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Chapter 242: Joy

My eyes filled with tears.

This fatherly love was heavy and warm.

“I will tell Mai Qi…” I promised him.

“No!” He waved his hand in a refusal gesture.

“Nanxing, just see this as another business contract.

You dont need to tell her about this.

I dont want to burden her.

If she knows Im behind this, do you think shell do it”

I thought about it and realized he was right.

“So, just keep this to yourself.

I will handle everything else.

But I cannot monitor everything in her life.

If someone tries to harm her, you have to let me know immediately.

I will set up direct communication between the two of us.

You are Mai Qis friend.

This meeting is not only a business meeting but also a private meeting.

Nanxing, I entrust my daughter in your hands.

Please look after her.

Thank you!” He said sincerely.

I jumped up to say, “Uncle, dont worry, I will take good care of her!”

I almost slapped myself. Who am I to call this man uncle Nanxing, have you lost your mind I felt my world freeze.

But calling him uncle seemed to make the man even more relaxed.

He reached out to pat my shoulders.

“Nanxing, uncle is forever in your debt!”

I returned home in a daze.

Even when I said goodbye to the assistant, called Lin Heng, I was still dream-walking.

I hugged the contract close to my heart.

Thankfully Mai Qi was not home.

I embraced the contract and ran to Jing Tian.

This was such a big deal that I had to discuss it with him.

I hugged the contract and collapsed in his bed.

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Jing Tian came back home and hauled me out of his bed.

I mumbled, “Jing Tian, I met a big character today.”

Jing Tian kissed the corner of my forehead.

“How big”

I woke up a little and yawned.

“Its Mai Qis father.”

Jing Tian paused and then hugged my arms.


I struggled out of his arms and shoved the contract towards him.

“Take a look.

I need to wash my face to clear my head.”

I used the sink to splash water on my face.

I wiped my face and rushed out with water still dripping.

Jing Tian sat on the chair and read the contract carefully.

I sat cross-legged by his feet and looked at him with shining eyes.

I told him the whole story in detail.

After reading the contract, Jing Tian reached out his hand and touched my head.

“This is wonderful.”

I reached out to pull his sleeve.

“But what am I supposed to do You have to help me!”

Jing Tian pulled me up with a smile and held my hand.

He looked at me lovingly.

“Just do it like how youd handle a normal contract.

Dont worry too much about it.”

“But… But this is so different from the contracts weve accepted in the past.” I hesitated.

Jing Tian straightened my clothes.

“Its not really that different.

Dont concern yourself too much with the person behind the contract.

Since he has given you the task, it means he has confidence in you.

Have you considered why he didnt use the government people or people like me and Tong Le for this In fact, he could have gone to the Shi Family, Gu Family, and Wei Family.

But he didnt.

He chose you.


I shook my head.

“Because you girls are his most suitable choice.

He has told you many things.

He has confided in you.

“Dont feel too pressured.

You think he merely gave you this job.

Because youre friends with his daughter but I can tell you that is not the case.

He is a man of high standing, he didnt reach his current status by being sentiment.

He will only delegate tasks to parties which he believes can complete them.

This job is within your ability.

Plus if you face any problem, you can still come to me and your little uncle.” Jing Tian analyzed the situation for me.


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