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Chapter 187: Negotiations

Translator: Lonelytree

“Big sister, what are you doing” I smiled.

Nanyang cried like she had gone mad.

Nan Feng was holding her back.

“Give it back, give it back to me! You b*tch! B*stard!” She threw all the bad words she knew on me.

I was unfazed by her curses.

Nan Feng suddenly raised his hand to slap Nanyang on her face.

Nanyang fell to the ground and looked at Nan Feng dumbly.

Everyone was shocked, including me.

Everyone knew how much Nan Feng loved his daughter.

I had never seen him scold Nanyang, much less hit her.

Nanyang was stunned.

Then she broke into epic tears.

“Shut up!” Nan Feng roared and Nanyang swallowed back her tears.

Nan Feng looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“What do you want”

I was not afraid.

I enunciated each word clearly, “I want my fathers part of company shares and the inheritance he deserves!”

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The living room was silent.

The 3 looked at me like I was a monster.

“No, impossible!” Nan Feng squeezed the words out from his teeth.

“Your father has no inheritance! He has lost everything! He has squandered his share of the inheritance! He gave us his company shares voluntarily because he needed us to raise you!” Li Yuan shouted shrilly.

I looked at her and my icy gaze made her cower.

“If you insist on that story, why dont we check the accounts” I suggested.

“Who do you think you are Even when your father was alive, he didnt have the right to look through the account! Who are you to check Nan Corporations numbers!” Li Yuan said angrily.

“Really” I slowly sat up.

I tapped on my phone.

“The eldest daughter of the Nan Family is seen having sex with the young master of the Jing Family before marriage.

She even supplies Young Master Jing with female prostitutes to serve his rich friends.

There are pictures and videos as evidence.

Say, if I release this news, what do you think will happen to the Nan Corporation” Once again, silence.

Their faces were ashen.

“I only want my fathers part.

I dont want any more than that but I wont accept any less.

Plus I will join the board of directors and inherit my fathers position.

So either you agree to my request or you allow me to release the private matters of the eldest miss of the Nan Family on the internet.

I have nothing to lose.

Either choice works with me.” My tone was calm but there was no budging room.

Nanyang collapsed in Li Yuans arms with despair.

“What if you dont keep your words” Finally a reaction from Nan Feng.

I chuckled.

“What if I dont.

Well, you cant stop me.

You are in no position to challenge me.

Thats the situation now.

Ill leave you to it.

I am going to leave now because I have something else to do.

Give me an answer in 3 days or else I will do it my way.”

Standing outside the Nan Family house, I looked back at this familiar yet strange place.

I opened the door and got into the car.

Su Qian stepped on the pedal and the car shot out.

I turned back to look.

“Do you think people will come to visit if I turn this place into a theme park”

Su Qian answered nonchalantly, “Of course! Itll be a major attraction!”

Okay! When this place is mine, I will blow up the house and build a theme park to use the laughter of children to make up for the laughter that I didnt have at this place.

Gu Nian had been trying to give me Nan Corporation as a present but I rejected him because I wanted to get it back my own way!

I would not allow others to take control of my parents things.

They were not here anymore but their daughter was still alive and I would make them proud!



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