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Chapter 168: Guilt

I shook my head and said with a smile, “Honestly I cant remember everything, just bits, and pieces.

However, I have you.

It doesnt matter if I cant remember them.

Hell, itd be worse if its me who can remember everything and you have forgotten everything.” I laughed heartily.

Jing Tian smiled dotingly, “Nanxing, I will never forget these things.

Nanxing, you have saved my life and I will remember that for the rest of my life!”

I looked at him.

“Just remembering them is not enough! You have to marry me, understood”

Jing Tian tapped me on my forehead.

“So, why did I lose my memory” I asked.

Jing Tians smile disappeared.

“The kidnappers didnt give us anything to eat.

Everyone was so hungry.

The berries that you collected immediately got the other 4s attention.

Qu Hao was the first to jump at you.

“You were too small to fight back so you could only watch as they stole all the berries away.

However, the berries were not enough for the 4 of them.

So they glared at you.

To save yourself from more beatings, you promised them that youd go to forage more berries for them.”

“How devilish could they be They were only so young!” I huffed.

Jing Tian sighed.

“Nanxing, this is human nature.

You have to remember this.

During life or death situations, people will only care for themselves.” He glanced at me.

“But you are the sole exception! Even at that moment, you placed me first and had to face the bullying from 4 bigger kids.”

I sighed, “Sounds like they are more hindrance than an aid.”

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Jing Tian nodded.

“You are not wrong.

When my temperature rose again, you went back to fetch water for me.

After having the berries, Nanyang and Gu Yan were thirsty so they came to steal the bamboo pipe from you.

You were willing to give them the berries but not the water because to you, I needed water to survive but they didnt.

“So you started to fight them over the water.

They beat you and the bamboo pipe fell to the ground in the process.

Gu Yan cried because of the spilled water and that attracted the attention of the kidnappers.”

Jing Tian paused.

I felt like this was a turning point in the story so I tensed up.

However, since we were all still alive and well, it meant that we were saved in the end.

“Did we get saved soon”

Jing Tian looked at me with sadness in his eyes and shook his head lightly.

“After the kidnappers came in and saw the berry pith on the ground, they became suspicious immediately.

Nanyang sold you out instantly.

The kidnappers grabbed you by your ankles.

They slapped you twice and then tossed you away.

The back of your head knocked against the wall.” Jing Tian touched the spot where I had hit my head.

He looked at me with a pained gaze.

“Nanyang, I was the one who did this to you.”

I touched the back of my head, no wonder Jing Tian wanted to see the scar that day.

I shook my head.

“It had nothing to do with you.

This is all Nanyangs fault, no, it is the fault of those 4 people!” Then it hit me.

“Wait, that is the reason behind my amnesia”

Jing Tian nodded.

“When your second persona first appeared, I had Lin Ran perform a full body check on you.

He found out that your memory loss probably has to do with this old wound.

I am actually afraid to bring you here because I fear that once you remember all these details, youd hate me for causing you so much pain and suffering.”

I shook my head with a smile.

“Are you a saint or something You need to stop shouldering all this blame.

Plus, you should know how much I love you~ How could I ever hate you But if you feel the need to repay me then you have to marry me! You belong to me, Jing Tian!”

I was not even mad, I was proud that I had such a long history with Jing Tian! No wonder when everyone had betrayed me in my previous life, Jing Tian had sacrificed everything to pull me back from the edge of despair! Everything was fated!

“I am not dead and neither are you.

So we must have been saved.

I heard that it was my big uncle who sent someone to save us” I asked excitedly.

Jing Tian nodded.

“When we were rescued, my injuries were too severe, and I had a secondary infection.

My life was hanging by a thread.

After a quick treatment at City Ms hospital, I was sent abroad for specialist treatment.

I barely escaped the gates of death!”

Jing Tian continued, “After I returned to China, I looked for you to tell you that I have survived but I found out that my father has already married you to Jing Ning.

On top of that you have forgotten everything, you couldnt even remember me anymore.

I was so sad.

I left this country and went overseas to study.

It was then that I got to know your little uncle.

We worked hard and established our own territory and forces.

I stuck close to Tong Le because through him, at least I could still be connected to you.”


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