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Chapter 194: Persuasion

“But what if Jing Tian doesnt marry you in the future” Ye Qian took a step forward and looked at me with a fixed gaze.

I was stunned because of her attitude.

This was an incredible woman.

She said patiently, “Nanxing, I am at least several years older than you and I know more than you do.

You said you have to rely on others throughout your childhood but is it not the same for me In fact, I think no one understands you better than I do.”

Ye Qians eyes were soft and gentle like a pool of water.

I was impressed.

This was not something easy to do, no wonder she could subdue so many people into her service.

Who wouldnt be moved by such deep affection and empathy

Ye Qian continued, “Jing Tian likes you now because of your uncles influence and your young and beautiful looks.

My aunt and my uncle were the same when they were young.

But what happened after that No love is stronger than the power of time.

Therefore, women like us need to have our own abilities.

Men are just decorations.

When necessary, we can use men to exchange for better benefits.

We must make the best use out of them.”

Ye Qian became even more enthusiastic.

“Dont ever believe in love.

Men will leave you but money and power wont.

Nanxing, dont be foolish.

When you are richer than Jing Tian, you will easily find better men than Jing Tian.”

I thought about it and then asked, “Sister Ye Qian, then why dont you tell this to Gu Yan”

Ye Qian paused and then smiled sincerely, “Nanxing, Ive told you, you are the most impressive woman I know because you are capable of standing on your own but Gu Yan cant do that.

Her life is dependent on other men.

If she is lucky, there will be men willing to support her for life; if she is unlucky, she will be abandoned and despised by men.

But Nanxing you are different.

In the future, you will powerful enough to be on the same level as the most important men.

You do not need men to look after you and you do not need them to make you look good.

So Nanxing, dont just narrow your sights on Jing Tian.

Plus if you surrender Jing Tian to Gu Yan, you might get unexpected benefits too.”

“Oh” I was very interested.

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“The Gu Family has set their eyes on the Jing Family a long time ago, they wanted to be in-laws with them.

This is the best way for the Gu Family to branch into M City.

Jing Tian is the favored child of the Jing Family and Gu Yan is at her most marriageable age.

Their marriage has already been decided a long time ago but a kidnapping has changed everything.

I dont know what happened during the kidnapping but after Jing Tian came back from overseas, he refused the marriage outright.

However, by then Gu Yan has fallen heads over heels for Jing Tian.

The Gu Family allows her to try to win him back.

After all, if she succeeds, itll only benefit the Gu Family.” Ye Qian sounded very detached when she spoke of the Gu Family.

“If I tell them that you have helped Gu Yan regain Jing Tian, Master Gu Er will be in your debt.

From then on, your life will be much easier.

Be it in the world of business or the underworld, this can only be beneficial for you.

See, you have nothing to lose.

Why fight over a man Nanxing, think about it.”

Ye Qian looked at me with a resolute gaze.

Any girl with a brain would be persuaded by her.

Indeed, why be hung over a single man when you could have the whole world

Unfortunately, for me, I have no brain because my brain is muddled with love.


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