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Chapter 177: Guests

“I didnt even ask for that!” Jing Ning scoffed.

Ye Qian pinched Jing Nings face and smiled.

“You are really a spoiled child.

She is the eldest miss of the Nan Family.

She has lowered herself to give you everything but you still dont know how to cherish it.”

Jing Ning hugged Ye Qian and buried his face in her shoulder.

“I dont care, I only want you.

Im only sleeping with her for our big plan, please dont think Ive fallen for her.

Therefore, you cant use this as evidence to say that Im not loyal to you in the future!” His tone was pleading.

Mai Qi and I stroke our arms.

We had goosebumps all over.

Ye Qian comforted Jing Ning softly.

Even though Ye Qian was not particularly beautiful, she was mature, elegant, intelligent, gentle, and generous.

Compared to her, Nanyang was nothing.

But most importantly Jing Nings heart was with Ye Qian.

Finally Nanyang arrived.

She opened the door and saw Ye Qian and Jing Ning alone in the room.

Even though the two were seated separately from each other, I caught the sadness in Nanyangs eyes.

However, it disappeared quickly.

She hugged Ye Qian generously, “Sister Ye Qian.”

Ye Qian said, “Nanyang, youve done well, good job.” Nanyang was very happy with the compliment.

I shook my head.

“What is so magical about this Ye Qian that people are willingly fooled by her”

All of a sudden, Mai Qi reached her hand over to cover my mouth.

This was Mai Qis first time doing something like this so she was not familiar with things.

I pulled her hand away and chuckled, “Dont worry, we can hear them but they cant hear us.”

Mai Qi slowly sighed in relief.

Then she added, “Youll fall for her magic after you interact with her long enough.

Shes like a hypnotist.”

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I didnt say anything.

In my previous life, this woman had caused my suicide.

Then again, I was dumb so it wasnt fully her fault.

Then, more people came in.

Mai Qi and I didnt recognize any of them.

I matched their faces with my software and I was shocked when their identities came up.

They were all important figures at M City.

Even though they were just vice directors now, they would prove influential in the future.

For example, if the director of the Department of Health suddenly died, someone in the next room would replace him.

In other words, the guests were all future pillars of M City.

I was impressed.

“Jing Ning is quite clever.

He has shown the ability to plan ahead by inviting these people.”

Mai Qis expression was solemn.

“This has to be Ye Qians idea.

Nanxing, Ye Qian is not simple.

Jing Ning is not the only one in her control.”

I nodded, I agreed heartily.

Ye Qian graciously introduced the guests to Jing Ning.

As Mai Qi said, these people only came to give face to Ye Qian and Master Gu Er behind her.

Jing Ning quickly familiarized himself with these people.

The atmosphere was lively.

At that moment, Ye Qian whispered something to Nanyang.

Nanyang nodded and silently slipped out.

Ever since the powerful men appeared, Nanyang had been cowering at the corner like a rabbit.

“Has Nanyang always been so easily frightened At the very least, she is the eldest miss of the Nan Family.

She is your big sister, so how can the two of you be so different” Mai Qi began to analyze Nanyang.

I didnt say anything.

If Li Yuan heard this comment, she would blow up.

Li Yuan had raised her daughter with the goal of making her the best lady in the world.

She was to be the pride of the Nan Family.

However, things didnt go that way.

Nanyang had already sold her soul and body to Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

Soon Nanyang returned and 5 beauties in short dresses came in behind her.

When we saw the 5 girls, even Mai Qi and I took in a deep breath.

They were all ethereally beautiful.

Nanyang smiled and introduced the 5 girls.

They all had easy-to-remember English names, Lucy, Lily, Mary, Cindy, Coco.

Then like a pimp, Nanyang assigned the girls to the men.

However, in the end, there were too many men and not enough girls.

Therefore, Ye Qian arranged for Nanyang to accompany two middle-aged deputy directors.

Nanyangs face was full of fear.

She looked at Jing Ning with tears in her eyes.

Jing Ning pushed her a glass of wine and said gently, “Nanyang, you are the most gentle and sensible girl I know, I am sure that you will not disappoint me.

Look after these two gentlemen for me, okay”


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