know when she started to notice the daily routine that Song Xu Yi has been sending to her.


Zhao Qingyu is incredibly sensitive to the emotions of others, and after several encounters: she is certain that the current Song Xu Yi does not like her very much, and is even vaguely afraid of her.


Then why does Song Xu Yi have to pretend to like her


Zhao Qingyu wants to find out why.


She had deliberately not replied to Song Xu Yi's message when she first saw it: she wanted to test Song Xu Yi's attitude.


But every day when she opened her phone, Zhao Qingyu didn't know what kind of mood she was in and would always subconsciously tap off the red dot in Song Xu Yi's chat window, not to mention never wanting to block Song Xu Yi.


And every time she received flowers from Song Xu Yi on set, her fellow cast members would tease her, either genuinely or falsely, "Qing Yu, I really envy you for having a fan with such a distinguished background as the Song family princess..."


Whenever she hears such comments, Zhao Qingyu smiles on her face, but in her heart she laughs out loud: a fake fan with false feelings.


But Song Xu Yi never stops sending a bouquet of flowers every week.


Zhao Qingyu collected the flowers and got along with the 'friendly' directors and actors around her, and never encountered anything as bad as the last production...


At this time, Zhao Qingyu had a vague suspicion in her mind: Song Xu Yi, she seemed to be protecting her...

in this way...


But why would she do this


Her heart grows more and more puzzled about Song Xu Yi.

One day when the crew was passing by the supermarket for a dinner, Zhao Qingyu went into the supermarket and bought a vase of flowers and placed it in her room, and began to change the flowers sent by Song Xu Yi every week...


And the messages that Song Xu Yi sent over started to change.


One day when Zhao Qingyu got up early in the morning to do her makeup, Song Xu Yi's chat window lit up again.


"I guess you must have blocked me, hehe."


Zhao Qingyu watched coldly to see what she wanted to do, but to her surprise, the other party never sent another message.


It wasn't until she finished shooting an evening scene that day that she found another one from Song Xu Yi: "Today's exam was so hard! I seem to have gotten the last big question wrong..."


Is she...

pouting to her


However no messages were sent after that.


The next morning, she saw a message from Song Xu Yi, "This morning I had my favourite chicken feet with lemon, our canteen's chicken feet are really good, super tasty, and the sweetest thing is that every time the auntie serves the food, she will give me an extra one..."


Zhao Qingyu reacted with hindsight: Song Xu Yi, this little girl, had used her WeChat as a tree hole!


For the first time, Zhao Qingyu felt a little ridiculous, but she could not think of any other guess than this possibility.


Only, when Zhao Qingyu looked at the chicken breast and broccoli diet meal in front of her, the diet she had been used to somehow suddenly became tasteless.


In the evening, Song Xu Yi came again:


"The trailer for the new movie is out today! You're beautiful..."


"Today Professor Huang scolded and made another boy cry.

Although I don't admire him as much now as I did at the beginning of the school year, what he said actually makes quite a bit of sense: there are some detailed mistakes that should never be made..."




Thereafter, Song Xu Yi began to share the most ordinary and trivial aspects of her daily life on a daily basis.


Zhao Qingyu would flip through it every day, but she never replied, after all, in her perception, the messages sent by Song Xu Yi were just a pastime and she didn't take them to heart.


Until one day, Song Xu Yi didn't send any more messages.


What has happened


Zhao Qingyu was a bit disoriented throughout the day, even being shouted several 'cuts' in the set, and tossing and turning at night for a long time before falling asleep...


It was only the next day that Song Xu Yi's messages resurfaced.


"It's so tiring to learn from the old man day after day! But I've learned a lot too..."


It turned out that she was busy studying.


Zhao Qingyu had to admit that at that moment a huge stone seemed to drop in her heart, and it was only then that she realised: Song Xu Yi's place in her heart seemed to be more important than she had imagined...


This is not a good sign.


But looking at Song Xu Yi's words on her phone, "The old man praised me for my talent, I'm so happy", Zhao Qingyu involuntarily curled her lips.



