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Chapter 192: Theory

Entering Nan Corporations board of directors was only my first step.

I would use my own strength to regain control of the Nan Corporation for my parents.

As for the other members of the Nan Family I couldnt care less.

I believed in karma.

Considering we were related by blood, I didnt kick them when they were down.

However, that didnt mean I was a pushover.

And someone was going to learn that lesson.

Finding out about Gu Yans movement was not that difficult.

I accosted her at a boutique.

She was trying out the latest dress.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled satisfactorily.

I appeared in the mirror and that frightened her.

Then, her face darkened.

“Are you crazy sneaking up on people like that”

I said lightly, “Why are you so scared if you have not done anything wrong”

She glared at me.

“What do you want”

I leaned on the wall and hugged my arms.

“That is what I need to ask you.

What do you want Ive forgiven you again and again despite the many times youve tried to harm me.

Is it because you find it fun to play with me Okay then, I will play along.

Tell me, what is the game that youre playing”

She was shaking from anger but I honestly couldnt tell why she was so angry.

“You shameless b-tch!” Suddenly her tears fell.

“Miss Gu, are you serious I have not done anything to you.

I didnt hit you or scold you and youre already crying This is all you can do to snatch Jing Tian away from me

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“At least try a little tact.

Why do you expect me to hand over Jing Tian to you when you dont even try Have you saved the Earth or the universe Is it because I owe you since I was born” I looked at her with disdain.

Gu Yan collapsed to the ground in tears.

“I hate you! I hate you! Jing Tian is my fiance.

It was you who snatched him away from me! This is all your fault! How can you be so evil How can you steal him away”

I looked at her in shock.

Gu Yan stood up while crying, “If it werent for you, I would have married him already.

Before we were born, our elders had already arranged our marriage.

However, he changed his mind after he met you and refused to admit to this arranged marriage.

Everyone in both of our families knows about this.

How do you expect me to face their ridicule This is all your fault!” She roared angrily at me.

I took 2 steps back to stay away from her.

I looked at her in disbelief.

“You and Jing Tian have an arranged marriage”

Gu Yan nodded.

“I knew I would be his wife soon after I was born.

My dream is to marry Jing Tian when I grow up.

I wont love anyone else other than Jing Tian!

“My sisters were all envious that I could marry Jing Tian, but, but Jing Tian had a change of heart.

You merely fed him some water and berries when we were kidnapped.

Why did he have to cancel the marriage over that I thought he was only acting out, I was waiting for him to change his mind back but you have to show up in person.” Gu Yan resumed crying.

So Jing Tian really had planted me inside his heart during that time.

I really didnt know what to say. How shameless can this girl be She was the one who bullied me back then but now she made it look like I was the one who bullied her.

“Gu Yan, do you love Jing Tian” I waited for her to finish crying before I asked.

Gu Yan burped and nodded.

“I do.”

“In that case, why didnt you help him when the kidnappers beat him up You didnt need to heal him, you only needed to show concern to him, but did you do that No, you did not! You stayed away from him because you were afraid that the kidnappers might beat you from associating with him.

Am I right”

Gu Yan didnt speak but glared at me.

I smiled.

“You abandoned him during times of danger and you want to have him back when the danger is gone Gu Yan, do you really think people are as heartless as you”


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