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Chapter 249: Target

Fortunately, there were plenty of high, middle, and low-end restaurants and hotels in the vicinity of M University.

So the noble Mrs.

Mai had a lot to choose from.

But in the end, she chose the most luxurious restaurant in a 6-star hotel.

Lu Yan quietly pulled my hand.

Her fingers were cold, and her palms were sweaty.

She was so nervous that she did not dare to look around.

I smiled and patted her back to comfort her.

She reminded me of Nanxing from my previous life.

The Nan Family locked me up since I was young.

I grew up in neglect and discrimination.

The Jing Family was the wealthiest people I knew.

So after I married Jing Ning, I would be so timid when I attended events with him, just like Lu Yan was now.

We took our seats in the private room.

The noble Mrs.

Mai sat at the head of the table and wiped her hands with the hot towel that Ye Qian handed her.

Ye Qian did everything for Mrs.


It was a great honor to serve Mrs.


Mai Qi sat on the left side of Mrs.


Lu Yan and I sat next to her.

Gu Yan sat beside Mrs.

Mai, and Ye Qian was seated to Gu Yans right.

I was surprised.

With how things were looking, shouldnt Ye Qian be seated to Mrs.

Mais right


Mai told Ye Qian gently, “Qian Qian, stop busying yourself.

You better sit down.” Ye Qian smiled and sat down elegantly.


Mai pointed at Gu Yan, sitting next to her, and told Mai Qi, “Mai Qi, Gu Yan will be your older stepsister from today onwards.

You have to listen to her.

Gu Yan, Mai Qi is young, so youll have to take care of her.”

Gu Yan straightened her back.

There was a sweet smile on her face.

She did not forget to glance at me.

“Godmother, Mai Qi is very independent.

I wont need to take care of her.”

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Mai Qi was still shocked by the revelation that Gu Yan was now her stepsister.


Mai sighed, “I just have one precious daughter, but she is quite arrogant and unruly.

She causes me a lot of worries.

Thankfully, I have the two of you to help me look after her at M City.

I am thankful for that.”

Ye Qian and Gu Yan smiled.


Mais tone changed.

“She is young and this is her first time leaving home.

I am the most afraid that she will be corrupted by bad influences.

I am not afraid of Mai Qi finding a boyfriend, but I am afraid that shell befriend girls with ulterior motives! These people are the worst leeches! Mai Qi grew up well-protected so she is quite naive.

You two have to help me keep an eye on her, okay”


Mais noble gaze wandered over to me and Lu Yan.

Under such pressure, Lu Yan nervously lowered her head.

I took the drink from the waiter and took a sip.

“Is Mrs.

Mai talking about me”

I successfully attracted everyones attention.

I looked at them with a smile.

Gu Yan said angrily, “Nanxing, how can you be so rude No one asked you to speak.

How can you cut in when our elder is speaking”

I smiled but said nothing.

In my eyes, Gu Yan was never a threat.


Mai smiled coldly.

“Miss Nanxing is very self-aware.”

I nodded, “Of course.

Ill have to be at least a bit clever, or else I wouldnt be qualified to stay by Miss Mai Qis side.”

Mai Qi cut in and said, “Mom, Nanxing is my good friend, very very good friend.”

I sighed internally.

Mai Qis remark would make Mrs.

Mai hate me even more.

But did it really matter Of course not, I was not going to earn any brownie points from this woman anyway.


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