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Chapter 111: Escape

Yan Xin was exasperated.

Tong Lin said in a low voice, “Nanxing, youre going to be our hostage so we can escape safely.”

I sat on the ground and weighed the meat hammer I grabbed from the kitchen earlier.

“Cousin Tong Lin, you told me you were not going to fight, but I should have known better to trust you.

Also, if you have not figured it out by now, I do not like to be used by others.”

I stood up and swung the hammer at the glass window.

I jumped out.

The glass shards cut my skin but I couldnt feel any pain.

Thankfully I was on the 2nd floor.

I shielded my head as I fell.

Flying through the air, I thought. Why am I suddenly so agile and strong Did the rebirth cause my body to mutate Reality proved that I was overthinking.

The moment I landed, there was a crack on my ankle.

The piercing pain made me cry out involuntarily.

“Sister Xing!”An exclamation sounded not far away from me.

The voice was familiar, I missed them dearly.

At that moment, my nerves relaxed.

Since Brother Hus unit was here, it meant that my little uncle and Jing Tian were here as well.

Even if they werent, Gao Da and Gao Jing would be.

I opened my head to the stars in the night sky.

Beyond my sight, I hear gunshots and explosions.

This place is really beautiful.

Perhaps I can retire here with Jing Tian. I saw my father holding my mothers hand as they walked along the beach.

I was playing with the waves.

I felt loved and cherished.

I smiled and closed my eyes.

It was a dream.

When I opened my eyes next, my parents were gone.

I saw nothing but white.

I closed my eyes.

A beeping sound entered my ears.

I listened carefully and identified it as a heartbeat monitor.

I opened my eyes again.

I was in the hospital.

I was wrapped like a mummy.

All kind of instruments surrounded me.

I tried to move but one hand was attached to a drip and the other was being pressed in place.

I turned and saw a furry black thing.

It gave me a fright and I pulled my arm back.

The black thing sat up and that gave me another scare. Am I dead Is this a ghost No wait… Its Jing Ni!

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Jing Ni looked at me blurrily before she screamed in surprise.

“Nanxing! Nanxing, youre awake” She jumped up in joy.

She hugged my head and kissed it.

“Nanxing! Youre finally awake!” I could feel her joy.

Then she suddenly hugged my arm and cried, “Nanxing, Im sorry! This is all my fault! I shouldnt have lied to you! Nanxing, hit me, scold me! Im so sorry!”

Her roller-coaster of emotions startled me.

I sighed and placed my index finger on her lips.

Jing Ni stopped crying.

She looked at me through her tears.

“Nanxing, do you need anything”

I shook my head softly.

Jing Ni sobbed quietly.

“Nanxing, do you feel any pain Do you want me to get the doctor”

I shook my head again.

I looked at my left arm.

I tried to lift it but I couldnt.

I sighed and asked Jing Ni.

“Am I an invalid now”

Jing Ni widened her eyes at me.

She didnt understand what I meant.

“Will I be able to use my arm in the future”

Jing Ni finally got it.

“Your arm is fine.

Lin Ran personally treated the wound.

He said the bullet penetrated your body and it didnt hurt the bone so you should heal just fine.”

I nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

If I lost my arm, I would have Yan Xin compensate me with her life.

“Nanxing, do you want some water” Jing Ni asked me carefully.

I nodded.

Jing Ni immediately poured some warm water and carefully inserted a straw into my mouth.

I took a big gulp and started coughing.

It caused the wounds all over my body to tear.

The pain was excruciating.

I moaned in pain.

Jing Ni quickly put down the water and shouted nervously.

“I need help, please! Doctor!”


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