Song Xu Yi as a whole is really extremely dazzling and so naturally attracts the attention of shady, hypocritical people like herself.

Every time she looks at the messages she sends, it's like having a delightful pet in her phone and there's a strange sense of satisfaction.


After all, it's a pet that can be seen through at a glance, so what kind of a storm can it make




However, this interruption was only the beginning, and Song Xu Yi's messages began to be inconsistent for some time afterwards.

Even though she knew that Song Xu Yi was busy studying, Zhao Qingyu began to suspect almost instinctively: was she really studying Or had she...

given up pretending to like her


Without Zhao Qingyu even noticing it herself, the frequency of her checking her phone has increased a lot, and whenever she looks at the empty chat window, it feels like a feather is ruffling her chest with an indescribable anxiety.


This feeling reached its peak at the end of the year: Song Xu Yi hadn't sent a message for five days——


With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, the crew gave all members of the cast three days off.


New Year's Eve has arrived.


The nurses have gone home for the New Year, her mother is sedated and asleep, and the ward is silent as Zhao Qingyu sits expressionlessly flipping through her phone: she has received an email stating that the financial statements of the company she secretly set up have doubled.


Zhao Qingyu curled her lips, yet her heart was not as happy as she thought it was.


She clicked in her phone and subconsciously stopped at Song Xu Yi's chat window again.

A familiar middle-aged man walked in and handed Zhao Qingyu a red envelope, which also contained a cheque.


Zhao Qingyu did not look at the cheque, she looked up at the man and asked in a soft voice, "Does Aunt Liu still not want to see me"


The man glanced at Zhao Qingyu and shook his head.


Aunt Liu is Zhao Qingyu's sponsor.

When her mother went mad, it was Aunt Liu who supported her for a long time, and she borrowed the first money she needed to set up her company.


Only, Aunt Liu never wanted to see Zhao Qingyu, she only asked her to grow up happily, peacefully and prosperously.


Zhao Qingyu has always disguised herself well, just as Aunt Liu had hoped: she has skipped grades one after another, graduated from university at 19, suddenly signed up for an acting show at 20, became popular at 21...

her smile is her impeccable façade, she hides it from everyone, no one knows the monstrous hatred she hides deep in her heart.


The man soon left.


Zhao Qingyu's mood, however, grew worse and she subconsciously opened her phone and stopped at Song Xu Yi's page, only to find an additional transfer, the little girl who had been missing for five days had also sent her New Year's Eve money...


Zhao Qingyu sneered in her heart, but hauntingly, she couldn't help but send a message back.


She had already predicted Song Xu Yi's expression: she would be as surprised as if she had seen a ghost, and then she would be blushing with shyness...


I've never seen a kid so easily bashful...


Zhao Qingyu stared intently at the chat window, yet fifteen minutes had passed and there had been no reply from the other side.


Zhao Qingyu's face sank.


Just as she was about to throw the phone away, the other side finally answered.


She knows what she's doing!


Zhao Qingyu looked at the fake fan's words of loyalty and laughed coldly in her heart, but she couldn't resist sending her New Year's Eve money.


Song Xu Yi never replied again, nor did she accept her transfer.


Fake fan indeed!


Zhao Qingyu completely lost her patience and made a video call.


However, after making the call and saying hello, Zhao Qingyu suddenly forgot what to say when she looked at Song Xu Yi, whose cheeks were red, and the 'shhh' gesture she made...


Song Xu Yi seems to have arrived at a door with her phone.


There was a loud “bang” and Song Xu Yi turned the camera: fireworks were set off in the Song family mansion, adults congratulated each other, children jumped and leapt, and with the colorful fireworks in the air, the hustle and bustle seemed to pour out of the screen, making the ward look less cold...


The camera pans again and Zhao Qingyu sees the girl's shy, smiling face.


"Happy New Year, Sister Qingyu."


"Have a healthy and prosperous new year, and all the best...

be happy!"



The author has something to say:


Song Xu Yi: wishing her 'all the best' means destroying herself, I'm not that stupid ~(*^__^*) ~


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