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Chapter 211: Profits

Translator: Lonelytree

The Nan Corporation was finally in my grasp.

I believed no one had expected this.

Even though we had avoided being consumed by Wei Peng, it didnt mean that the company faced no problems anymore.

Thankfully the core of the Nan Corporation still remained.

Compelled by benefits, even the directors who didnt agree with me had to stand on my side to face the outsider threat.

The first thing we needed to do was to stabilize ourselves and minimize the damage Nan Feng and Nanyang did to us to the minimum.

Nan Feng had no choice but to surrender his post.

Accompanied by the PR Department, he held a press conference and announced his retirement due to poor health.

However, the focus of the conference was on his daughters wedding.

Nan Feng had spent every ounce of his power to publicize the great wedding between the Nan Family and the Jing Family.

The Nan Family promoted the wedding wildly but there was not a peep from the Jing Family.

But did it really matter On our side, we did our best to help Nan Feng.

To divert the bad press elsewhere, that was something the Nan Corporation had to do.

I also personally wished to make the wedding a big thing.

Nanyangs marriage to Jing Ning was good for me, but it was a fatal blow to Jing Ning and his small group.

The key person there was Ye Qian.

She had lost both her face and her man.

But Ye Qian was Ye Qian.

My admiration of this woman grew to another level.

In this disadvantageous position, Ye Qian made the announcement that she would become the vice president of the Jing Xin Group.

Jing Xin Group was a new company formed by the 5 Brothers.

Gu Nian was the president.

As the young master of the Jing Family, Jing Ning was only the vice president.

Ye Qians status grew overnight thanks to the marriage between Jing Ning and Nanyang.

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When I heard this news from Mai Qi, I wanted to clap for Ye Qian.

She was a master at tai chi.

Nanyang was released on bail and her case was covered up.

I asked Mai Qi, “Didnt you say a big character had come to M City recently The whole case is taken down just like that”

Mai Qi was startled, “I thought you didnt want this case to continue anymore because you wanted Nanyang to marry Jing Ning.”

I was startled, “Wait, so this is because of me”

Mai Qi blinked her big innocent eyes at me.

“My dear, what have you done” I asked Mai Qi.

Mai Qi said innocently, “I didnt do anything.

I merely told my mother that Jing Ning and Ye Qian were childhood sweethearts and it is not easy for them to get together.”

I laughed, “Where did you hear that”

“From you, of course!” Mai Qi and I tumbled together and laughed.

“Actually, Ye Qian and her friends have done all the heavy lifting.

My mother and I didnt do much.” After a while, Mai Qi said seriously.

“After all, there are too many government officials involved in Nanyangs case.

If the truth is exposed, M City will change overnight.

Your eldest uncle used this to force Ye Qian and Jing Ning to submit.

Or else if Nanyang chose to go down in flames with everyone, the people from the capital had the most to lose.” Mai Qi analyzed.

I nodded.

“So Ye Qian is the biggest benefactor after all.”

Mai Qi was confused.

“Shouldnt that be Nanyang She got everything she wanted.

She didnt have to go to jail and she got to marry the man of her dreams.

She reaped the most benefit.

But your eldest uncle has shown his hands this time.

He has no more cards in his hands..

I see no other option but retirement in his future.”


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