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Chapter 193: Schemes against Schemes

Translator: Lonelytree

I suddenly leaned close to her.

“Youre like a clown.

If Ye Qian finds out she was arrested by the police because you were the one who reported her, what do you think she would do”

Gu Yan looked at me in shock.

I chuckled, “You are both Master Gu Ers nieces but she is always finding ways to help Master Gu Er.

She thinks of the big picture but you only care about the tiniest thing.

If you are Master Gu Er, who will you favor With regards to Jing Tian, I have shown that I could give up my life for him.

Can you do that So, Miss Gu, stop blaming others, its time to take up the responsibility!”

I patted her shoulder and left.

I went for the kill.

I wanted Gu Yan to admit her failure from the bottom of her heart.

Let her compare herself to Ye Qian, then she would realize how useless of a person she was.

I intended to warn Gu Yan off and get her to stop finding trouble with me.

I also wanted her to stay away from Ye Qian but the idiot cut her wrist and tried to commit suicide instead.

To make things worse, she didnt die and was saved by Ye Qian.

Ye Qian again, this woman really knows how to ruin my day!

I didnt any feel pity towards Gu Yan.

However, I was surprised that Ye Qian came to find me.

“Nanxing, I need to talk to you about Gu Yan.” She sought me out at my dorm.

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I looked at her.

“Sorry, I have nothing to talk to you or to her.”

Ye Qian replied kindly, “Nanxing, Im afraid theres some misunderstanding between us.

I feel that you dont like me.”

I smiled.

“Sister Ye Qian, everyone loves you so how can I not like you Its just that, youve heard from Nanyang that I was a troublemaker.

My memory is not complete and it causes my temper to run rampant.

Youll have to forgive me for that.” I denied her request gently.

Ye Qian was used to people listening to her orders so eventually, she adopted the tone of a superior before her peers.

Unfortunately, her charm didnt work on me.

I didnt fall for her tricks.

No matter what she did, I wouldnt change my opinion of her.

I flat-out disliked this woman.

Ye Qian was stumped.

I smiled at her.

She suddenly sighed.

“Nanxing, actually I quite like you.

Among all the girls, you are the most outstanding, so much so that I am jealous.”

I smiled generously back at her.

“Sister Ye Qian, you must be joking.

You are surrounded by young ladies of the most powerful families.

Who am I Im just an orphan despised by most of your friends.”

Ye Qians expression darkened.

“Nanxing, I dont want us to be enemies.

I believe we can help each other with our goals.

So why do you waste your time, energy on meaningless people”

“You can help me with my goals My goal is very simple.

I want to study hard and be with my lover.

I hope my friends around me will be happy, yes, it should be an easy goal.

But what about Sister Ye Qian What is your goal What can I help you with” I easily changed the topic.

Ye Qians eyes deepened.

“Nanxing, dont you want to take over the Nan Family”

I tilted my head at her.

“I am now the youngest director at the Nan Corporation.

My oldest uncle has agreed to hand me my fathers share of the inheritance.

For me, that is enough.

Itll be my dowry when I marry Jing Tian in the future.”

Schemes against schemes..

There was no telling who would appear victorious in the end.


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