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Chapter 153: Go To Heaven

Jiang Hu issues had to be solved the Jiang Hu way.

There was no need for feigned civility anymore.

After they dispersed, my little uncle collapsed on the sofa.

Jing Tian hauled him up.

“Explain to me.

When did the relationship between you and Jing Ni start”

My little uncle shoved him back and fell back into the sofa.

“Can you stop pestering me I was only trying to resolve the situation in the most peaceful way I knew, who would have thought those old farts would be so difficult to deal with.” My little uncle sighed.

Jing Tian grabbed my little uncle by his collar.

“Now everyone assumes Jing Ni is your fiance, how do you plan to deal with that”

My little uncle rolled his eyes and pointed upstairs.

“I think we have a worse problem to deal with before we need to consider that.” Jing Tian sighed.

He let go of my little uncle and slumped down in the sofa.

This time, it was my little uncle who turned to demand from Jing Tian.

“Speaking of, when have I agreed to let Nanxing be your fiance How dare you speak of such nonsense before me Do you wish to be beaten up I object to this marriage!”

Jing Tian looked at him.

“Objection denied!”

My little uncle tightened his fists.

“Say that again” I quickly rushed forward to hold him back, “Little uncle, be careful of your fists! Youre going to cause your wounds to tear open again!” I tried my best to pull him away from Jing Tian.

“Are you really concerned about my arms Hmph! Dont think I dont know your plans!” He slumped down beside Jing Tian.

Jing Tian reached out for me.

I bounced over to him and sat on the armrest beside him.

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My little uncle sighed.

“Jing Tian, you better think of a way to solve the issue upstairs first.”

Jing Tian rubbed his tired face but said nothing.

I jumped in.

“I have to teach Jing Ning and Jing Yan a lesson! Jing Tian, you mustnt stop me!”

Jing Tian shook his head.

“Of course, I wont.

But when I hurried home earlier, Jing Ning and Jing Yan have already traveled overseas!”

I gasped, “Theyve escaped”

Jing Tian nodded.

“This whole thing stinks now that I think about it.

First there is the issue with the capital company.

But since it was father who told me to go, I didnt think much of it.

There is an Ardent Flame base there too so I went to have a look.

I didnt expect this was the siblings plan to lure me away from home.” Jing Tians voice was thick with disappointment.

Then he held my hands.

“Nanxing, thank you! If something really did happen to Jing Ni, I doubt she would be able to survive it.”

“You should thank my little uncle and not me.” I tickled his palm.

He glanced at Tong Le but said nothing. Aiz, the words of appreciation are so hard to say! He probably is still mad at the fact that Tong Le has taken Jing Ni as his fiance.

Tong Le rolled his eyes.

“Hey! Thats enough.

You should direct your anger at that Shi Feng!”

The mention of Shi Feng only got me fired up.

“That bastard, Ill kick him every time I see him next! Ill make him regret being born!” I hissed.

My little uncle scratched his chin.

“That kid is a pervert.

That room of his is a dungeon.

Even Ive not seen the things he had in the there before.

I cant imagine how he has managed to collect them.

That must be the source of Jing Nis trauma.

Aiz! My dear Master Qi, stop glaring at me.

You better try to figure out how to save that girl.

Theres no telling what kind of hell she has immersed herself in now.”

Jing Tian looked troubled.

“Luo Yang is at Country L, hes our only hope now.

But he cant get over here.”

“Why” My little uncle asked.

“His wife is pregnant, he cant leave her side.

So we need to send Jing Ni to him.” Jing Tian uttered.

My little uncle glared at him.

“Are you kidding With the state that the girl is in, Ill be impressed if you can get her out of bed, much less bring her out of the country!”

Jing Tian looked at him.

Then I looked at him.

My little uncle shivered.

“What, what Why are you two looking at me like that”

I smiled sweetly.

“Little uncle, since Jing Ni is your fiance, you need to take responsibility for her.

Well depend on you to send Jing Ni to Country L to see this doctor.

Its settled then! Youll depart tomorrow! Jing Tian, you have to arrange a way to transport Jing Ni to the airport and onto the plane.”

“Are you kidding me” My little uncle jumped up from the sofa.

“Nanxing, are you itching for trouble Youre scheming against your little uncle again!”

I stood before him with puppy eyes.

“Little uncle, Jing Ni is my best friend.

Look, she only calms down when she is around you and not anyone else, not even me.

Little uncle, youre going to save her life and that will help you get into heaven.

Dont you want to go to heaven

“No! Id rather stay in hell!” Tong Le huffed.


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