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Chapter 250: Quarreling

As expected, Mrs.

Mais expression changed, “Mai Qi! What have I told you You must be careful when making friends.

You have to understand the other partys family background.

And most importantly, pay attention to their conduct and culture!”

Mai Qi retorted, “Mom, what do you mean by that What are you trying to insinuate As Ive told you, Nanxing is my best friend.

Dont listen to baseless slander.

I know who is my real friend and who is not!”


Mai retorted.

“You clearly do not! You know nothing other than to create trouble! Dont think I dont know what was happening here when I was in the capital.

Let me tell you.

I know everything.

You spent your days with indecent people, and you have the nerve to tell me you can discern who is good to you and who is not If you need company and friends, then look no further.

Gu Yan and Ye Qian have your best interest at heart!”

Mai Qi looked at her mother and asked plainly, “So you have to control my life until I cant even pick my own friends anymore”


Mai glared at her.

“Of course, how else am I supposed to protect you Because clearly, you cant tell who are the good influences and who are the bad influences around you.”

Mai Qi scoffed, “And you can The good influences are those who will flatter and bow to you; the bad influences are those who refuse to bow down to you.

That is how you differentiate them!”

“Mai Qi, how could you Do you know who you are talking to” Mrs.

Mai looked at her daughter in shock.

Mai Qi looked back fearlessly.

“Im talking to Mrs.

Mai!” She stressed the term, Mrs.


Ye Qian quickly jumped to negotiate.

“Mai Qi, you need to stop.

Look at how angry youve made your mother.” She walked towards Mai Qi and put her hands on Mai Qis shoulders.

She said gently, “Mai Qi, your mother is only doing this for your own good.

Theres no need to make her angry.

Did you encounter something unpleasant today Is that why youre lashing out”

Mai Qi said coldly, “I definitely did encounter something unpleasant.

Furthermore, I didnt really make her angry.

Somebody was already stoking her anger before she even saw me.

Before asking me, she has already condemned my friends and me!”

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“Mai Qi, what are you doing Ye Qian was kind enough to give you a way out.

How can you talk to her like that” Mrs.

Mai demanded angrily.

Gu Yan handed a glass of water to Mrs.


She said gently, “Godmother, Sister Mai Qi is still young.

Dont be so angry.

It would help if you taught her with patience.

Anger will only hurt your own body.

Sister Mai Qi has always been stubborn.

The more you force her, the more rebellious she will be.

Godmother, you better calm down.”


Mai took the water and had a sip.

Her expression softened slightly.

After that, she turned to Mai Qi.

“When will you be as understanding as your godsister”

That pushed Mai Qis button.

She pointed at Gu Yan.

“You want me to be like her Then you better give up because I will never be like her!”

Gu Yan paused.

She put down the tissue and said carefully, “Mai Qi, dont be angry! I mean no bad intention in being your godsister.

Im not here to compete with you.”

Mai Qi chuckled from anger.

“Dont flatter yourself, who are you to compete with me You have merely found a bigger tree to hug because you realize Master Gu Er is not enough to help you match the family background of the Jing Family.

You use my mother to make yourself superior and to make sure that the man you want will not dare to underestimate you.

My mother is blind but it doesnt mean that I am.

Stop acting in front of me and stop pretending to be such a filial daughter! It disgusts me!”


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