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Chapter 147: Friend or Foe

I turned around to ask the lobby manager, “Where did they go after that”

The manager shook his head in confusion.

“That, I really dont know.”

My brain worked quickly.

I led Su Qian and Su Shen out from the restaurant and hurried to the underground parking lot.

I hacked into the guardrooms computer and confirmed that Shi Fengs car had left the lot from Exit D.

I took a deep breath to suppress the anxiety within me.

I had Su Shen gather all the manpower available in the city.

I had to find Shi Feng and Jing Ni!

I didnt call the police because I was more concerned about the Jing Familys reputation more than anyone else.

After all, Jing Tian would be implicated.

The real people who couldnt care about the Jing Familys reputation were Jing Ning and his mother.

I had no other choice but to use every forces I could gather to search through this big city.

I refused to let anything bad happen to Jing Ni.

As long as she was safe, our destiny would really change.

To be my best self, I needed my best friend to be there!

I knew that I would offend Shi Feng and the Shi Family because of this.

But so what I am Tong Huan and Nan Zhengs daughter, and because of that, they have already targeted me.

Jing Tian and my little uncle tried to protect me as best as they could but could they protect me forever

Eventually I would have to face the 5 brothers.

They could be friends or foes, but there would be conflict. Then I might as well start with Shi Feng.

Let me see what the Shi Family is all about.

Furthermore, the history between me and Shi Feng went further back than this.

When he sold me to Yan Xin and Tong Lin, he should already expect a counter attack from me.

As I sat in Su Qians car, my mind was filled with thoughts.

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Su Shens phone suddenly rang.

She handed it to me.

“Nanxing, its Master Si!”

I hesitated for a moment before I took the phone.

I was still rational.

“Little uncle, its me.”

Unexpectedly, Tong Le didnt fly into a rage like I had expected, if anything, his voice was unusually calm.

“The Shi family has five properties in M City.

Young Master Shi has three hotels under his name.

Ive sent the address to Su Qings phone.

Ive sent Gao Jing to check the 5 properties.

See which hotel you are closest to.

Im on my way to Li Jing.”

“Little uncle.” My eyes watered.

My little uncle was always best to me.

He didnt even ask for details and already decided to help me.

After the call ended, I handed the phone back to Su Shen.

“Check the message my little uncle sent.

Which hotel are we closest to”

I could hear Su Qian and Su Shen sigh in relief.

I assumed it was because my little uncle had gotten involved.

“Have my little uncle and Jing Tian given you two warning like if I die, youll have to die too” I asked.

The two of them didnt speak.

I felt guilty.

“Im sorry for always dragging you into danger with me.”

Su Qian who drove smiled.

“Getting into danger is our job but Nanxing, we really hope that youll be safe.

It has nothing to do with the warnings.

Mission is mission but we have feelings too.

It is our sincere hope that Sky Citys Sister Xing would carve out a path for herself!”

I smiled.

“Arent assassins supposed to have no feeling”

Su Shen tapped Su Qian, “Turn right, and well reach Triumph Arch Hotel!” Su Qian whipped the steering wheel around and the car behind us honked.

I titled to the side and Su Shen held me, “Assassins are people too, were not robots.

Miss, youve read too much novels.”

I smiled and was touched.

The Shi Family was one of the shareholders of Triumph Arch Hotel.

When I demanded at the front desk to see Shi Feng, the receptionist rewarded me with a disdainful look.

She assumed I was a resentful girlfriend abandoned by their young master.

She dawdled and refused to give me anything.

I glanced at the surveillance at all corners.

I took out my phone and hacked into the hotels database.

I deleted all of their video files and replaced them with, Shi Feng if you dare to harm Jing Ni, I will kill you!

The sentence soon appeared on all the screens at the hotel.

I looked at the front desk receptionist and smiled.

“Now can you tell me which room Shi Feng is in”

The receptionist screamed like she had seen a monster.

The security guard quickly came to help her.

Su Qian and Su Shen immediately knocked two of the guards out.

The lobby was in chaos.

I glanced at all the camera.

I made sure that whoever behind the camera would know it was me who was behind this chaos.

“Nanxing” A gentle voice sounded beside me.

I turned around and saw Gu Nian in a beige casual outfit.

Gu Nian waved at the guards who were swarming over.

“Stop! This is Miss Nanxing!”


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