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Chapter 102: By the sea

Tong Lin sat down beside my bed again, “You do not need any sedative, youre already sedated.”

You were the one who threatened me with sedatives earlier! What is your game I looked at him wordlessly.

Tong Lin smiled, “Youre very clever, like my aunt.”

I still said nothing.

“I carried you when you were young, you were just a little baby.

Later I heard that you died in the car accident that claimed my aunt and uncle.

I was sad.

When I saw someone searching for my aunt on the darknet, I couldnt believe it was you.

Its wonderful that youre still alive!” Tong Lin sighed with relief.

I looked at him and could sense that he didnt mean that in an emotional way.

Therefore I kept my mouth zipped and my eyes glaring at him.

Tong Lin looked at me.

“Looks like you dont know what youre worth!”

“So you captured me for the treasure my mother left for me” I asked.

Tong Lin shook his finger at me.

“No, no, no.

I didnt capture you, I invited you here.

Im your cousin, see this as your own home.

Ill treat you as good as my uncle treats you, what do you think”

I was angry beyond words at this shameless man.

“But you have to tell me everything you told little uncle.” He said with a flawless smile.

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He was indeed very similar to little uncle.

While my little uncle could skirt the rules at times, he was always a gentleman; but this Tong Lin had a sinister unpredictability about him.

“What do you want to know” I asked.

“Everything,” he said. Tsk, what a greedy man.

The nurse was done dressing my arm.

This time the drip was attached to my right hand.

I looked at the bandage on my left arm and the drip on my right.

I said, “Little uncle already knew everything about me, I didnt need to tell him anything so I have nothing to tell you either.”

Tong Lin shrugged, “Im sure you can think of something.

I dont mind keeping you here until I get the things I want.” He stood up to stretch.

“Im going to take a nap.

You better not think about escaping, its going to make life difficult for you.” Then he turned away.

“Hey! Why dont you just tell me what it is that you want to know” I shouted at him.

Tong Lin waved without even turning back.

“Dont worry, think about it.

If you think of anything, just tell me.

After all, we have a lifetime to spend together.” He walked out and the nurse followed him out obediently.

I was left alone inside the room.

I was confused, what was it that he wanted

I laid back down and thought back to my 2 lifetimes.

Where did the deviation start The memories started to blur, except for the ones involving Jing Tian and my little uncle.

I wonder if little uncle had awakened and if Jing Tian was fine.

That last gaze I had was of him covered in blood.

I curled up and my heart bled from the ache.

However, I was helpless.

When I woke up again, the drip on my hand had been removed.

The bandage had been changed as well.

Tong Lin was not around, there was no one there.

I sat up and got down from bed.

I walked to the window to pull back the curtains.

The sun shot in and my eyes watered from being blinded.

I quickly turned around.

When I got used to the glare, I turned back again and saw the sea outside the window.

The sea was rippling peacefully under the sun.

I was startled.

The sea made my legs wobble because I once used the sea to try to commit suicide.

I staggered 2 steps back and my hands pulled the curtains closed.

I rushed to the door and pulled it open.

There was a long corridor outside the door.

One side was extremely dark while there was light on the other side.

It was very much like my dream.

I gritted my teeth and headed to the light.

Thankfully the corridor was not endlessly long.

There was a corner at the end, the light came from a window.

The corridor opened to a large lobby.

The maids bustled about.

When they saw me, they all stopped working and bowed at me, “Young Miss!” I looked at them in confusion, only then I realized why they were treating me this way.

I pointed at the front door.

“Can I go out”

A maid walked towards me.

“Miss, where do you wish to go I shall accompany you.”

“I want to go for a walk.” I didnt mind her company.

I knew Tong Lin wouldnt give me complete freedom anyway.


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