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Chapter 229: Objection

“Today is Jing Ning and Nanyangs wedding.

What are you doing” Old Master Jing demanded unhappily.

What favoritism is this

I broke free of Jing Tians arm and took two steps forward.

I told Old Master Jing, “Elder Jing, dont you want to know the truth As I said, Jing Ning and my sister have been in love since they were young.

Jing Ning only said he wanted to marry me to cover what they did way back when.

It is a plot to protect Nanyang and himself.”

I raised the cell phone in my hand and looked at Old Master Jing fearlessly.

Panic flashed in Jing Nings eyes.

“Nanxing! Dont talk nonsense and lie to my grandfather!”

Even though he was a few steps away, he tried to snatch my phone.

Without even turning around, I tossed my phone to Jing Tian behind me.

I looked at Jing Ning disdainfully.

“Why are you panicking You are a man.

You have to take responsibility for what you have done.

You have gotten so much better at shifting blame onto others! You still have your own mess to handle, and you are already thinking of ways to harm others.

Id advise you to be kinder to collect some good karma!”

Jing Ning stared at the cell phone in Jing Tians hand with caution.

Old Master Jing looked at me, “Nanxing, youve changed a lot.

Youre a lot livelier than before.

But there is one thing you need to understand.

Since Jing Ning has married your sister, you cannot marry Jing Tian.

It will be a mess in the family.” I looked at Old Master Jing, and I felt cold all over.

This was indeed a problem.

Even in my previous life, I knew this was a problem, but it was hard to care about these mundane problems when everything was grey.

Jing Tian told me that we did not need other peoples approvals to live our lives in my previous life.

Before Jing Tian could deal with his family in my previous life, I had already been reborn.

Now, without any warning, thanks to Jing Ning, Jing Tian and I had to face this problem yet again.

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I had to admit that I was afraid because of Jing Tian.

I did not want him to suffer any reputation damage because of me; I did not want him to turn against his family because of me; I did not want him to make sacrifices because of me.

I loosened my fists.

The words, “I understand, Old Master Jing,” were on my lips when my world spun, and I fell into Jing Tians embrace.

The words on my lips got lost in Jing Tians mouth.

He kissed me.

He kissed me in public.

I stood rooted to the spot in a daze.

Jing Tians voice was emotionless.

“Nanxing is mine.

When she saved me when she was 5, I had already decided she was mine because my life is hers! This has nothing to do with our family, background, or anyone else.

This is our lives!”

His gaze swept over Jing Ning warningly.

He looked at Old Master Jing.

“Dad, if you cant accept her, then I will leave the Jing Family with her.

Just assume that I had died inside that cave when we were kidnapped.”

I raised my eyes to look at Jing Tian.

My eyes were wet with tears.

Did Jing Tian know what his words meant Of course, he did.

I did too!

Jing Tian had done everything he could for me.

He was always like this, whether in my previous life or this one.

This was the man I love, the man whom I was willing to die for!

Old Master Jings expression was ugly.

“Jing Tian, do you know what youre saying”

Jing Tian didnt say anything.

He looked calmly at the group of people in front of him.

In his eyes, these people were nothing more than clowns.

He had never taken the initiative to attack them, but he wasnt afraid of their provocations. This is the man I love!


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