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Chapter 212: Ability

Translator: Lonelytree

I smiled.

“My dear princess, you have to look more than the surface.

Nanyang did marry Jing Ning but what after that How is her life going to be like Jing Ning only wants to use Nanyang, he never wanted to marry her.

The real person he wants to marry is Ye Qian.”

Mai Qis mouth opened into an O.

“So Nanyang has married into an empty home”

Nanyang had taken my role from my previous life.

I hope she didnt take the previous Nanxings path.

If she did, the Nan Family would not take her back.

Once she was in the Jing Family, she was part of the Jing Family.

She had been abandoned by the Nan Family already.

On Nanyang, I could see clearly the path that I had walked in my previous life.

However, Nanxing was arranged to take that path, she didnt know what happened, but Nanyang chose this herself.

She only had herself to blame.

I smiled.

“So the biggest benefactor is Ye Qian.

Jing Ning still loves her and now that he has been forced to marry Nanyang, he will feel even guiltier towards Ye Qian.

“The other Brothers from Beijing thought it would be easy to settle down at M City but my little uncle and Jing Tian have stopped them.

Now the Nan Corporation is in my hands too.

Things are not going as smoothly as they assumed.

The quick battle became a drawn-out war.

They had to reassess everything.

I am not surprised Gu Nian is the president but I am surprised the Ye Qian is the vice.”

Mai Qi nodded.

“We all know Gu Nian has his own business, so his presidency is only in name.

So the real power is with Ye Qian.

So while Ye Qian lost in love, she has gained it back somewhere else.

Plus, I wouldnt say she has lost in love either.

Jing Ning is not going to break up with her, I know Jing Ning too well.”

Mai Qi sighed.

“This Ye Qian is scary.

I would even thank her for stabbing me in the back I think.” She was not wrong.

If I didnt have my memory from my previous life, I would be fooled by her already.

In my previous life, my life was already over before I even saw her.

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The day Nanyang returned to the Nan Family, I had someone send over a gift.

I didnt go in person.

I hoped that she and her child would have a good future in the Jing Family.

However, I would attend the wedding.

After all, it was meant to be mine.

The Jing Family didnt want to have a big wedding.

But Jing Ning was the eldest grandson.

Even Old Master Jing said that the celebration had to be huge.

Since this was an order from Old Master Jing, Su Qing had to oblige.

Therefore, Nanyangs wedding was the wedding of the century.

No one brought up her humiliating past.

Many people were envious of the eldest miss Nan.

Reading the news online, Mai Qi shook her head.

“People are so forgetful these days.

I feel so sorry for those young girls.

They havent even gotten their justice and their pimp has already reaped her happy ending.”

I kicked her chair.

“We should focus on the wedding and be the best guests.

Sometimes you have to believe in karma.

Everything has its own arrangement.”

Suddenly, Lu Yan turned to ask us in a timid voice.

“Can, can you bring me to the wedding too”


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