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Chapter 206: The Girl

Translator: Lonelytree

Jing Ning and Nanyangs marriage also cornered Ye Qian into an awkward position.

Everyone knew that Jing Ning had surrendered himself to Ye Qian.

Everyone believed that Jing Ning would marry Ye Qian and there was no hope for Nanyang.

Ye Qian always had a high view of herself.

Even though she didnt come from an illustrious background, she was able to match Jing Ning in terms of brilliance.

Ye Qian was publicly recognized as a talented girl, all the rich second generation followed her lead.

She also had the support of Master Gu Er from the capital.

So everyone believed that it was Jing Ning who was a worse match for Ye Qian.

But the face-slapping came so suddenly.

Jing Ning married Nanyang at lightning speed.

Nanyang was not as pretty or as talented as Ye Qian.

However, Jing Ning ultimately married her over Ye Qian.

People also talked about me but since I had left the Nan Family, the focus was not on me.

However, Ye Qian was at the center of the storm.

People talked about her with pity or with glee.

I was very impressed by Ye Qian.

Even under this circumstance, she appeared at public events with her head held high.

She was calm and composed.

It was like everything had nothing to do with her.

Jing Tian and I went to the hospital to visit Lin Ran because he had just come back from Jing Nis place.

This annoying man refused to come to our house and he insisted that we go to the hospital to meet him.

Therefore, Jing Tian and I went to the hospital after class.

Jing Tian and Lin Ran exchanged a few mocking words before he was chased out by Lin Ran.

Jing Tian grumbled about how much of an annoyance Lin Ran was.

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After I came out from Lin Rans room, I saw Jing Tian and Ye Qian in the corridor.

Ye Qian didnt look like she was affected by the matter between Jing Ning and Nanyang at all.

She raised her face slightly as she spoke to Jing Tian.

“Master Qi, even if it is just for Master Gu Ers sake, can you please go take a look at her You grew up together with her, there must be a relationship there.

You only need to go look at her and give her some comfort.

That will give her the power she requires to keep on living.” Ye Qians voice shook and her eyes watered.

Even when she was begging others, Ye Qian looked so graceful.

She didnt lower herself at all.

Then again, perhaps it was because she was doing this for Gu Yan, it had nothing to do with her.

Jing Tian frowned and uttered, “We dont share any relationship.”

Ye Qian sighed, “Master Qi, how can you be so heartless Gu Yan has never forgotten about you after so many years.

She was too young and immature back then.

She was too frightened.

Personally, I think you should forgive her.

After all, she has been doted on since she was born.”

Jing Tian didnt speak.

Perhaps sensing his attitude loosening, Ye Qian added, “Master Qi, Gu Yan committed suicide because of you.

She is still stuck in sadness and grief.

She refuses to drink and eat.

If this continues, she will really die.

Master Qi, cant you take pity on her and go to see her”

Jing Tian straightened his back and said in a cold voice.

“Im sorry but I have a fiance.

In order to avoid suspicion, I shouldnt go and see this woman who had committed suicide for me.”


Ye Qians voice caught.

“Master Qi…” She sighed.

“Master Qi, youre worried about Nanxing I dont think you should be worried.

Nanxing is a generous person, I am sure she wont mind something as small as this.”

“Who said I dont mind” I walked over with a smile.


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