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Chapter 178: Watching the Show

Nanyang sat back down obediently.

Nanyang was inexorably devoted to Jing Ning.

At first, the situation was quite awkward.

However, with Ye Qians great hosting skill, it gradually became more lively.

The girls were all top students from the art school, including Nanyang.

This meant that they were good singers and dancers.

They sang and drank.

The girls slowly became looser.

Mai Qi grabbed a beer can and opened it.

She took a sip.

She looked at the can and then looked at me.

I looked at the girls gone wild and pointed at the table on screen.

“There is no canned drinks, they are served cocktails.

I believe the drinks have been tempered with.” Mai Qi was shocked and I sighed.

As the girls became more inebriated, their movements became more uninhibited.

The skirts started to rise up their legs.

The mens hands became unruly.

The girls didnt resist but use their bodies to reciprocate the attention from the men… including Nanyang.

I was shocked.

I thought the cocktails were mixed with strong alcohol to make the girls be looser but clearly that was not the case.

“Nanxing, what should we do” Mai Qi asked nervously.

“Call the police.” I hissed.

Mai Qi took out her phone but I stopped her.

I messaged Tan Si instead.

They were more familiar with the police.

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Mai Qi was confused.

I explained, “We better be careful.

Its best we dont let them know were involved for now.” Mai Qi nodded.

“By the way, how did you know Ye Qian” I asked.

“Master Gu Ers wife knows my mother.

My mother knew that they only wanted to use her to get my father and brother but such is human nature.

In our field, people are to be used.

My mother cared about my father and wouldnt let them near him.

However, she understood the importance of maintaining a peaceful connection.

I was coming to M City and the girls were coming as well, so my mother asked them to look after me.

There were many people like Ye Qian and Master Gu Er.

Telling them to look after me was my mothers way of giving them face.” Mai Qi said evenly.

I removed the surveillance device and closed the laptop.

Mai Qi gasped, “Why did you switch it off Those are all evidence!”

I shook my head.

“Weve seen enough.

I cant stomach more than that, its too disgusting.”

Mai Qi sighed, “I dont understand Nanyang or those girls.”

“Ive sent the pictures of the girls to Brother Gao Da and had him look into their background.

Perhaps they have difficulties of their own.

We should help them if we can and not take advantage of them like Nanyang.”

“The woman is lost from love! She would do anything for Jing Ning! Why is she so loyal to him anyway” Mai Qi was furious.

My heart shivered.

Nanyang liked Jing Ning when they were young and Jing Ning knew about it.

So why did he tell his grandfather that he liked me instead Why didnt Nanyang object when he proposed to me but only tried to steal him back from me afterwards

Combining both my lives, I realized Jing Ning had to know Nanyangs feelings for him and Nanyang believed Jing Ning would end up with her.

Ye Qian was an accident.

What about me How did I fit into the picture I closed my eyes and leaned back on the couch.

“Nanxing, whats wrong” Mai Qi asked worriedly.

I waved my hands and requested for some peace and quiet.

Jing Ning, Nanyang, me and the kidnapping.

Jing Tian didnt know how the 3 of us were kidnapped, he only heard from the maid that I was sold out by Nanyang.

The kidnappers originally only went for Jing Ning and Nanyang.

How did the kidnappers get to them No one knew and no one asked.

The person who should ask had lost her memory.

Why did Jing Ning insist on marrying me and did manage to marry me in my previous life It was to hide what they had done to me, they were afraid that I might recover my memory.

After they ensured that I had really lost my memory, they kicked me aside despite the fact that I was pregnant with Jing Nings child.

The man couldnt even care about his own flesh and blood.

I was angry but it was pointless.

From the start, I was just a tool.

Jing Ning married me because it allowed him to keep a close watch on me.

From the beginning, I was the third wheel between Jing Ning and Nanyang.


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