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This was a trap, the class teacher didnt ask me to go to the photocopy room.

Someone planned this trap for me.

Their goal was for the men to ambush me, kidnap me and sell me to some underground mafia lord.

How cruel could these people be


However, it also showed that the girls didnt think much of me, or else they wouldnt have sent such a motley crew that an injured girl like myself could beat off.

When I returned to the exam hall, the exam had started for 10 minutes already.

If I was 1 minute later, I would be barred from taking the exam.

I sat in my seat and let out a breath to calm myself down.

Finish the exam first before you tackle anything else!

After the last exam was over, I stretched and worked my stiff shoulders.

“Nan Xing!” Jing Nis voice came from the door.

While I packed my things, Jing Ni strode in to help me carry my backpack and my crutches.

After everyone had vacated the exam hall, Jing Ni whispered to me, “Nan Xing, I heard that this afternoon, Li Tian and Tian Ting were attacked by ruffians outside the school.

They were slapped repeatedly and greatly humiliated.”

So it was them!

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Jing Ni continued, “Eventually the schools admin was called to stop the assault.

The admin wanted to report this to the police but Li Tian and Tian Ting stopped him.

The girls insisted that they were the ones who provoked the guys and they deserved the punishment.

They refused to get the police involved, dont you find that strange”

I chuckled in my heart.

At least the girls were smart enough to leave the police out of this.

If they continued to pursue this matter, the 3 men would naturally sell them out.

Then theyd get into further trouble.

Jing Ni muttered in a soft voice, “I cant believe such a thing actually happened at our school.

Its so unbelievable, right, Nan Xing”

I nodded in agreement.

This was a lesson for me as well.

Now I understood why I was bullied so badly in my previous life.

It was because I had no money, no power and no idea how to use my own brain.

No wonder I was left at the mercy of others.

“Nan Xing, how did you do in your exam The result will be out at 8 pm tonight! Im so nervous!” Rambling was a sign of Jing Nis nervousness.

I stopped and patted her shoulder, “Ni Ni, youll be fine.


As long as we show improvement in our results, theres a great chance we can continue to stay at 7th uncles.”

“Im even more nervous now that youve said that.” Jing Ni frowned.

I wasnt worried.

If plan A didnt work, I still had Plan B.

My goal was clear, which was to stay by Jing Tians side.

To do that, I needed to improve myself.

One day, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Jing Tian and be his equal and not his burden!

That day, Lin Ran came over early to wait for the results.

It looked like he was more nervous about it than I was.

When the result was released, before I even saw it, he snatched my phone away.

After he saw the result, he stomped towards me and shoved the phone in my face.

“Nan Xing, what is the meaning of this”

I watched calmly as the man exploded.

Jing Ni was happily sharing her result with Jing Tian when Lin Ran exploded.

She was startled by it.

She quickly hurried over to placate Lin Ran, “Doctor Lin, please dont be mad.”

Lin Ran turned to roar at Jing Ni, “How could I not be mad How can she score so badly in the exam It feels like Ive wasted all of my effort over the summer!”

Jing Ni glanced at my result and she tutted, “Nan Xing, youve cheated in the exam, havent you”

“You mean this is the score after she cheated Ni Ni, you have to be kidding me!”

I sighed.

Lin Ran glared at me.

I took out another set of test paper from my bag and handed it to Lin Ran.

“This are todays test papers.

I did these after I got home.”

Lin Ran looked at them and his face soon froze in surprise.

Then he grabbed a pen to start grading my paper.

After examining the grading twice, he looked at me from behind the paper.

I asked, “So how did I do”

Lin Ran had a question of his own.

“But why Is that why Ni Ni said you cheated”

Jing Ni reached for the test papers and smiled, “I knew Nan Xing wouldnt score so low in the tests.

She must have cheated and purposely answered wrongly so she wouldnt score that high.”

“But, why Every test you have now is very important.

Theyll play an important role in your future university application.

Theyll help determine your future study goals and trajectory.

So why would you do this” Lin Ran was confused.


I shrugged, “Lets just say Im biding my time.”

Jing Tian, who had been silent the whole time, walked over and took the test paper from Jing Nis hands.

He asked Lin ran, “Are you satisfied with her results”

Lin Ran nodded.

“Im more than satisfied.”

Jing Tian said, “Then that settles it.

From now on, fit your teaching program to her plan.

She has her own difficulties so dont ask her too many questions.

Just do as she says and trust in her!”


I was touched.

Be it in this life or the last, Jing Tian had chosen to trust me unconditionally and give me the greatest support.

Jing Tian, I will not let you down!


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