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Chapter 112: Waking Up

Someone answered and came in.

“Quick, get the doctor!” Jing Ni shouted.

The person who came in was Su Qian.

She strode over and pressed the bell beside my bed.

She asked me.

“Miss, where does it hurt”

When I saw her, I was happy but I frowned and said, “It hurts everywhere!”

Su Qian sighed in relief.

The doctors and nurses were coming.

They were led by Lin Ran.

He started the examinations.

Jing Ni stood at the side nervously, not knowing what to do.

After the doctors and nurses were done, I waved for Jing Ni to join me by my side.

Lin Ran studied my monitor and commented with a grin, “Girl, you sure are tough!”

I frowned.

“Doctor Lin, its very painful!”

“Of course it is.

There are wounds all over your body.

They were caused by glass cuts and your fall from the building.

Your ankle is fractured and youll have to use a wheelchair for quite some time… For real this time.” He winked.

“The bullet penetrated through your shoulder so I dont think youll have any lasting effect from it.

However, youll have a hard time looking after yourself.

Thankfully Jing Ni has volunteered to help you.” Jing Ni nodded vehemently.

Lin Rang frowned.

“Tsk, but this wound on your face.

Im afraid its going to leave a permanent scar.”

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I was startled. A scar on my face Oh right, it was from the bullet.

It was thegift left by Yan Xin.

Lin Ran concluded, “Youre lucky to have survived.

The wounds will eventually heal.

When the new semester starts, you will have to use crutches and wheelchair but that shouldnt affect your studies at M University!”

My mind buzzed as I looked at him in surprise.

“The results are out already”

Lin Ran raised his eyebrow.

“Of course it is.

You have been missing for half a month already.

Everyone was worried about you.

Jing Tian almost lost his hair because of you.”

Jing Nis tears fell and Su Qians eyes reddened.

I asked cautiously, “What about my little uncle” Su Qian averted her gaze so I turned to Lin Ran in desperation.

Lin Ran coughed.

“Tong Le hasnt recovered from his old injury but he has insisted to join the operation to save you.

That exacerbated his wounds.

I doubt hell be waking up any time soon.

His condition is worse than yours.” I was worried.

“Will he be alright” Lin Ran sighed, “Dont worry, his life will not be danger as long as Im here.

Its necessary for him to take a long good rest, at least for a whole year.

The injuries he sustained are quite serious.”

“What about Jing Tian” I didnt care that the IV needle was in my arm.

I pulled on Lin Rans sleeves.

“Jing Tian” Lin Ran looked at me with his brow raised.

I looked at him, confused by his reaction.

I didnt notice Jing Nis shocked reaction as well.

Su Qian added softly, “Miss Master Qi is fine.”

That pulled me back to reality. Right I should call him Teacher and not Jing Tian.

Lin Ran noticed that I didnt let go of his shirt.

He said, “Jing Tian was injured before you were kidnapped.

He was too worried about you to rest properly so his injuries worsened.

This time he came back with more wounds.

But compared to Tong Le, he can be considered fine.

The main problem is fatigue.

He needs to sleep and rest.

So I shot him with tranquilizer that could knock down an elephant.”

I finally let him go.

“Tsk.” Lin Ran sighed as he readjusted the needle in my arm.

I still felt no pain.

“Jing Ni, look after her, youll be quite busy for a while.” Lin Ran told Jing Ni.

Jing Ni nodded seriously.

After Lin Ran left, I asked, “What about Auntie Bai Rui and Su Shen How are they” Jing Ni immediately started to cry.

Su Qian added, “The third madam was heavily injured.

She was in the ICU for 10 days before she was transferred to a normal ward.

She is still recovering.”

I turned to Jing Ni, “Ni Ni, then why are you here You should go accompany auntie!”

Jing Ni cried, “Nanxing, this is all my fault.

If not for me, you wouldnt be kidnapped.

When I saw the blood pour out from my mom, I was really afraid that theyd really kill her, so I, I…”

I said with some anger, “What are you talking about Dont blame yourself.

Do you think Id expect you to let your mother die Plus you and Auntie Bai Rui are innocent.

Those people came for me and you were injured because of me.

You shouldnt apologize to me, you should go and look after auntie!”

Jing Ni cried harder, “Nanxing, Im…”

“Shush! If you apologize further, Ill really get mad at you.

If you really want to split hairs, I should apologize to you.

Su Qian, pull me up so I can apologize to Jing Ni!” I warned.

Jing Ni quickly stopped me.

“Okay, Nanxing, Ill stop!”

I smiled.

“Ni Ni, this is not your fault, its mine.

I hope that you will forgive me.

In the future, I promise to make it up to you and Auntie Bai Rui, okay Well survive this and get stronger.”


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