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Chapter 174: Stop

“Nanxing! Stop!” A gentle voice rang out.

A figure flashed past to grab my wrist.

It was Gu Nian.

“Nanxing, dont be rash!” Gu Nian said softly.

I glared at him but the blood in my body slowed down.

Gu Nian growled at the bodyguard.

“Leave, now!”

Gu Nian blocked my sight of Shi Feng as the man was pushed away.

Then someone came in to drag away the unconscious bodyguard.

Gu Nian gingerly removed the wine bottle from my grasp and I slowly calmed down.

Ignoring Gu Nian, I turned around to help Mai Qi who was crouching on the ground, hugging her head.

Her face was covered in tears.

“Im sorry Mai Qi for scaring you.” I apologized.

However, Mai Qi paled as she stammered.

“I used to befriend that man Is he an animal How could I be so blind” She was talking about Shi Feng.

Gu Nian explained politely.

“Miss Mai Qi, Shi Feng was merely blinded by hatred.”

Mai Qi turned to him.

“Master Liu, youre still covering for him Does your face not hurt” Gu Nian was at a loss for words.

I hugged her.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.”

Mai Qi hugged me back.

“Nanxing, theres no need to apologize.

In fact, I promise that as long as Im around, I wont allow anyone to bully you!”

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Gu Nian looked at us with a bitter smile.

We lost our appetite for dinner.

Looking at the mess, I called the waiter and promised to give the restaurant the appropriate compensation.

The waiter though turned to Gu Nian.

“Director Gu…”

Gu Nian waved his hands.

“You can leave.” Then he turned to us.

“This is my restaurant.

Theres no need for compensation.”

Mai Qi and I were stunned.

No wonder!

I thought about it.

“Master Liu, you have to take this up with the Shi Family.

This is Shi Fengs fault in the first place.”

Gu Nian nicely, “Of course, I will talk to Shi Li about it.”

“Then well be leaving.

I have no appetite already.” I sighed.

Mai Qi nodded.

Gu Nian looked at me.

“Nanxing, dont be afraid, no matter what, Ill be on your side.

I will not let them hurt you but you have to be careful yourself.

Dont lose your temper so easily, you have to learn to control your emotions, okay”

I nodded.

“Thank you!” If only I could control my tempers.

In any case, I now had a feud with the Shi Family.

However, the Shi Family still hadnt given up to get me to be Shi Fengs wife.

Even Shi Feng wanted that.

What a group of weirdos!

I had Gu Nian relay a message to Shi Li and Shi Feng.

“Jing Ning is the one who is behind this mess.

If you want revenge, go and find that man.

If you continue to come to annoy me, I wont hold back next time!”

I could never understand why Shi Feng was so insistent on taking revenge on me but he never did anything to Jing Ning and his cronies.

Mai Qi answered that for me.

“In Shi Fengs eyes, Jing Ning and his cronies are mere slaves, they are not worth his time.

Plus Jing Tian has already punished them.

If Shi Feng adds to their punishment, it will only sow resentment among the slaves.

So instead of punishment, the Shi Family is offering them an olive branch.

That way, the slaves will be more loyal to the Shi Family.

After all, these slaves are still useful to the Shi Family.

“But you are different.

Conquering you will give the Shi Family plenty of face.

Therefore the Shi Family will not let you go.

If you dont give up to them, they will find a way to destroy you.

So Nanxing, you really need to be careful.”

I nodded.

Mai Qi had surprised me again.

Then again, Mai Qi grew up in a family of politicians.

In her eyes, these were just childs play.

The news of my conflict with Shi Feng quickly spread to Jing Tian and every member of Sky City.

I knew Su Qian and Su Shen were the whisperers of the news.

Jing Tian didnt say anything but the next day, I heard that Shi Feng fell down his wheelchair from the stairs and right into the swimming pool.

The fish at the Shi Family villa also disappeared overnight.

It was clear who was behind what.

I demanded angrily from Brother Hu.

“Why didnt you use a more sophisticated method What are we going to do with the fish This is so childish!”

Brother Hu shrugged.

“But that is Sky Citys signature style.

Were childish but fearless.

We need to let them know Ardent Flame Alliance and Sky City are behind these.

If they want a fight, they can come get one!”

I looked at the four 30 plusmen before me wordlessly.

Sky Citys signature is being childish yet fearless That is how weve defined ourselves

Ah! What a headache!

My gang! Childish yet fearless!


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