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“Brother Lin Ran, youre a doctor.

Can you tell me if selective amnesia is real” I asked him seriously.

Calling him Brother Lin Ran played to his ego.

“How selective do you mean” He asked.

“Well, I cant remember anything before age 6, its like my memory has been wiped clean.” I tried my best to describe the feeling.


Lin Ran scratched his nose.

“I can help you find a psychologist for that.”

“Alright then.

But before that, can you tell me everything you know about the kidnapping” I pleaded.

Lin Ran shook his head.

“No, its not my place to tell.

Thats up to Jing Tian.”

I was a little dejected.

“I came to ask you because he refuse to tell me anything.”

Lin Ran laughed.

“Girl, so youre trying to work me for information How about this If you get a perfect score in the biology test, Ill tell you everything I know!”

I grabbed the chance.

“You have a deal.”

Lin Ran found me amusing.

“Do you like Jing Tian”

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I answered without hesitation.

“I do.”

Lin Ran was surprised before he gave me 2 thumbs up.

With Jing Tians full-time and Lin Rans part-time tutoring, Jing Ni and my grades improved tremendously.

Soon summer break was over and we were going back to school.


As fate would have it, we ran into Li Tian and Tian Ting on the first day of school.

Li Tian glanced at my feet and said scornfully, “Nan Xing, why would you still come to school You do know theres an exam today, right”

Tian Ting nudged Li Tian.

“She has been tutored by 7th uncle through the summer break.

Shes probably ordered to come to school to take the exam to see if she has made any progress!”

Li Tian tutted.

“Thats just a waste of everyones time.

With the brain of hers, clearly theres not going to be any improvement.” Then she turned to me, “Do you know why your leg is injured Its because youve dominated too much of 7th uncles time and God has decided to punish you for it!”


Well, that was truly a refreshing way to look at things…

In the eyes of these people, Nan Xing was a nuisance.

Even if she just stood there and breathe, they would find her annoying.

This was why I felt so ashamed because I tried my best to curry these peoples favor in my past life.

I took in all of their negative criticisms and tried to improve myself, not knowing they were only thrashing me for the sake of it.

But now, I realized it was just a waste of time to argue with clowns.

Jing Ni was fuming on my behalf, “How can you people say that You saw with your own eyes how Nan Xing injured her feet! Do you have no heart”


Even though Jing Ni was not valued in her family, she was ultimately the 5th Miss of the Jing Family.

Li Tian and her cronies still needed to give her face.

Tian Ting grumbled, “Forget it, lets not waste time here.”

Li Tian said disdainfully, “Birds of a feather flock together.

Only dummy will defend another dummy.” But after Li Tian said that, she scurried away for fear of retaliation from Jing Ni.

Jing Ni stomped her feet in anger.

“Nan Xing! Why didnt you say anything You shouldnt let them bully you!”

I tapped her arm lightly.

“Ni Ni, trust and believe that karma will be coming for them.”

Jing Ni stopped to look curiously at me.

“Nan Xing, I notice that you always act dumb and easily bullied before outsiders.

Why is that”

I smiled and chided her jokingly.

“You finally noticed”

Jing Ni puffed her cheeks at me in mock anger.

I pinched her cheeks.

“Well, as you know Im the idiotic second miss of the Nan Family, I have to live up to that title, right”

Jing Ni grabbed my hand.

“But youre not stupid! 7th uncle knows that, I know that and even Doctor Lin Ran knows that!”

I smiled.

“And isnt that enough I dont care about anyone else.”

“But theyll bully you because of it.” Jing Ni huffed indignantly.

I looked at Jing Ni and said calmly.

“Ni Ni, dont worry, I wont let them bully me forever.

For now, our goal is to enter M University but before that, Ill have to be as stupid as I can be!”

Jing Ni was confused for a moment before my plan clicked in her mind.

“Nan Xing, is there anything I can help you with” Jing Ni was as clever as I thought.

I thought about it.

“We need to figure out a way for us to stay longer at your 7th uncles.

I dont want to go back home, its not a conducive environment for studying.”

Jing Ni nodded.

“No problem! Ill talk to Grandpa about it!” Then she hesitated, “Nan Xing, are you sure you wont marry my big brother My Grandpa was quite disappointed when he found out.”


I looked at her. Silly girl, I dont know to be your sister-in-law.

I want to be your seventh aunt!

“Ni Ni, for now, I only want to focus on my study.

Romance can come later.

Furthermore, you saw yourself that your big brother doesnt like me but my big sister.

He probably mistook me for my big sister when he was young.

Or something must have happened.

After we enter M University and I have the spare time, Ill look further into it.”

Even though Jing Ni had no idea what I was talking about, she nodded firmly, showing her allegiance to me.


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