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Chapter 118: The Secret Room

I scratched my head and said in embarrassment, “Whoops, how can I forget about that” I knocked on the glass.

“The glass is not only bulletproof, itll also self-destruct if someone tries to force it open physically.”

Tan Si was so frightened that he hurriedly took two steps back and said with a bitter expression, “Sister Xing!”

I smiled.

“Sorry, my bad but Im here, you wont lose your life!” I stretched out my left hand and sighed.

“My father has a habit of using my palm prints as keys.

So you were right to capture me or else you could only look at the money and salivate.” Yan Xin and Tong Lins expressions were extremely unsightly.

I had Tan Si and Ah Mang looked around the glass house.

With their data, I analyzed it on my laptop.

Finally I located the key point.

I placed all 10 fingers on it.

No one made any noise as they watched me.

I stood there for a minute but nothing happened.

Yan Xin sneered, “So youre a fake after all!” Right at the moment, the glass walls suddenly moved.

A piece of glass before Tan Si shrunk back down into the ground and a square door opened.

Tan Si was startled and he hid behind Ah Mang.

After a while, Tan Si walked out from behind Ah Mang in embarrassment.

He touched the back of his head.

“Sister, Xing.”

I raised my chin.

“Go and take out two stacks of money for Miss Yan and Mr.


“Okay!” Tan Si rushed in.

With everyone watching, he grabbed blocks of money from each pile.

Then he walked out.

I signaled for him to bring them to Tong Lin and Yan Xin.

“Show them the year the money is printed.

If they still arent satisfied, Brother Jing, do you mind getting the money authentication machine from the copter.

Today were not leaving until our guests are satisfied.”

Yan Xin said hatefully, “What exactly is it that you want to do”

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I shrugged.

“Well you were the one who wanted to find these money! You spent so much effort to look through my parents island and then had to waste time to kidnap me.

After that, you still had to coax and tempt me.

Arent these what you are after Since you have worked so hard for them, I have to let you see them in person.

That way your effort wouldnt have gone to waste.”

Tan Si chuckled out loud and he was soon joined by people behind him.

Tong Lin demanded, “Nanxing, you did all these things just to humiliate us”

I looked at him.

“Cousin, you are quite clever.

I didnt do this to humiliate you, that would be a waste of my time.

Actually I want you to be my witnesses.” I extended my hand to Brother Jing.

Brother Jing stepped forward and handed me two lighters.

He sighed.

I smiled sweetly at him.

“Brother Jing, please dont be like that.

I will apologize to little uncle in person.” With everyone watching, I threw the two burning lighters into the glass house.

Then I placed my palms on the key zone.

The glass door rose up.

Everyone exclaimed.

Tan Si was about to rush in.

“Sister Xing, your money! Theyre burning! We need to save them!” Brother Jing pulled him aside.

Yan Xin and Tong Lin also cried out.

“Nanxing, what are you doing Have you lost your mind”

I shuffled away from the glass house with my crutches.

I turned back to look at the pyre.

“I have not lost my mind but you people have!” I continued.

“I really need to thank Yan Xin and Tong Lin for kidnapping me here or else I wouldnt have recovered parts of my memory.

I finally remembered I have a wonderful childhood and parents who loved me dearly.

However, this time, too many people have been injured because of me.

My little uncle, Master Qi, my guard, Su Shen, my friends mother and my friends… And the reason is the money before me.

“I am lucky to be still alive after all these years.

I even reconnected with my little uncle.

I have gained friends who love me for me.

And that is more than enough.

I dont need money but you people do.

And for that, you are constantly plotting against my life.

So I shall end this once and for all.

So Miss Yan and Mr.

Tong, what do you think of my solution”


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