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Chapter 161: Princess

I felt sorry for her.

I looked around.

“Does this mean there are your guards hiding around us now”

Mai Qi nodded.

“Of course.

But I cant tell where they are and what disguises they have taken.

I dont want to know either, I just pretend that they dont exist.

That way, I can keep up the illusion that Im just out for a meal with my friend.”

I sighed and patted her hands.

“My dear princess, be content.

Not everyone has this blessing.

Look at Lu Yan, she cant imagine someone is living a life like yours.” Lu Yan was busy since she started the semester.

She had many part-time jobs and was rarely seen at the dorm.

She would come back and collapse from tiredness.

It was clear that she had financial problems but she refused to accept our charity.

She was an independent and hardworking girl.

Mai Qi smiled.

“My mother always tells me the same thing but I only find her annoying.

She keeps on repeating the same thing.”

“If my mother is still alive, Ill gladly let her talk my ears off.” I blurted.

We both were startled.

I continued sincerely.

“But honestly, you have quite a happy life.

For me, I cant even remember my parents.

Something is wrong with my memory.

Not too long ago, I was kidnapped and brought back to my childhood home and I only remembered a little bit of them.

So, my dear princess, you have to cherish what you have.”

Mai Qi was silent but I knew that she had taken my advice.

I raised my glass and clinked it against her.

I smiled.

She glared jokingly at me.

When we left, we didnt run into Ye Qian and Gu Yan.

I looked around when Mai Qi nudged me.

“Dont worry, with Ye Qians shrewdness, she wont allow Gu Yan to appear before us.”

I was shocked by her comments on Ye Qian.

“Wait, I thought you were greatly charmed by your Sister Ye Qians… kindness.”

Mai Qi rolled her eyes at me.

“Do you think Im that dumb Shes kind to me because of my father!”

I said, “You are not dumb but many people are, because so many people like Ye Qian.”

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Mai Qi nodded.

“She is Master Gu Ers wifes niece.


Gu isnt favored but her niece is heavily favored by Master Gu Er.

I believe you know how cunning this Ye Qian is.

She isnt born with a pretty face but she is blessed with a brilliant mind.

She has made herself indispensable to many people and that is way more important than a pretty face.”

I was impressed by Mai Qi.

“My dear princess, you are amazing at reading people!”

She rolled her eyes.

“Do you think only you know how to read peoples expressions”

I nodded and smiled.

“I assumed that only people like myself, who had to rely on others since I was young, needed to be cautious around others.

Plus, shouldnt it be others who need to read your expression This has allowed me to view you in a new light.”

Mai Qi huffed, “You people always mistake me for someone dumb.”

I pulled on her arm.

“My dear princess, I was wrong.

From now on, I will read your expressions and serve you nicely!”

Mai Qi hit me.

“You and your pretty face and sharp tongue! Thats all you rely on always!”

I corrected her.

“Thats where youre wrong.

I also rely on my little uncle!”

Mai Qi blushed.

I stopped joking with her.

I felt guilty because I hadnt fulfilled my promise of bringing her to meet my little uncle.

“When my little uncle and Jing Ni come back home, I will introduce you to him.” Mai Qi blushed even harder.

To be honest, Mai Qi was a very cute girl.

When you got past her walls, you would realize how sincere and kind she was.

There was one thing that Gu Yan said that day that bothered me.

After I returned home that night, I had dinner and went to Jing Tians room.

I waited for him until I fell asleep.

When Jing Tian hugged me, I slowly woke up.

I mumbled, “Why did you come back so late”

He countered, “Why did you come back home” He smiled.

I was completely awake.

I rolled away from his arms and got up.

He sat up in bed.

I pounced at him and circled my arms around his neck.

Then I bit on his chin.

His chin was stubbly and it was quite prickly.

Jing Tian moaned and he patted me lightly on my back.

“Why did you bite me”

I pushed forward and fell into bed with him.

I rolled so that he was laying on top of me.

I reached out to hug his waist, refusing to let him go.

“Because Im angry.”

Jing Tian held his breath.

He paused before asking, “Whats wrong”

I could feel his body tense up.

Reminded of the damn oath Jing Tian had given my little uncle, I let go of him unwillingly.

Jing Tian immediately rolled away from me.

However, he still cared about me.

He asked.

“Who made you angry”

“You did!” I huffed.


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