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Chapter 136: Business

I joked.

“Thankfully I was running a legitimate business or else Master Liu would have caught me red-handed.”

Gu Nian smiled.

“So is Nanxing interested in taking on more contract deals”

I looked at him.

“If they are legitimate, I dont see why not”

Gu Nian pointed at the Starbucks.

“Shall we discuss them in more details then”

I nodded and followed him.

Gu Nians assistant was already waiting there.

This meant that Gu Nian came to find me in person and he didnt send his assistant to do so.

I felt moved and respected.

Gu Nian took a file from his assistant and handed it to me.

“Nanxing, there are 5 companies in here.

The requests are the same.

The deposit is 200,000 RMB.

Ill pay you the rest after the transaction is completed.” Gu Nian said.

I opened the file and scanned through the basic info of 5 companies.

I put the documents back.

Touching the edge of the file, I asked, “Master Liu, why me Many people could do this job.”

Gu Nian smiled.

“Caution is a virtue.”

I didnt answer.

Gu Nian added plainly, “I need new people to the scene to do this so that people wont trace it back to me so easily.

If they do, itll make my life more difficult.

So, Nanxing, youre the best candidate.”

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“Really, you think Im the best candidate to look into the Nan Family” My finger tapped the file twice.

Gu Nian continued matter-of-factly.

“Why not I believe you will turn your eyes on the Nan Family eventually.

I am just pushing that agenda ahead for you.

Also Ill be paying you for it.”

I nodded.

“So I have nothing to lose.” Gu Nian nodded with a smile.

I looked at the contract Gu Nians assistant handed me and I signed my name. Okay! I will be taking this business deal!

Gu Nians smile deepened.

“Nanxing, have people told you that you look like your mother” I nodded.

Gu Nian then added, “But you remind me of your father too.” I looked at him.

This was the first time someone told me I resembled my father.

Whenever people brought up my parents, my mother would overshadow my father.

Most people only knew him through my mother.

Gu Nian smiled gently.

“Like your father, you are clever, cautious, brave and responsible.

He was a very unique and good person.”

I was intrigued.

“How did you know my father”

“Lets just say we admired each other!” Gu Nian uttered it like it was no big deal.

“How about this Nanxing, Ill tell more about your father after you complete this business deal.”

How could I say no

I accepted the contract and took it back to the library to show Jing Ni.

She was happy because we got another business.

However, when she saw Nan Family Corporation, she was shocked.

I tapped her shoulders and shared with her my thoughts.

Jing Ni looked at me with widened eyes.

“Nanxing, are you sure about going after the Nan Corporation” She asked me in trepidation.

I lowered my head to look at the contract.

“Jing Ni, dont you find the appearance of this Master Liu suspicious Plus, my little uncle and Jing Tian have been up to something recently.

I suspect theyre planning something big without telling us.”

Jing Ni looked at me in surprise.

I was a person of my words.

Since I had taken this job then I would do my best.

However, when the Nan Corporations business details appeared before my eyes, I was stunned.

I didnt expect the company to be running in such deficit!

My little uncle liked to run his mouth but he didnt actually apply any financial sanctions on the Nan Corporations so how did the companys finances be so bad

Where was all the money How did Nan Feng embezzle the entire Nan Corporation

Based on Brother Hus investigation, for the Nan Family, other than the few real estates they owned, they were basically living on debts and air.

Jing Ni and I looked into the business partners of the Nan Family.

I noticed that they had many business deals with the Shi Family and Master Gu Er.

“None of their business connection makes sense.” Jing Ni commented.

“What kind of circumstance would make someone do something like this To risk everything due to desperation.

Nan Feng is crazy.” I asked Jing Ni.

“Well, they might be threatened.

Take for example, your relationship with 7th uncle.

I threaten to expose it to the whole world and to stop me from doing that, you would do everything I ask.”

I looked at Jing Ni silently for a long time.

My heart was rocked to its core.


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