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Chapter 107: A Bet

Tong Lin was stunned.

He probably didnt expect me to question him.


Tong Lin, we should stop talking in riddles.

Why dont you just tell me what do you want from me Why did you bring me here Perhaps we can work together.

Isnt it tired to be on guard against each other all the time Ill let you think about it.” I stood up and prepared to leave.

“Slow down, Nanxing, sit back down.” Tong Lin stopped me.

I turned back and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“Nanxing, I need you to find the wealth and the evidence of debt people had owed the Tong Family, the things your mother has given to you.” Tong Lin looked at me seriously.

I could read the meaning in his eyes, Give me the things or die!

I smiled, “I dont even know they have left such a thing for me.

Cousin, you already knew more than I do.

I dont even know what youre talking about, so how do you expect me to hand them over

“Plus, you should be more familiar with this place than I do.

If you cant find it, how do you expect a person with amnesia to find it.

Plus, Cousin Tong Lin, is that how you ask for a favor from others You still havent told me what benefit Id get if I did help you.”

Tong Lins face turned ugly.

I smiled, “Im your prisoner so I have no right to any negotiation” I walked to the window and looked out.

“Is this place far from M City If our little uncle and Jing Tian decide to come save me, how long theyll take to get here” I asked casually.

Tong Lin sneered.

“You can stop dreaming about that.

They wont have time to save themselves, much less save you!”

“Oh What do you mean” I turned to him with a smile.

Tong Lin looked at me with a slightly cold gaze.

However, there was a smile on his lips.

“Our little uncle, his body is weak because he has overworked himself for years.

I have prepared a special bullet for him.

They are dipped in poison.

I dont think hes waking up any time soon.

Even if he did, he would be a cripple.”

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My eyes shook.

“How could you even do something like that Hes your uncle! You two are the only men of the Tong Family and you plan to fight each other Tong Lin, are you crazy”

Tong Lin sneered, “Now that I have returned, the Tong Familys lineage is secured.

Tong Le is not even the eldest son so he has no right to inherit the family business.

Allowing him the freedom to look over the family for so many years is already a sign of my kindness to him.”

I chided, “Do you think this is some ancient Chinese drama with emperors fighting for the throne You are crazy.”

Tong Lin ignored me.

“As for Jing Tian, its his fault to go against the Tong Family.

The other 7 brothers will deal with him.

The 7 brothers have never been in a good terms and they will kill each other for the sake of benefit.

Therefore, Jing Qi will not have time for you.

But dont you worry, Nanxing, you are considered half of the Tong Family, if you obey my orders, I will not mistreat you!”

I looked at him like he was a big joke.

“Cousin Tong Lin, how about we make a bet” I said calmly.

Tong Lin said patiently, “What bet”

“If my little uncle and Jing Tian cant save me in the next 3 days, Ill lead you to the treasure.

What do you say” I smiled at Tong Lin.

Tong Lins expression changed.

“What did you do in the server room”

I smiled, “Actually I need to thank your female friend for that.

That Yan Xin sure is a classic green tea bitch.

It was she who led me to the server room but it was you who ordered her to do so, right To have me look at those violent videos of myself and to expose me to the pictures of Jing Tian and other women”

“What did you do in the server room” Tong Lin said angrily and glared at me.

I looked at me and smiled.

“Cousin, why worry Were family, dont you want to meet your other family members I just set up a tiny location ping, so that they can find us more easily.”

Tong Lin calmed down and said coolly, “Youre bluffing.”

I opened my arms.

“Alright, well wait for 3 days then, actually 2 days should be sufficient!”

Tong Lin smiled a sinister smile.

“Does that mean that you know exactly where the treasures are And you remember the password”

I was stunned.

“What password”

He was stunned as well.

Tong Lin looked at me and hesitated.

I stopped talking.

This was a battle of the brains, the more you said, the more likely youd make a mistake.

Ting Lin sneered and left.

He probably had gone to the server room to undo my work.

I chuckled to myself.

I didnt even do anything.


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